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Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra December 8th 2014

Near tragedy struck just after midnight, when I rose to write the previous day’s blog. I positioned the laptop at the desk, even placing a throw rug under the chair so my feet wouldn’t get cold on the stone floor. In the room lit just by the bathroom light I found the mouse, just where it was supposed to be, and also the adapter plug for Jordan (different than the European style Israeli plug). Actually, the two round prongs of the European plug without ground will work in Jordan, but the third prong for ground is different. When I went to find the power cord for the computer, it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. After searching everywhere, and waking Sharon so she wouldn’t miss out on the joy of searching everywhere, we gave up, ... read more
Hallway of our hotel in Petra

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman December 7th 2014

We awoke in Amman in our side by side twin beds reminiscent of an “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy (or in my case Sharon) sits up abruptly at the start of an episode shouting “What was that?” as the call for morning prayers reverberates through our room from the nearby loudspeaker at about 5:15 AM this morning. Can you imagine waking up to this cacophony every single morning? It would give me a surly disposition for sure; but, at least they don’t need donkeys. I sampled some hummus, red and green pepper salsa, pita, corn flakes and cocoa puffs and was going to try some juice but Sharon warned me about Dennis fearing about sanitary conditions for juicing the fresh fruit. Sharon is suffering, there were more soft boiled eggs but she did wrangle a ... read more
View of Aman from the Citadel
Temple of Hercules at the Citadel
palace at the Citadel

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman December 6th 2014

After finishing the previous day’s blog at about five in the morning, with that stupid donkey chiming in every twenty minutes, I did manage to fall back into a deep restful sleep with my phone charging in the other room by the two only available outlets in the entire suite (okay, at eh Pilgerhaus retreat they refer to these two room units as apartments). Apartments with twin beds at that. There are plenty of great reasons to stay at the Pilgerhaus when you are on Pilgrimage in the Holy Land and are staying on the Sea of Galilee; but, if you don’t like being raised from a sound sleep in the middle of the night by donkeys, then this may not be the retreat for you! If you don’t like door keys that fail when you ... read more
Donkey at Pilgerhaus

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman December 6th 2014

Now that we have good internet connection here are some more photos from Sat when we crossed from Israel into Jordan, visited the ruins at Jerash, and then spent the night in Amman.... read more
Time to load up the bus
Last view of the Pilgerhaus
Graveyard in Tiberias the guide said dated back to the time of Jesus

Middle East » Jordan November 24th 2014

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first travel blog entry! I am not sure how entertaining this will be for everyone, but I'll post about our trip for those who want to follow along. We left Chicago at 9:30 pm on Friday night. Our first flight was a little over 13 hours. We then had an 8 hour layover in Amman Jordan. With a layover of more than 6 hours the airline gives you a hotel room and dinner. There was a lot of conflicting info online about this so I wasn't sure what to expect. It ended up being super easy. You just went to one counter and they gave you a voucher for the hotel room. Then you go to another counter and they have you fill out a form and then take you through ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra November 8th 2014

The second part of my trip to the Holy Land took me outside of Jerusalem to explore the rest of the country. Leaving Jerusalem as another terrorist incident occurred, I boarded my bus that drove eastwards towards the Dead Sea. Whilst Jerusalem and the area around was very hilly, eventually you get to a huge valley, marking the border with Jordan, which at the bottom is the Dead Sea. As you then wind down the hill side there are some plaques denoting the elevation. And it is not long before you reach the "0m - Sea Level" sign. Fair enough, except when you look out to your left, you see the valley continues even further. Then it goes down "-200m", and you're still barely half of the way down. Passing by the Masada, I eventually arrived ... read more
Ein Bokek
Dead Sea
Israeli-Jordanian Border

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea October 31st 2014

Trip to Palestine and Jordan These are some pictures taken in Jerusalem Al Aqsa Mosque including Friday Jumma prayers also some pics are from the west bank in Palestine including Bethlehem and Jericho.... read more

Middle East » Jordan September 3rd 2014

Recently i visited the ancient city of Petra , this was my first time even though its in my own country and i should probably have already went to it but the problem is we the people that live in Jordan take Petra for granted we think its just some historic thing ,therefore we don't see the beauty it has to offer we don't see the beauty that foreigners adore and get fascinated by it. Petra is one of the seven wonders of the world for its unique and beautiful rock-cut architecture which was built around the 312 bc by the Anbaat. My experience with Petra or some would call it the red-rose city was incredible i was so fascinated that i kept my mouth open the whole time by shock of how beautiful it is ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman June 2nd 2014

As many other cities in the region, Amman can count its history back to the Neolithic period. It is known for spanning over seven hills, though today that number has increased to 19 hills as the city has rapidly expanded since the mid-20th century. It became a capital in 1921 when Abdullah I made it the centre of the Emirate of Transjordan, and turned into a large city with the influx of Palestinian refugees in 1948. My friend lives in a newer area of Amman close to a fancy shopping mall and a Starbucks. Half the houses on the street are still being build and you can feel the constant expansion of Amman as you look around. It seems as if small enclaves are build in the dry and hilly area. So much empty space lies ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Madaba May 30th 2014

Madaba lies approximately one hour from Amman and is most famous for its mosaics. You might have heard of the 6th century Madaba Map which is a large mosaic in the Byzantine Church of Saint George displaying the holy land. But this is not the reason why I have convinced my boyfriend to stop in Madaba for a few days. On the contrary I am more into softer fabrics and after discovering that Madaba is also a carpet city I have become dead-set on finding myself a magic carpet. I have grown up in a house with oriental rugs and I love the earthy tones of such carpets. In my stepfathers summerhouse there used to be a particular massive kelim carpet which was all eroded from decades of use. I love it. To me it is ... read more
Carpet making
People being baptised

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