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June 12th 2012
Published: June 12th 2012
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Very clean, cheap, efficient and comforting
My taxi driver returned this morning! Yay! I walked out of the supermarket around 8:20 and he was sitting in front of my hotel. He was like "I came on Sunday like we said." I told him I waited on Sunday from 7:55 to 8:15. He shut up after that, but took me a good way to work and agreed to return tomorrow at 8:15. We shall see...

Work was busy today with my big report and I seem to have found a kindred spirit in the Qatar office. I only spoke to him once on the phone, but after multiple emails I think we have similar personalities - and you all know how loveable I am.

Zenah and I have been getting along well and we decided to eat lunch at the Fugro pantry today. I brought in a cup of noodles and she couldn't wait to have some of the leftovers from her mother's cooking. She shared with me because her "mom must think (she's) a monster!" and she had plenty to spare. It was a palestinian rice and chicken dish. You really cannot go wrong with rice and chicken in my book. It had kind of
View of the Business Bay areaView of the Business Bay areaView of the Business Bay area

This is where the shuttle drops me - actually it drops me off at a highway onramp and I walk...
cinnamon flavor to it; I didn't eat but maybe two bites of chicken because between my noodles and the rice, I could feel my stomach filling up. Still quite yum though. I cannot wait to start cooking and I can contribute more to our lunches!

The shuttle dropped me off at the Business Bay metro on my own today. Usually I walk with Silpa who also takes the metro to Sharaf, and we chat. She and her husband are actually going to drive me to the party on Saturday. She was nowhere to be found today; in fact, there were lots of people missing on the shuttle and many from the metro - am I missing something??? After I got off at my station, I grabbed some fruit and water for my dinner, but decided to expand my search around the neighborhood as it was not unbearably hot today. Sadly, nothing good. Or at least, nothing that I'm not too afraid to try by myself! There is a Pakistani restaurant and an Indian restaurant just down from my hotel, which I may work up the courage to try one day, but everytime I look in, there are like 5
Lights on!Lights on!Lights on!

You need to insert your room key to active the electric in your apartment. Innovative, but it's also why my fridge doesn't work. that's why i have two keys.
guys who stare at me and I just can't do it. Yes, I'm a wuss. There is also an MFC about three doors down from the hotel, which I think is similar to KFC, but with like burgers and fries too (let me note that people seem to love their fries here!). I may try that tonight if the fruit just doesn't do the job, which it may not. I've skimped a lot on my meals since Sunday...

Well, I've included some photos of the different things around to keep you entertained.

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My first daily cup of tea. At least I can boil water, which helps feed me (noodles, of course)

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