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Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 15th 2018

Sorry it has taken so long to post this first blog and that our silence has caused some of you some concern. We're well and having a super time but have had some difficulty getting regular, reliable internet access. I'm blaming the Himalayas for blocking the signals! So here's Blog One of this trip, in haste and without photos (because I'm struggling to upload them, hopefully they'll follow in due course) just to give reassurance that we're still alive and kicking .... There's this thing about travelling for extended periods - it takes a lot of planning. And that takes hours and hours of research before deciding where to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to see and do, followed up by all the bookings and documentation. Sensibly, I leave all of ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum September 11th 2018

Jordan springs to mind a laid back, desert with humble people living off the Dead sea, the lowest point on Earth (423 m, 1,388 feet below sea level). It is a region which has given rise to three religions which have spread extensively. I had four days to explore this wonderful place. Jordan is a country with so much aridity that a little greenery is welcomed with hope. Nomads of Edomite tribes named Nabateans (originally from Saudi Arabia) settled down near small springs in the arid deserts. Water meant everything. However, I found that the bleak desert also has its own beauty. The big eyes with long eyelashes of the graceful camels or the green fig trees sprouting in the crevices are delightful. I flew Royal Jordan Airways and enjoyed the spicy breads for breakfast. We ... read more
Bride and groom on camels
Sandstones in Petra

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash April 18th 2018

Our last day of the tour, we left the hotel around 8am and got to Jerash around 9am. Jerash is a very large ancient Roman site on par with Ephesus in Turkey. I didn’t even know about it until we had booked this tour. They even have a chariot race and gladiators show in the Hippodrome, but we didn’t have time for that. Lana took us all the way through the complex which took over 2 hours. Lana showed us a spot in the amphitheatre in the centre where you stand and your voice comes back amplified. This explained why we saw the group of youths singing in that spot in the Amman amphitheatre. We left Jerash around 11:30 and drove through Amman again to get to the Dead Sea around 1pm. All the resorts here ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Showbak April 17th 2018

Left Petra at 8am for our return trip to Amman but with a few stops along the way. First was Little Petra which is set in a small valley not far from Petra, but also built by the Nabateans. It is believed that it was like a suburb of Petra and housed traveling traders on the Silk Road. This was a very interesting site in itself and if situated anywhere else in the world would be a much bigger deal in itself Next stop was the Crusader Castle at Shobak, where Lana told us about it but just made it an option if anyone wanted to explore the castle itself, which entailed a 15 minute walk up a steep hill. Barry, Pierre, Mary, Paul, Brian and I elected to go and we had about 20 minutes ... read more
Little Petra
Little Petra
Little Petra

Middle East » Jordan April 16th 2018

Montag, 16.04.2018 Aqaba (Jordanien): Sonnig, Min. 22°C, Max. 33°C Wir schreiben Tag 101 unserer Reise um die Welt. Vor drei Tagen hatten wir den indischen Ozean verlassen und sind in das Rote Meer eingefahren. Die Piraten hatten uns verschont, die hatten wohl Lukrativeres im Auge, als unser Schiff zu entern ;-). Das von Costa eingerichtete Sicherheitsdispositiv wurde wieder ausser Betrieb genommen. Nun konnten beim Abendessen die Vorhänge wieder offen bleiben und die Wasserkanonen auf Deck 3 wurden entfernt. Nach vier Tagen auf See erreichten wir am Montagmorgen Aqaba in Jordanien. Von hier aus sollte der Ausflug in die Felsenstadt Petra, die aus dem rosa Fels gemeisselte Stadt, starten. Wir waren gespannt wie viele Leute sich an dem von Costa gratis angebotenen Ausflug beteiligen. Ich hatte überschlagen, wenn es nur di... read more
Eine Gegend mit vielen Schmuckläden. Die Araberinnen lieben Gold.
Schöne Graffiti.
Al-Hussein Bin Talal Moschee.

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra April 16th 2018

Today was our (very) full day at Petra. Lana took our group minus Pierre, Brian and Margaret who had decided to do their own thing at around 7:45am and she told us some interesting things along the way into the Treasury. We then continued on and she took us to a shop which was run by a young man who is the son of a New Zealand lady, who married a Bedouin. He was selling jewelry and of course, his mother's autographed book which of course, Daisy duly bought. It was interesting, because Jenny in our group was telling us about this story and now here we were talking to the son. He lived in a Bedouin cave in Petra with his parents when he was a baby until they were moved by the government into ... read more
Petra - Water pipes
Petra - marriage spot
Petra - First glimpse

Middle East » Jordan » South April 15th 2018

I managed to wake up at about 6:10, early enough to catch the sun coming up over the horizon and it was very peaceful and serene walking around the desert surrounding our camp site. Lovely brekky in the tent before heading off at 8:30 for our camel ride back to the Wadi Rum Visitor's Centre. Brian and I were not too keen on doing this. The last time I rode a camel was in Egypt in 1984 and I swore I would never do that again, but at least I managed to avoid it for 34 years. As it turned out, it was a very pleasant ride across the desert and I was surprised to learn later that we riding for 50 minutes. After a short comfort (and shopping) stop at the Visitor's Centre we were ... read more
Near Wadi Rum camp site
Animal (and tyre) tracks near Wadi Rum camp site
Wadi Rum camp site

Middle East » Jordan » South April 14th 2018

Relaxed start to the day, brekky at 8am and after packing we went for a little exploration around Aqaba for a couple hours. We then checked out at noon and Lana took us to a local pizza place for lunch before boarding our bus for the 2 hour journey to our camp in the desert, Wadi Rum. First stop in Wadi Rum is the visitors centre where there is a great view of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, shops and pretty yucky toilets. It was then a short drive to a spot where we were transferred to utility jeeps. Four people were sat in the back of each jeep. This spot also had some very old forms of writing on rocks. We then were taken on a fantastic tour of features in the Wadi Rum area. ... read more
Daisy with Lawrence of Arabia
Wadi Rum - 7 Pillars of Wisdom
Wadi Rum

Middle East » Jordan April 14th 2018

Arriving in Jordan was a bit of a shock. Due to the upfront costs of things (Visa's, Petra and hotels), which were much more expensive than I'd hoped, I assumed that Jordan was just another oil rich Arab country, like the UAE or Saudi Arabia. We arrived at Amman airport at midnight, so after getting our bags and the rental car, we didn't leave the airport till 2am. From the airport we drove to Madaba, one of the closest towns just to get some rest in a hotel. Now, no country probably looks its best at 2am but we were left wondering if we'd landed in the right country. The road conditions were beyond terrible, most of the houses were dilapidated, there were stray dogs chasing the car down the streets and there were a few ... read more
Petra by Night
Petra - The Treasury
Petra - The Monastery

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba April 13th 2018

Breakfast at 6:30am for an early 7:30am exit for the long drive to the south of Jordan. During the early part getting out of Jordan, our guide Lana pointed out a few things but once out of the city, most of the drive was through very flat arid land with the occasional quarry or cement company. We had two comfort stops amounting to about 40 minutes and got to Aqaba at 12:30pm. As we got closer to Aqaba, the landscape changed as big rocky outcrops started appearing and the land was not as flat. Aqaba is a very popular holiday destination on The Red Sea and it is quite different to downtown, where we stayed in Amman. Generally cleaner and the buildings are in much better condition and generally newer looking and not as confronting as ... read more
On the way to Aqaba
Aqaba Cruise
Aqaba Cruise

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