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September 21st 2015
Published: September 22nd 2015
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Bella's day 10 Haiku
Bella in Berlin
Went to Berlin it was fun
Haagen Daaz ice cream

On Monday the 21 first of September( day 11), we went to the Berlin wall to look at all the paintings there were some big ones, small ones, weird ones and lots of different ones. And it was interesting because there were so many pictures there.
Then we went on a train to a park to play in. At the park we met two boys that came from Sydney but there mum was from Germany so they were coming on a holiday to see some of there mums family. The oldest boy was 7 years old and his name was Tommy his younger brother was 5 years old and his name was Chris. We played with them for a little bit. After that we got a train to a ice cream shop 🍦I got two scoops of ice cream the first scoop of ice cream🍦 was chocolate Carmel brownie then I had cookies and cream it was delicious. Next to the ice cream shop there was a little gift shop in the shop there was a pack with a table tennis net, ball and two bats so we brought that. Then we went back to the apartment to play table tennis we played a lots of games in between the games of table tennis we had some food. After that we went to another playground that was made out of Zoe

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