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Middle East » Jordan September 8th 2015

This trip has many ups and downs. You are so so beat from the travel and the hours...but so uplifted and excited about the results for the kids and young adults who are being given the gift of hearing. In the two prior days, because of the job task that I was doing, I did not get a chance to see much of what was happening when the fittings were happening. Today, I DID. What is equally amazing to me as the children who can now hear, is the parents....The mom or dad who brings the child in to be tested and treated. They are so patient and good with the children. Often, they have made up their own way to communicate with hand gestures and facial expressions only they understand. The relief on their faces ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba September 8th 2015

Desert Storm 7th September – Stand by your beds! I woke up at 4am this morning, as I always do because of my alarm. Did I forget to mention what my alarm is? Oh yes… An alarm on a phone is too mainstream, a watch is a no go. So instead I have a whole building to go off for me at set times every morning! About 30 metres from my front door is a Mosque. The only issue is that I can’t have a lie in! (By that I mean sleep until 7:30am) When the speakers activate it’s like someone is shouting in my room. I will be fine after a few weeks I think. But until then I will wake up in the middle of the night thinking I’m still in the cadets with ... read more
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Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba September 6th 2015

Finding a new routine 2nd September – 2 guys with camels walk in to a Dive Centre… So the strangest thing just happened. I was sitting in the Dive Centre putting my blog link on Facebook, while Muhammed (Dive owner’s son) was doing something around the corner outside (cheeky). I then look up to see two Jordanian men riding camels down the road and stop outside the Dive Centre. I look at them out of the corner of my eye to see what the hell they were doing. The camels started to drink out of a bath tub that was lying by the side of the road, I always wondered why that was there. One of the men then casually strolls inside the Dive Centre, and as if I’m not there he takes a cup from ... read more
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Middle East » Jordan September 6th 2015

What an adventure! I am having a hard time believing I am doing any of these things.... As I mentioned before, last night we traveled to The Dead Sea Resort for our day off. Tonight, I wrote this blog back at "home" in Amman. The last 15 hours or so have been filled with bliss, relaxation time spent getting to know the amazing people on this trip. By the grace of God or Allah or just dumb luck..there was an extra room for our team at the resort last night! I grabbed that thing up so quick I amy have ever so slightly offended my pals Chrys and Riley! But, it was delightful to have my own room all to myself just for the night! I hoped to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely morning. No ... read more

Middle East » Jordan September 5th 2015

Hello from Jordan! We embarked on this Journey on Thursday night at 6:00PM. It has been almost non-stop ever since. My wonderful travel companions are Chrys Peterson and Riley Runnels. It should be noted that Chrys mentioned this trip to me less than a month ago! I expressed immediate interest and she was able to get me on the trip ONLY by allowing me to share a room with her and Riley. Her generosity at this opportunity is certainly not lost on me...even after such a crazy few days, I already know I will forever be grateful! We left the Detroit Airport about 9:30PM Friday night and made it safely to Paris after an uneventful 8 hours. After a brief layover and a few macaroons, we made the second leg of the 13 hour trip to ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba September 2nd 2015

I didn’t even arrive at my accommodation and already obviously things went tits up. I’ll start from the top. I realised that I left my badass sunglasses and my diving boots when I arrived at Manchester. I did not tell my dad as he was already in a tiff because I ‘only’ printed my tickets off the morning I was due to fly. But if that was the extent of my worries then I would have had a splendid journey. On the plane to Istanbul there were a fantastic array of movies #thanksturkishairlines. I ended up watching United Passions and the Kingsman. The flight to Aqaba from Istanbul I met a nice girl from Finland who was visiting her boyfriend in Amman, apparently the flights to Aqaba were £200 cheaper to Aqaba and her boyfriends whipped ... read more

Middle East » Jordan August 27th 2015

WELCOME! In one just one short week, I will be heading to Jordan on the Ethenos Hearing Mission. You can visit this blog to learn about what we are doing on this amazing adventure each day! You can also feel free to LIKE us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram to see more from me and the whole team by following the links below. The next post wont be until we arrive in Jordan on September 3! Very much looking forward to this journey. Thanks for reading! Gretchen... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra July 6th 2015

Tis morning we got up at 6;30 hadd breakfast and straight down to the bus for 5min ride to petra very expensive to get in 50 jodanian dina p/p about 100 aus but wouldnt have missed it unfortunatly it was spoiled by the continual harrassment of the horse donkey and camel ride salesmen and boys the first of which is just inside the gate where you are offered a horse ride to the entrance supposedly included they say in the ticket price but when you get there a tip is demanded of at least 20 jod, once you get off the horse and pay your tip you will be expected to take a donkey ride the rest of the way and if you decline they follow you all the way while continuing to sell their ride ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman July 5th 2015

ItsSunday morning 7 am went to bed last night about 7pm straight after tea we all had kebabs (cubes of meat ) but with no stick it was delicious abrahams choice yesterday we didnt do what we intended, we walked in the morning to a greek orthodox church which has the oldest map of Palestine in the world in the form of a mosaic on the floor then we walked back to the hotel in 2 groups i went with the boys and the others went later both groups got lost and we walked in circles for about an hour till jordan remembered seeing a sign of the hotel next to ours Delilah and the other group arived just before us just after we got back Abraham apeared and so we all got into 2 vehicles ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 5th 2015

today we left madaba and headed down the kings highway first stop was herods palace the fortress of mukawir where it is supposed herod beheaded John the baptist this palace was built similar to masada on to of a steep hill though not as steep or as high it only took us about 30 mins to walk up and even Esthers mum made it up, from the top we had a 360 degree view impossible to capture on film today was much clearer than yesterday and we could see Jerusalem in the distance. from here we drove parallel to the east coast of the dead sea stopping wherever there was a view through to the dead sea between the mountains, one of these was the wadi al mujib and we stopped overlooking the al mujib dam ... read more

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