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Middle East » Jordan December 22nd 2013

Jordan - Dec 21st - Flew from SFO to Chicago on AA (operated for Royal Jordanian) - Flew from Chicago to Amman on Royal Jordanian - Heard about Su's family off-boarding plane in BLR because of dad sweating and being unconscious on the plane in BLR. They postpone visit to next day - Watched Lawrence of Arabia and Grownups 2 on the plane - Airline not good. Bad service. TV unit and other things not working properly on plane. Had to take off sweater as it was too warm. - First observations Do not stop for pedestrians Reminds me of India - Interesting people - Driver - Had lived in Chicago for 8 years. Had come to study Business Management, didn't finish and came back home. Has 4 kids and it was his son's 14th birthday ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman December 22nd 2013

Amman is old and ancient, new and modern, alcohol free(ish) and totally intoxicating. But I am rushing ahead of myself,, so while Steven Seagull is busy killing whites in black leather on some wall paper movie, we'll cast our minds back to Saturday. A lovely morning with Merri and Adrian, brunch and a walk in the park before setting off in good time to the airport. Too early as it happens, I forgot about not being able to check in until three hours before the flight so had to hang around waiting for the gates to open for a while and then the rub. I'd booked the flight with Royal Jordanian which is a one world affiliate but they partner with Thai which is a star alliance affiliate so qantas wouldn't let me into the lounge ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba December 19th 2013

Hello my fellow travellers! So, my time in Jordan has come to an end. This was an amazing trip, even though there were quite some things that we didn't manage to see. That's how it is though, there isn't enough time to see everything in the world I'm afraid. Still, I might return here one day and use Jordan as a base to visit the neighbouring countries once the region has calmed down again and then I'll probably visit some of these places again as well as those I didn't visit this time around, there is a lot to see here such as the desert castles, the place where Jesus was baptised, Moses burial grounds and so on. After having returned home I did indeed find out that our Wadi Rum guide kinda skimped on us ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra December 18th 2013

Hello again my fellow travellers! Where do I begin when all has been amazing? Probably at the beginning I suppose. Today we made our way to Petra and just as with Wadi Rum we decided to go by taxi so we asked a driver outside how much he wanted to take us there and back again and to wait for us for six hours. He said 80JD for both so 40JD each which we thought was a good price. The driver was a really nice guy who made an otherwise quite dreary ride highly enjoyable with good conversation and challenging riddles. If we had gotten four out of five correct the ride would have been free, but alas, our meagre minds only managed to solve two! He dropped us off and we entered into Petra, the ... read more
Al Khazna (Treasury)
Street of Facades

Middle East » Jordan » South December 17th 2013

Hello there all happy travellers! This day was pretty much just about getting from point A to point B. We left Amman at 11pm without incident. Before we left we decided to give the small theatre next to the huge theatre one final shot since I really wanted to look inside it since it's supposed to be quite well preserved. But, unfortunately the Odeon was still closed so I didn't get to see it, I'm a bit of an unhappy swede after that, oh well. I guess I'll just have to cherish the images from Gerasa instead! On the way to the bus station we did check out a couple of mosques as well as a church though and some of those were quite impressive. The first one we stopped by was one that we checked ... read more
City Walls
King Abdullah I Mosque
Saint George Coptic Church

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash December 16th 2013

Greetings all happy travellers! This day started off kind off shaky as our private driver was delayed due to blocked roads. They are, for natural reasons, not very used to snow here and it has created quite some difficulties for their infrastructure to the point where their military is involved now. This of course meant that we had to strike the desert castles from our itinerary which is a shame. With our driver delayed we decided to postpone our trip to Gerasa for a few hours and we started with the historical monuments in Amman instead. First we went to the theatres but they were still closed so we decided to take our chances and went to the citadel instead and luckily it was open! And I do mean luckily because it's a bit of a ... read more
Umayyad Palace Gate
Arch of Hadrian
Temple of Artemis

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman December 15th 2013

Hello and good health to all you fellow travellers! Well, this trip is just full of surprises! From hail falling on our heads in Aqaba to freezing our small butts off in the desert and now I find myself slogging through snow in Amman. This morning started with us making our way to the JETT Bus Station where we find out that the roads to Amman was still closed due to the snow but they thought that it might be possible to leave later though. The nice guy behind the counter put us on a list and told us to return one and a half hour later to see if it was possible to make the trip today. We used the time to go and get some breakfast. On our way back from breakfast the pushy ... read more
Al-Husseini Grand Mosque
Souk in Al-Balad
Roman Theatre

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum December 14th 2013

Hello my fellow travellers! Today's great desert adventure is done and let me tell you, it was good! The cold front still holds its icy grip here though so I can promise you that it was very cold riding on top of a jeep, even when driving through the canyons at a leisure pace! Anyway, we started this day by trying out the breakfast buffet at the hotel, it didn't really float mine nor Marcus boat so to say but did it's job anyway. Then we went to the bus station to catch the bus to Wadi Rum. We had checked the day before and we also confirmed at the station house that the bus would go. When we got there a cab driver told us it wasn't coming though since it was a holiday and ... read more
Jumping Sand Dunes
Wadi Rum
Our Guide & Ride

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba December 13th 2013

Hello fellow travellers! After our booze bonanza yesterday we unfortunately woke up way past breakfast and therefore we missed our Saudi Arabian friend from yesterday. Instead we chose the not so glamorous option to eat at McDonald's. At least it did its job and got us back on our feet which in all honesty was quite shaky after a long day of travelling topped with a generous amount alcohol. With some food in our belly we then set out to explore Aqaba. I'm going to be honest and say that there isn't that much to see here but we started with the Aqaba Archaeological Museum. It's a quite small museum and it doesn't house to many objects but the entry fee was only 1 JD so of course it was worth it. The museum is actually ... read more
Al-Sharif Al-Hussein Bin Ali Mosque
Aqaba Archaeological Museum
Old Islamic Ayla

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba December 12th 2013

Hello my fellow happy travellers! Our first day in Aqaba is at an end. It's mostly been travelling today as we arrived at our hotel at around 17.00. We started early at 05.30 today and the trip has gone well except for a tedious controller at the airport in Aqaba who seemed adamant at holding up the line for as long as possible. Oh well, once we got through the control we took the bus into Aqaba where they dropped us at our hotel, Mina. The second we got off the bus we were hailed by taxi-driver with an attitude who wanted to drive us to the various sights around Jordan. We declined as politely as we could since, at the moment, we mostly just wanted to get settled in and take a quick look around ... read more
Us and Bader
View From Our Room
Camel Rider

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