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Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek June 18th 2019

I am coming back to Lebanon after three years. The new challenge is coming. Visiting territory that is under control of Hezbollah. Many states consider this Shi´a Islamist political party as terrorist organization. It was created as a reaction to Israeli invasion from 1982 as group of few Shia Muslim parties. I am interested in a life of locals there. Because it is clear that Israel and Lebanon are rivals. Even in 2006, Israel was controlling whole south Lebanon. My next goal is to avoid famous sights, even though I will visit one or two of them. It is easy to forget about this feelings when you are not meeting any tourists. Uncertain permission Main goal is clear - southern and north-Eastern Lebanon, where Hezbollah operates and also cares about safety and other services. Surprisingly, you ... read more
Fatima gate
Want to start a Jihad
Town of Nabatieh

Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek March 15th 2019

Friday March 15, 2019 – Today Kat and I headed out to see two UNESCO sites, both archaeological. We stopped at the Wooden Bakery after Kat’s shower and she got some pastry, and we had to wait longer than expected for the Uber due to traffic. I was a little nervous, but we arrived in plenty of time. We checked in and got seats on the bus – this time in the second row. The Germans from Wednesday who sat behind us were now sitting in front of us. The French guys were also on this tour again with us. I tried to find the round bread guy, but no luck today. Our tour guide was named Lucy and she was much, much better at dispensing knowledge than the woman we had on the last tour. ... read more
Cold, rainy and plastic bags on feet
Classic look

Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek February 11th 2016

Byblos To the north of the sprawling metropolis of Beirut is a small seaside town of Byblos. It is here where we are truly learning and embracing the concept of “old.” While it is only about 40 km away, traveling by car in this nation is an undertaking that requires patience and time. Simply translated: sit back and don’t be in a hurry because you will arrive as soon as you get there due to the fact that there are lots of cars on an overtaxed system of roads. On the surface, Byblos appears to be a nice resort town of about 40,000 people, but we’ve learned that this is only a best guess, as Lebanon has not taken an official census since 1932, due to what is explained as “confessional political balance.” As the system ... read more
Our Lady of Lebanon
Castle of the Crusaders
Byblos by night

Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek August 20th 2013

I am still seriously out of whack and sleeping at strange hours, I plan to have a late night in Beirut tonight as a means of sorting the jet lag. Breakfast was identical this morning, simple but filling after which I booked a taxi to the airport. I arrived at the airport at a little after 10 am and waited a bit over 90 minutes for my flight to Beirut, I was lucky enough to get a seat with extra legroom and the man next to me insisted that I eat his food as well. I had arranged an airport pick through my hotel as other means of transport either do not exist or are not worth the time or money to arrange. As I walked through airport doors my first thought was chaos the airport ... read more
Jeita Grotto
Our lady of Lebanon
A traditional house surrounded by more ancient ruins

Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek August 15th 2012

Wspaniały dzień. Rano wyjechaliśmy do Doliny Bekaa, do ruin Baalbek, z duszą na ramieniu, bo poprzedniego dnia pod naszą nieobecność małaEm urządziła godzinny koncert. Okazało się jednak dziś, że Dzis dała się uszuszac Morzu Środziemnemu. Baalbek, gdy człowiek spodziewa się już tej skali i piękna, nie robi - siła rzeczy - tak wielkiego wrażenia, jak za pierwszym razem. W dalszym ciagu jest jednak pięknie, a uroku miejscu dodaje fakt, że z powodu wojny w Syrii turystów brak. Ze zdwojoną siła atakują za to sprzedawcy pamiątek w postaci arafatek i koszulek z flaga Hezbollahu. Miło wita mnie libanski żołnierz i proponuje, żeby usiąść koło niego w cieniu, podczas gdy nasz przewodnik pieprzy głupoty. Każe wszytkim trzymać się w grupie, kupując bilety mówi, ze to grupa z Kanady, bo super tu bezpiecznie, ale z grupa Amerykanów to nigdy ... read more

Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek April 12th 2011

War isn't too far away here in Lebanon - you get a feeling that anger is just below the surface. This is pretty sad and worrying for most Lebanese since another conflict with Israel seems inevitable sometime in the future. The reason I say that is because of Hezbollah. We were actually lucky enough to spend a day in the beautiful Bekaa Valley which is predominantly Hezbollah territory. On our way there we encountered many road blocks and saw some of the targets that were bombed during the 2006 fighting. Our driver stopped for us to view an interesting war sculpture with war tanks and vehicles all cemented into a tall monument. This country is still very much divided and it was amazing to drive from the coast which is mostly Christian to just across the ... read more
Lebanese wine
Bekaar Valley

Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek » Chouf February 11th 2011

- Hello my friends, i went to Lebanon me too, i passed crazies holidays , i would like return with you next year - It’s looks like amazing, i’m jealous lol. In France it’s not the same - Your blog is very interessant, thanks to show us all this moments to internet... read more

Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek » Chouf February 11th 2011

Last year Wael and I chose to go to Lebanon to visit Wael’s family for the summer holiday. So we takken the plane at Orly airport to go to Lebanon, and to a small village wich names Dhour L shouoir . The atmosphere was amazing and we lived unbelievable things and we are going to tell you about them .... read more

Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek » Chouf February 11th 2011

Patrice prefers the day when for the fisrt time we went to the sea, the weather was wonderful and we could by souvenirs for our friends and families at the port of Tripoli, then this day was very nice because there was a party organized by one of my cousin and all the girls who had been invited were thinking about the beauty of this boat. I liked met my former uncle at the market, this reminded me my childhood. However, one time some of Lebanon who hates the tourist had on argument against us, we were likely to hit but fortunately we took flight because they was too many. ... read more

Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek » Chouf February 11th 2011

We were staying in Wael's familly . We were lucky , because they it's a beautiful big house . We had everything , a swimming-pool ,a jacuzzi and a sauna and her House is situate front of the sea . So we had the possibilty to go the seaside everyday . ... read more

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