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a plea

anyone who has been to Lebanon, met Lebanese, believes that the State of Israel's current massacre is wrong, please, please call your representative government. Say you care, say they must use their diplomatic power to change the situation, insist on a security council to mediate the problem.
14 years ago, July 25th 2006 No: 1 Msg: #6788  
This is not a racist post against Israelis. This is a condemnation of the gross misuse of power by the American and Israeli governments, and a very big plea to all who care to make a small effort, one which, collectively, could make a huge difference.

Consider the facts:

**nearly 400 Lebanese--mostly civilians, and a good number children---have died in the last two weeks of assault by the supremely more powerful and greater militarily Israel

**more than 1000 have been wounded

**nearly 900,000 have been displaced from their homes

**Israel is using White Phosphorous bombs---the kind that burn the skin, the kind supplied by the US government and used by the US government in Iraq.

I do not agree with any sort of terrorism, do not condone Hezbollah attacks

But we must consider the proportion and the real, underlying reason for the current assault on Lebanon and Lebanese

I know this is a travel forum. I am an avid traveller, and would much rather be hiking and drinking.

But real life is happening, and we are the privileged many

Please care. Reply to this

13 years ago, July 8th 2007 No: 2 Msg: #16220  
I sat in Israel last July as katushas were landing on my daughter's kibbutz near Kiriyat Shmona...damage was extensive. The bombardment was overwhelming. This is something you neglected to mention in your post. Israel showed remarkable restraint in not carpet bombing the entire southern border of Lebanon. A year later, katushas are still landing, but not in the amounts from last year---so far, but it's summer and we all know what happens during the summer months. Thousands were displaced from homes in Israel during this time, as far south as Haifa and Netanya. What is your 'supposed' real and underlying reason for last summer's war? The one, btw that Israel "lost" according to Lebanon and other sources? Israel was firing in response to rockets firing at them, not JUST katushas but modified assaults weapons also---do you ever wonder who made those weapons---supplied to the Lebanese by Syria and Iran? Three Israeli soldiers were kidnapped. Where are they now, a full year later---and doesn't Israel have a right to try to get their soldiers home? I also abhor any kind of violence, but there are two sides to every story and you have neglected to post information, and as the mother of an IDF soldier I can assure you that a lot of weapons in Israel are now made in Israel, for Israel, by Israel...with money from Israel, they don't rely as heavily on the USA as you insinuate. Moreover, the USA has been learning house to house defense from Israel as well as copying technology from Israel for weapons, tanks, etc. Every time you instant message or use your cell phone, realize you are using technology developed, created and perfected in Israel. And if you recall, during July of 2006, thousands and thousands of Israelis marched in protest to the war. Please keep some perspective, you simply cannot be a considerate thinker without pondering the entire story and history. Reply to this

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