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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula October 16th 2018

Sometimes I believe I’ve outlived my capacity to adapt, or at least to catch on... To explore Wales, I’ve rented another car. This is the third one I’ve driven in the seven weeks I’ve been here, and I was pretty excited to get a MiniCooper, since I’d not even sat in one, much less driven it. I got it in the rain, from a very busy agent named Charlotte. It may have been that she was getting wet standing beside me as I sat at the console, but she kept saying, “So, are you happy with the car?” And not in a good way - I think she was disguising impatience with solicitude. I had to go back into the office twice after signing all her forms, once to figure out how to get the SatNav ... read more
Parking is tight
We park where we can

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula April 5th 2017

Woolly says – The sun was up but the females seemed intent on having a lie in, they just don’t seem to have the stamina these days! If he worked as hard as we do then he might understand! Woolly says – After what seemed like years of preparation and searching for all relevant items, car keys, camera’s and of course snacks for the journey our new car, Belle, was finally pounding along the tarmac and through the country lanes. First stop Swansea and one of Zoe’s suggestions for a day out at Planatasia. Having driven round the city several times I was about to suggest abandoning the car on the next car park and walking, as Jo drove the wrong way onto the next piece of road, I cringed and mimed that I was being ... read more
Beautiful birds
The pond

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula February 23rd 2012

so not written in a while, been really busy with uni work, just got a fantastic work placement with a top fuel drag racing team, going to visit them in easter, will upload some pics of last years racing soon, cant wait. the weather was amazing last year! and i am now in a band, im the guitarsist even tho ive mainly learnt bass, but its punk music we will be playing so nobody will notice that i cant actually play... (in the words of sid vicious, "you pick a chord and go twang")... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula November 10th 2011

so finally gor my new laptop!!!!!!! got it for free because im dyslexic!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO might upload some summer pics from norway.... OH CAKE!!! forgot to mention that new years in norway, we had lots of cake too!!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula November 8th 2011

so ive started to learn to drive so i can have road trip accross europe, thing is ive been riding motorbikes and bicycles for years, so i have some pretty bad habits when im driving. not so bad habits as that i lean round corners...... although.... maybe i do... but i do scare the living daylights out of my instructor everytime i decide i want to pass a parked car, i seem to have no sense of how wide the car is, i either think its the width of a hummer/lorry or i think its the width of a bike... ive only mounted the curb twice!!! but yeah back to the road trip idea, i want to drive and my fiance wants to go to balognea (how ever its spelt) to go to an art thing, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula September 15th 2011

so... here starts my travel blog(s)(ii) not sure how that plural works really..... first things first, excuse the terrible grammar and spelling im dyslexic and im using a computer that thinks in norwegian åøæøææø ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula August 29th 2011

Last bank holiday of the year and as the days wind down to the chill of autumn it is obligatory to make the most of that last long weekend before Christmas as it’s a long, lonely stretch to the end of the year when you don’t have holiday left. August Bank Holiday is about the hiking trip and this year that meant the Gower Peninsula for a little hiking, dancing, seal hunting (purely in a failed photographic sense) and sea kayaking. Accommodation was at the YHA Gower Bunkhouse just over the sand dunes from the beach at Port Eynon. Great location set in the heart of Gower and an easy commute to our 2 targets for the weekend - Rhossili Bay and the "beat the tide" run out to Worms Head (Day 1), a relaxed prance ... read more
On the Downs
Rhossili Downs

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula June 29th 2011

This morning we set off for the Gower Peninsula. We decided to head right out to the end of the peninsula and then work or way back around towards Swansea. The SatNav was duly programmed for Rhossili and off we went. This destination had us setting out over the top of the hill from Bailea towards the A4067, rather than down the hill to the A40. I was keenly following the route on our AA road atlas - partly because it helps me to stay awake, but mainly because I am interested to see what roads the SatNav takes us on compared with what I think looks like the best route??!! We started out exactly how I would have expected - straight down the A4067 until we reached the M4. After following the M4 (towards Carmarthen) ... read more
Parasailing at Rhossili
Worms Head
View from Worms Head

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula March 17th 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day! at least in the U.S. here not so much. . The Welsh celebrate St. Davids Day which is celebrated on the first of March. Today our group went back to the City Central to shoot b-roll for our video and met Eliot, our Swansea U student ambasador, for lunch. Finally got some fish and chips and they were GREAT! Long John Silver's has got nothing on Wales! After lunch Eliot showed us how to get back to our clients headquarters and we shot our last interviews. We walked allll the way back to the City Central and did a little window shopping at the mall there. We grabbed a cab once we were done and went back to the hotel where we met up with our other group to go get ice ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula March 16th 2011

Swansea - pronounced "Swonz-ee" - is a coastal city and county in Wales. Swansea is in the historic county boundaries of Glamorgan. Situated on the sandy South West Wales coast, the county area includes the Gower Peninsula and the Lliw uplands. . . And today we got to see much more than we expected. The day started well, we met more of the SYSHP kids and got to see the hostel that they are staying in. We shot the first 4 interviews, which were really good. The kids are very nice and respectful. Afterwards we went to the City Central to eat lunch. Several of us had McDonalds. . Yes we flew all the way here to eat McDonalds and I’m pretty sure it was worse than the McDonalds in the U.S. The City Central was ... read more
Swansea Castle
City Centre

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