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Lebanese chick peas in a scrumptious  yogurt sauce  

Lebanese chick peas in a scrumptious yogurt sauce

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Byblos, Baalbek and back to Beirut

February 11th 2016
Byblos To the north of the sprawling metropolis of Beirut is a small seaside town of Byblos. It is here where we are truly learning and embracing the concept of “old.” While it is only about 40 km away, traveling by car in this nation is an undertaking that requires patience and time. Simply translated: sit back and don’t be in a hurry because you will arrive as soon as you get the ... read more
Middle East » Lebanon » Baalbek

Lebanese Flag Lebanon has made progress toward rebuilding its political institutions since 1991 and the end of the devastating 15-year civil war. Under the Ta'if Accord - the blueprint for national reconciliation - the Lebanese have established a more equitable po... ... read more
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