Days 12-15 Hamburg

September 26th 2015
Published: September 26th 2015
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On Wednesday we went to Paula's school to pick her up. Out the front of her school there was a play ground with a flying fox and lots of cool stuff it was fun me and Bella played at the park in till her Paula's school finished. Then her school finished and we went home when we got home Lukas came to Franziska's mum and dads house (that we were staying in). And we went another park at the park there was a slide we played on the slide for a bit then we went home and had dinner for dinner I had sausage and sausage and more sausage.

On Friday we made pizza for lunch my pizza had Tomato paste and cheese and salami. Then Thomas and Cristina took me, Bella, Lisa ( Paula was babysitting Lisa ) and Paula to the zoo it was so fun at the zoo. Thomas got us food from the counter to feed Some of the animals. We saw some elephants I feed a elephant some apples there was also a baby elephant the baby elephant was so cute. Then we saw so monkeys that we also feed. We saw also saw some goats, camels, rabbits, horses and donkeys then we went to a play ground we played at the play ground for a while then we went to look at some seals, a polar bear, penguins and a mum and a dad walrus with a baby walrus then we look at some zebras after that we went home because the zoo was closing up.

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