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Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz January 21st 2011

jom’e Jan21F – bist o yek To shorten the rather complicated and full day of visits in Shiraz, let’s just say I see all there could possibly be worth visiting, and also mentioned in LP Iran. No, I have to say -- I see everything to the point of near casual indifference -- every nook, crack and cranny of Shiraz, of which I can only imagine the usual tourist would hardly ever get a whiff, including myself had I not “lucked out (??)” in running into the old man I take as guide. (But is this really luck(ed) or "f_cked"? Both meaning to say by this old guide Mohammed and what now looks like a problem finding photos taken while in Shiraz!) Together with Mohammed, I go from mosque to mosque, girls' or boys' Madraseh, an ... read more

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz January 20th 2011

panj shanbeJan20R Had earlier considered a day visit to Kashan, before heading south by buses; however, these plans fall apart, so I change itinerary and ask Elham to look into a flight to Shiraz, thinking that the LPIran itinerary would be best to follow and eventually leave me working my way north by some combination of buses, bus tours and taxis. In this way, I would be working my way back to Tehran for my Feb3 departure rather than travelling away from my point of final departure from Iran (this approach was learned in Korea – risky ventures first and early in journey and small short trips last, so you remain close to home prior to final departure). I find this a more suitable plan of attack for travelling to the cities of Shiraz, Persepolis, Yazd, ... read more

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz August 24th 2010

Shiraz & Persepolis pics... read more

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz July 15th 2010

From the city of Kerman I got yet another bus westwards to the famous city of Shiraz. The Iranian chick I'd met in Esfahan had told me to meet her there and she would show me around. At the bus station I stood and stared at the coach. For some odd reason the bus had a Crystal Palace Football Club sticker on the back window; and this is by no means the sole occurrence of a mid-table English football club finding itself in Iran. I recently spotted a coach with hooligan- fantastic Millwall Football Club badge. Somehow the former team coaches of English football clubs have been sent to Iran - and I don't know why. I think that's why I've kept smiling. The journey took seven hours of winding roads through more of Iran's hot ... read more
Crystal Palace on tour?
Kerman to Shiraz - 5 - June 26 2010
Kerman to Shiraz - 9 - June 26 2010

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz April 15th 2010

Thursday 15 April I am sitting at a table writing my next blog, with John opposite me writing his diary, in a coffee room of the Hotel Shiraz Parsian, Shiraz which is a major city in Iran with many attractions for visitors who can get here. The city is situated some 700 kilometres south of Tehran. We have had two full driving days since leaving Tehran, stopping half way at Esfahan, a beautiful city that used to be the capital of this country, for one night last night. But before I relate any more about the journey thus far, I should return to where I left off my last blog and that was shortly after we had arrived in Tehran. We ended up spending three nights in Tehran and the reason mainly was because of the ... read more
Tehran telecomms tower
Shihan's friends
En-route - a typical garage

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz March 5th 2010

Nach den wenig positiven Nachrichten gestern, und der Tatsache, dass ich mein Gepäck wohl frühestens in Berlin wiedersehen werde, bleibt mir nichts anderes übrig, als das beste draus zu machen und dreimal am Tag bei Iran Air anzurufen (obwohl die ja nicht mal was dafür können - schließlich war es Jazeera, die es verbummelt haben). Zunächst einmal also: SHOPPEN! Nun bin ich also "stolzer" Besitzer einer "Original" Calvin-Klein -Unterhose samt "Nike"-Socken - und das für nur 3 Euro :) Der Kauf eines T-Shirts ist schwieriger. Auf fast allen steht penetrant riesig D&G, Versace oder Armani drauf. Die iranischen Männer fahren da voll drauf ab, aber mir ist das irgendwie doch etwas zu albern. Ansonsten geht es jetzt nach Teheran. Dabei fängt dann auch der Flugzeugpspinnerkram an: Erst mit einer Boeing 727 nach Teheran, und dann hoffentlich ... read more
Ich und der Iraner
Unser Taxi

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz March 4th 2010

...mein Gepaeck ist immer noch weg, und meine Hoffnungen sind irgendwie geschwunden.. Shiraz ist sonst ganz nett. Persepolis war einigermassen beeindruckend., aber ich bin grad nicht in Stimmung mehr zu schreiben. j. ... read more

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz October 25th 2009

Sunday I had an early start to Shiraz for the seven hour bus trip from Esfahan. Empty dry lanscape to gaze at through the dusty windows. We pass a small truck, almost overflowing with its cargo of juicy-looking sib. Another truck with a load of sheep, and two men only just clinging to the back. A third truck with the disheartening word 'Tesco' emblazed on its flank. A huge sign proclaiming 'Persian Gulf's Premier Entertainment Venue', next to a deserted carpark and several piles of broken bricks. The bus was an old and faded luxury model, with engine problems that required hourly stops and staff running back and forth to the rear with containers of water. I couldn't see smoke, so I assumed it was not on fire - yet. Shiraz was big, but on first ... read more
On the road to Shiraz
Persepolis pillar
Persepolis creature

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz October 19th 2009

"Iran? But it's dangerous there!" That was the common response I got when I told people that I will be visiting Iran, or land of Aryans. The truth cannot be any further from that statement. True, some people do support Ahmadenijad. True, by law women do have to cover their hair. Certain stereotypes about the government and religious rules are evident, but my encounters with Iranians and the ancient culture have to be some of the most eye opening, refreshing, and engaging. Yesterday, south eastern Iran saw another suicide bombing. Sunni extremists attacked a Revolutionary Guard facility. The region that boarders Pakistan is constantly turbulent, with government trying to combat drug dealers and extremists. Still, it is life as usual for Iranians, as they are used to this type of conflict, a situation that I was ... read more
Making New Friends
Imam Reza's Shrine
Gotta Love Iran Air

Middle East » Iran » South » Shiraz October 8th 2009

So far, I've talked about Kandovan, Esfahan, and Yazd, being the latest entry. Well, guess what? Today, we shall talk a little bit more about Shiraz. Getting to Shiraz was the ultimate experience, not in a bad way, of course! From Singapore, we took a flight to Kuala Lumpur International Airport as there wasn't a direct flight from Singapore to Iran as Iran Air doesn't do stopovers in Singapore. Yes, so from KL, we took Iran Air (IR840) to the Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran. Before the plane descended, I realised that the plane circled 3 times in the air. I wonder why that was so. It turned out that according to my guide Amu Amin, domestic as well as international flights are required to circle the mausoleum of the much revered Imam Khomeini as ... read more
Persepolis - The Entrance

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