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Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman April 12th 2018

Woken by the first call to prayer which is suppose to be just before sunrise so I'm guessing 6am but didn't know for sure as I just went back to sleep. Ended up waking around 7am and there was a knock on our door at 7:50 for our breakfast. The man informed me we could have our breakfast on the roof top which we duly did and it was quite lovely. Amman is a very hilly city and we had quite an expansive view. After a good tasty breakfast we arranged for the hotel to look after our luggage and said we'd be back around 4:30pm to pick it up. We found our walk to the Roman Theatre interesting in itself and passed a section with jewellery shops which apparently has been the site of jewelry ... read more
Street Art Alley
Jewelery Area

Middle East » Jordan April 11th 2018

Much of Tuesday was spent in the rain enroute to Petra, travelling first to Madaba to see the remarkable ancient mosaic floor in St. George's Church, the earliest surviving map of the Holy Land, dating back to the 6th century. Continuing on after lunch in Madaba, we parked at Mt. Nebo and had a short discussion of whether or not to leave the bus to climb up the hill in the drenching rain. Several of us really wanted to do this, so surprisingly to me we all ended up going. We were a rainbow of colorful waterproof jackets and umbrellas winding our way up the hill; no two of us were alike. Amazingly, at the top, the rain stopped for a bit, enough of the sky cleared for us to gaze across the Jordan Valley and ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman April 11th 2018

Early morning arrival in Doha, Qatar airport after a 15 hour flight where we managed to get some sleep thanks to new travel pillows just purchased from Kathmandu. I'm not sure why I never tried them before as it's the first time I woke up without a stiff neck after a long flight. Food was good on Qatar and the hostesses were very nice and accommodating. 3 hour wait in Doha went quick while we had coffee in an Illy cafe and had free wi-fi. Plane took off on time for the 3 hour flight to Amman, our final destination. There was a money changer just before you get to Passport Control where you buy your visa but there is also an ATM where I managed to successfully withdraw cash using our Citibank Debit card. Also ... read more
Daisy at Gallery Guest House
Amman Street Art
Amman Street Art

Middle East » Jordan April 10th 2018

Not having been in the Middle East since 2007 when my youngest daughter and I travelled alone through all of Egypt, my adventures this time begin in Jordan. This is our third day here, in an immensely interesting country that is not on most travellers' top lists of places to visit. On our first day here one other female traveller and I arrived in Amman very early in the wee hours of Sunday morning after over 24 hours of travel; long flights with an almost equally long layover at Heathrow made for an inconveniently late arrival time for me, but even being tired I was unable to sleep well that night. I was relieved that I was not the only one arriving so late; now there were two of us belatedly meeting the rest of our ... read more

Middle East » Jordan November 11th 2017

We left Jerusalem very early on a Friday morning and headed north to the Jordanian border, there to meet up with others for our coach tour to famed Petra, now a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Before Petra, we would drive to the city of Jerash, an important city of the then Roman Empire, on to Amman, the capital, then further south to spend our first night at a Bedouin camp in the desert before proceeding to Petra the following morning. After the second night in the camp we would drive across the desert to Wadi Rum, the location for many movies including the recent “Martian”. The forty percent of excavated Jerash was a sprawling city of Roman architecture, complete with hippodrome to seat twenty-five thousand, promenades ... read more
Roman ruins in Jerash, Jordan.
Roman promenade in Jerash, Jordan.
Everyone loves shopping.

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum November 5th 2017

Meet Camelus Dromedarius. Lest you get confused. Camelus Bactrianus is not Camelus Dromedarius. Arabian camels are not Bactrian camels, but are Dromedarian i.e the ONE -humped camel of the HOT deserts of northern Africa and southwestern Asia. Whereas the camel with two humps Bactrianus is native to the COLD deserts of the steppes of Asia. Hot or cold, they share the same fate of being used as saddle animals and beasts of burden as they can stand up to life in the desert because of that hump which stores food - not water - They can live for a month from the stored fat. Water...they can drink 40 gallons in 14 minutes. Camels can reach 7 feet in height (at the hump) and weigh up to 1500 pounds. Dromedarians can live for 40 years, the female ... read more
waiting for us near the Lawrence Spring camel trough
Watering stop for ages
Jack Sparrow our camel herd driver at Lawrence Spring

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra November 5th 2017

We have the whole day to explore Petra at our leisure. Our driver collects us after breakfast and suggests he takes us to the back (the tradesman’s entrance) rather than the Tourist front entrance. We wonder if he’s saying this because it’s more convenient for him. But he’s right again. He drops us at the top of the hill and we walk down into Petra. We are alone apart from the occasional Bedouin riding his camels/donkeys/horses to work. The road is lined with caves and ancient carvings. We have a lovely day exploring Petra, have a picnic sitting on a rock at the top of the Siq, then head for the meeting point to pick up our coach to Eilat. The group have had problems at the border and only 20 minutes in Petra. It’s a ... read more
Rock that looks like an elephant
Road to Petra

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra November 4th 2017

Today we are going to Petra. We have decided against independent travel and booked a tour. I’m not really a tour person - I don’t have the patience for other people. We leave our hotel for the 7 am pick up. The car is late and only takes us to a meeting point to wait for our bus. By the time the bus arrives, it is in an hour since we left our hotel and we can still see it. We take the bus to the border. One group member has issues with Israeli Immigration and we must wait. It is now 2 hours since we left our hotel and we can still see it. At Jordanian Immigration two group members have problems and we have to wait again. By the time we board our Jordanian ... read more
First view of the Treasury
Siq (2)

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum November 1st 2017

Our Bedouin camp at Wadi Rum. October 19th the final adventure. We are leaving the remains of ancient desert nomads behind to join living nomads inhabiting the desert today. From the Nabataeans to the Bedouin. They inhabit Wadi Rum which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. A 'Wadi' is the valley of a dry river hence Petra is in Wadi Musa. The &Rum& part I don't know about! Mind you, many of the men there could be family to Pirates from the Caribbean.... looking little Jack Sparrows, so who knows.......! 😎 Our driver was funny, fast talking, good natured with a thick accent. He obliged us by making photo stops as we left Petra. The desert landscape continues to impress and stun me. Who knew that barren land could be so varied... rock types and ... read more
Our team of hosts
camel watering trough at Lawrence Spring
Another landmark named for Lawrence of Arabia

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra October 30th 2017

Now Petra. October 18th. This is the big day when at last we will visit Petra the rose red city "half as old as time". Here nature and man together carved awesome works of impressive grandeur 2000 years ago.That thriving city, capital of the Kingdom of the Nabataeans, was then ravaged by earthquake and time, being lost for a thousand years until its “rediscovery” (I. E. to the west) through duplicity and intrigue in 1812. Planning to visit? Then understand this. This city sprawls for many miles. It spans over 60 square km. You will walk and walk and walk and walk and then walk back and back and back and back. If you don’t walk you can take a beast of burden a camel, donkey, horse. We chose not to. So we walked and walked ... read more
The sheer height of the cliff face is intimidating to put it mildly
Rocks of all colours
Petra has many shapes and faces in the rocks

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