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Middle East » Israel » South District » Arad May 25th 2012

We trekked up to Tel Arad on Wednesday the 23rd. To illustrate the height of my nerd-dom in the ancient world, the highlight of the day was visiting the Arad house, which demonstrates the typical house layout from the Early Bronze Age. The doorway presents itself on the long end of the wall, and the dwelling had no windows. Ah, you want more trivia about this fascinating site? How about the fact that a small clay model of the exact same dwelling was found within the Arad House, which helps us confirm that this design was in fact a standard design for this time period. Brian (our fearless class instructor) made an excellent point at this site. We read so often about the various types of sacrifices which were performed throughout the Old Testament. Though the ... read more
the Arad house
Arad house
camels, Negev wilderness

Middle East » Israel » South District » Arad June 4th 2009

We started the day with the usual great breakfast we have had available most mornings, three or four kinds of yogurt (plain with olive oil and spices is fantastic), eggs, cucumber salad, cheese, and fruit. Mmmmm. Then we went out, got on our camels, which were all tied together, and our train was led on a little loop in the desert by a Bedouin dude on foot. Not exactly camel racing, but it was fun in a little kid’s carousel sort of way. I can now say that I have ridden a camel! After the camels we rove to the entrance of a park called En Avedat and hiked up a trail along a little stream in a canyon of the desert. Really beautiful. There was all sorts of kinds of rock layers. The most interesting ... read more

Middle East » Israel » South District » Arad March 13th 2007

I just wrote up an entry about Arad and for some reason it was erased. I dont know why. so this is will be short. Arad was the next stop for the first day. Arad is in the eastern basin of the Negev which is above Beersheba. Arad also had remains from a civilization that lived there. there was also a temple on the site which was built by the people there. This temple was much better perserved than the one at Beersheba. You were able to see the holy of holies, and the sacrifical altar. we had fun with the altar. ... read more

Middle East » Israel » South District » Arad December 2nd 2005

Tel Arad was absolutely huge! Spread out over a whole bunch of acres. After we explored it for a few hours, we moved on. That night, checked into a hotel in modern day Arad, a beautiful town that seems to appear out of nowhere when you are driving through the desert.... read more
The Desert Blooms

Middle East » Israel » South District » Arad November 21st 2005

Wow. I have not written in a long time. Yesterday Ayal, one of the Israeli guards of my building, the Mercaz Clita, or Absorption Center, in Arad, commented that I always look tired. After telling him that he should stop being such a typical unkind Israeli male, my friend Emily and I had to agree with him. I am exhausted. Constantly. Primarily because I am never ever free. I take 4 or so hours of Hebrew Ulpan (intensive Hebrew language study) 4 days a week. Difficult enough but to add to the difficulty, I am also in a level a bit above me and should therefore be learning at least 20 new words a day to keep up. One of my teachers (I have 2 that switch off without coordinating their curriculums, and am thus being ... read more

Middle East » Israel » South District » Arad November 4th 2005

Talk about a strange 2 months. I had some hesitation about leaving Thailand earlier than I expected, felt like maybe I should have explored the area more, but one of the most striking things about my recent travels has been the contrasts between all the places I have been. First, Thailand, land of amazing food (oh man, do I miss it), coconut milk shakes, sandy beaches, cheap markets, and wandering around alone wondering what the hell to do with myself. Then Paris, a city that just oozes charm. I swear, just being there gave me a high. (Luckily my roommate here lives just outside Paris so now I have 2 people I can crash with when I go back.) Then driving from there to Spain, seeing the gorgeous countryside lit up with autumn leaves, going to ... read more

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