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Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea October 13th 2013

This day, was the first "real" day of my trip. After the first night, it was time to stand up, and time for breakfast. Our hotel, Mariam hotel, had a rooftop restaurant. There, you had a nice view over the city of Madaba, and it was the first acquaintance with Jordan by daylight. And then suddenly you realize that you are in Jordan and a total different culture, and of course The Middle-East. The town and the houses looks just like you see on TV and you already hear the hectic of the city life. I took breakfast, and I started to meet the other ones of the group, which arrived with another flight than mine. I saw them yesterday evening very fast, but I didn't really know them yet. The breakfast is totally different than ... read more
Map of the Holy Land
Memorial of Moses
View from Mount Nebo

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra October 13th 2013

DRIVE TO PETRA - DAY 11 We left the Movenpick Resort and Spa on the Dead Sea and began the drive to the Movenpick Resort Petra. The bus stopped along the way at Mount Nebo, known as Pisgah in the Bible. On a clear day, Jericho, the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, Jerusalem and Amman can be seen. Construction prevented us from entering the Memorial Church of Moses, but we were able to see some of the 6th century mosaics, remarkably well preserved considering the age. There was a small museum and a great view from the mountain. This is where tradition has identified as the place Moses died and was buried, but it has been a site of pilgrimages for centuries. Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths all recognize Moses as a prophet, so many visitors ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash October 12th 2013

JERASH, JORDAN - DAY 10 People were given a choice of whether to go to Jerash or sleep in and have a spa day. Half of us chose to go to Jerash and I’m so glad I joined them. The bus ride was about an hour and a half. We picked up our guide, Maraj in Amman on the way. We had been told that it was another old Roman ruin, but what a surprise when we pulled in and saw the condition of Hadrian’s arch. From that point, everything got better and better. Our tour through the large area remains kept impressing me more and more. The ancient city of Gerasa, now called Jerash, is about 2,000 years old and the remains are well preserved and excavations and restoration efforts are continuing. I saw the ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Madaba October 12th 2013

Today was the day: I finally go to Jordan! Before my trip, people asked me why I wanted to visit Jordan, a country in the Middle-East. People think that Jordan is also very restless due the Arabic restless, but that's not true. A time ago, I saw a TV travel program where the Dutch Erica Terpstra (old politician and old athlete) was visiting Jordan. She went to Amman and I really like the atmosphere, it looked like a "1000-and-one-night", fairytale. Then, she visted Petra. I was very wondering what was behind "the Siq", a narrow canyon with a big height. Then, you saw the Treasury of Petra. I never saw that in my life, and my mount fell open: This couldn't be true! Since that moment, I would like to visit Jordan and started to read ... read more
Our Plane
In the Sky
Me & Mount Nebo Wine

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba October 11th 2013

October 11, 2013 Our time in Wadi Rum had come to an end (sadly!) so it was off to the southern tip of Jordan and the town of Aqaba...port city on the banks of the Red Sea, didn't really have much of a plan but thought we'd check it out...we had booked two nights there, with a spare third night that we would either spend in Aqaba or keep it as an extra night in Amman...but with the nice weather and more liberal atmosphere (i.e. pints and patios were available!) we decided to stay the three nights...haha... Spent the first day exploring the waterfront...local beach was happening, lots of locals enjoying the sand and water...had our first pint(s) on a patio which was great...we booked a dinner cruise that evening which was fun; cruised the harbor ... read more
Waterfront II
A Day at the Beach...

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum October 10th 2013

October 10, 2013 The time had now come for one of the sights I was most looking forward to: Wadi Rum desert and the land of Lawrence of mentioned I fell in love with the desert while in Morocco, so was really keen to get into another one and start exploring...and throw in the history and exploits of T.E.Lawrence and I couldn't wait to get going... Took an early bus from Petra and made it to the visitor's centre in Wadi Rum by 8:30am where we were promptly met by Rum Stars tour group, our hosts for the day and night's adventures...after the customary mint tea at their office we met our guide for the day, Mohammed, and then discovered it was just K and I on the tour...perfect! So we threw our gear and ... read more
Wadi Rum
Rock Bridge
Sunset at Wadi Rum II

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra October 8th 2013

October 8th, 2013 After a couple of days of getting oriented in Amman it was time to head out and start exploring the rest of the country, first stop Petra...As mentioned this has been a must-see for K and I was really looking forward to we hopped an early bus and arrived in Wadi Musa (the town where Petra is) and made our way to the hotel, the 7 Wonders hotel in the town centre (hotels nearer the entrance to Petra are fancier and more expensive). We were greeted by the manager Abdullah, and had a great chat with him while we waited for our room to be we were about to set off for the day to explore Petra, Abdul asked us if we had any plans that night, and as we had ... read more
At the Monastery...
Wadi Musa
Hangin' out...

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 6th 2013

October 6, 2013 So, we booked three weeks off in October way back in the Spring, and as August was closing we realized we hadn't decided on where to go...gah! After tossing around a few ideas we decided on Jordan (coupled with Greece, more on that to come) so it was off to the Middle East! The lovely K has always wanted to see Petra, and I fell in love with deserts while in Morocco so it seemed like a perfect choice...add on the Dead Sea, Jerash and seeing the Red Sea at Aqaba and the trip pretty much took care of itself... The plan was to start in Amman for a couple of days before heading to Petra, then the desert at Wadi Rum before running out of real estate at the southern port city ... read more
Roman Amphitheatre
At the Citadel
Lovely K at the Citadel

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra October 2nd 2013

Mit dem Taxi sind es etwa 1,5 Stunden von der Grenze nach Wadi Musa, den kleinen Ort am Eingangstor zur antiken Stadt Petra. Wir hatten dem jungen Taxifahrer erlaubt seine Freundin mitzunehmen, aber die beiden stritten die ganze Zeit, also mussten wir irgendwann anhalten damit der junge Mann seiner Freundin zur Versöhnung einen Tee am Straßenrand kaufen konnte. Dann mussten wir nochmal anhalten, damit er die mitgebrachte Minze, die seine Freundin auf dem Schoß hielt mit Wasser aus dem Kofferraum gießen konnte, schließlich hielten wir nochmal, weil er pinkeln musste und dann noch mal wegen einer Polizeikontrolle. So dauerte es doch ein bisschen länger aber gegen 17 Uhr kommen wir in Wadi Musa an, wo wir ein preiswertes jordanisches Hotel gebucht haben. Es gibt hier nicht viele Optionen neben den allgegenwertigen internationalen Luxushotels, die gut 200$ ... read more
...und das Ergebnis der Mühen
Im Siq
Das Ende des Siq

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra July 27th 2013

So our Journey continued across the border to Jordan, across the Wadi Rum ('famous' desert), and to Wadi Musa (Valley of Moses), and to our Hotel. One could feel we were in a different country. Very friendly people. And very trustworhty (Adrian forgot his camera at the border, and they kept it for him for 2 days) Ramadan was still on, so we so perhaps 3 arab women while in jordan.... We arrived at the hotel, slept early so that we could get into Petra early...I had been looking forward to this since I was 10...(indiana jones movies ) When you first impressions are: 1. Child labor 2. Animal Abuse 3. Tourist euphoria (myself included) ...It is hard to accept that you visiting one of the “seven wonders of the world” but the enormous graveyard that ... read more
Petra - Monumental Graveyard!
The Treasury - From the Indiana Jones movie
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