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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv June 5th 2009

Oh my gosh! Today we climbed up to Masada, which is a 1200 foot rise in elevation! All switchbacks, in the sun. It was brutal but so worth it. Really gorgeous view of the Dead Sea, which we went in afterwards. That is surreal. And I'm running out of minutes, so I'll finish this later! I am not quite sure that I can do justice to what we did today. We got up early (but not early enough) and left the hotel at 6 to climb Masada. We should have left at 4. It was almost hot by the time we got there, driving along the shore of the Dead Sea. At the bottom, looking up along the switch backs to the castle on top 1500 feet above us, I was incredibly intimidated. Not gonna lie, ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv June 3rd 2009

I Have Arrived. I had never previously thought that any journey could be so harrowing. It was like a Spielberg epic- laughing, crying, yelling... actually though, the laughing was more to keep from crying, and the crying didn't involve so many tears as angry rants... so I suppose it was just stress-induced ...angry stress. Chapter 1. SO. I start the long journey, as always, by sleeping through my alarm clock. Thankfully, back up fail safe alarm number three worked (thanks Jess). Follow 10-12 hour (who knows/cares at that point) trip to Jordan. I wrote down at the Amman (Jordan) airport: "I'm mostly disconcerted-- generally the flight is what throws me into a panic, but I'm blaze. BLAZE. (with a french accent on the e, not like i'm on fire)... Come ON, Stace. Look outside. It's all...desert-y ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv May 30th 2009

And once again it takes me ages to blog... I know I've promied to blog from the trip to New Zealand. I REMEMBER trying to write several times, creating folders of pictures to upload and show you, but never done it. I think I can explain. But - first thing first.... Last I wrote was from the Israeli airport on our way to my father's dream trip for his 60 years old B-day. We went all 4 of us - 2 women in mid 30's (give a lot or take), sisters and friends, with completely different personalities, and 2 heroes - my father and his partner, both in their 60's (give or take) and using electrical wheelchairs. The plan was flying to Australia and crewsing to New Zealand: * 3 days in Hong Kong, saying HI ... read more
road signs in NZ
Keren took ME climbing the Sydney Bridge!!
HK airport

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv March 14th 2009

One can come to be used to new circumstances at an alarming speed. I have experienced this phenomenon on more than one occasion, and find it to be a theme running through my current travels as well. Where I currently reside, in Poriyya Illit on the south-western slopes above the Kinneret, the feeling is one of quiet, relaxed solitude. Unlike in the kibbutziem where the collective is the priority and I think you would be hard-pressed to ever feel alone, in this hilltop village people live in detached homes, behind gates and fences and more or less mind their own business without too much interaction with the rest of the 'community.' Despite my description, I have not in any way found this place to be lonely (yet... I reserve the right to alter this statement in ... read more
Hot Enough for the AC
First Glimpse of the Mediterranean
First Hospital in Israel

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv March 9th 2009

It has been many years since I have dressed up for purim. I didnt even dress up when I was running my youth groups purim carnival. This year was a little different. i was in israel and every single person doesnt matter on your age I have noticed gets in the spirit of dressing up. So I was innovative, and decided to dress up as a twister board. The front of the tshirt was the spinner, and the back was the board. A lot of Otzmanikim decided to go into Ta and go to flourintine and have a good time. This is where I spent my new years eve same place different street party. LA,SD,NY and a couple other people were there. We all went to the apt in TA to hang out first and get ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv March 4th 2009

One month ago today I left for Israel. Time really does fly when you're having the greatest adventure of your life!!! I heard someone at the hostel say something along the lines of the shock of visiting somewhere so far away from home doesn't really wear off until you actually get back home and I have a feeling that will be so true in 5 months when I go back. I'm loving this experience that I'm having more and more every day. On February 15th I decided to go on a little day trip by myself to Yafo. About a 30 minute walk along the beach just south of Tel Aviv. It's an old port city believed to be one of the oldest cities in the world. It was such a beautiful walk (there and back) ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 20th 2009

It is amazing how in any given moment time can feel as though it is crawling by, but when you stop to look back, a whole week has passed. And this is where I presently find myself. I arrived in Israel at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv at 2:30am local time on Feb. 14/09. After a near eternity of traveling, it was glorious to be somewhere permanently, even if it did mean facing Israeli immigration. Being a bit of a worrywart by nature, I had spent a fair amount of time trying to conceive of every possible question that could be asked, along with the appropriate range of potential responses. However, about a week before departure I decided to abandon all worry and instead projected the image of myself walking out of the airport with ... read more
First Rays of Dawn in the Promised Land
The 'hood
The Homestead

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 17th 2009

After a long night yesterday and a long day today, we are tired. Our group has definitely bonded and found a common groove after days of travel including having our bus stranded in the rain yesterday after being blocked on a narrow road because of a accident between 2 other buses. The kids have also forged bonds and they are going off on their own as a group. Today we had a museum marathon in Tel Aviv with Israeli Independence being the common theme. The morning was at a kibbutz that hid an underground bullet factory during the British Mandate. After a brief stop in Jaffa for a beautiful ocean view and a snack, we headed to Tel Aviv and Independence Hall. We had wonderful guides in booth museums that helped us see the importance and ... read more
At the Bullet Factory
"Welcome Home to Israel"
The Kids and the Youth Counselor we have in Jerusalem

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 12th 2009

Day 17 1:30 am M.E.T. The diner I had on the plane was delicious. I ate chicken, mashed potatoes, a little feta cheese, chocolate cream cake, water and apple juice. There were two choices, but they ran out of pasta. I enjoyed this dinner better than the dinner on the flight coming to Israel. I ate this meal at 1:30 am, 32,000 feet high, our speed is 567 m.p.h.; we are over the Agean Sea and have traveled 1,000 miles. 10:54 pm M.E.T., our plane has landed and we are now waiting in the New York Airport for our flight to Columbia. The flight departs at 10:00 am. The flight lasts 30 minutes. The plane was very small, two seats in a row, two rows across. The plane landed and we waited downstairs for Mom to ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv January 22nd 2009

Well it's bright and early at ben gurion airport, I'm on my iPod with free Internet waiting for my aeroplane. In 6 hours I shall be in England. I hope to do the hop on hop off bus tour of London today, see a play, do some Shakespeare stuff and book my tour of Windsor castle, bath and Stonehenge which is super exciting. Teachers got a pay rise yay! I'll blog again in London xoxo to you all, bok a toe (sp?) to israel - good morning, to da- thank you, and shalom! You've been very kind to me. I'll be back!!!!!... read more

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