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September 15th 2011
Published: September 15th 2011
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so... here starts my travel blog(s)(ii) not sure how that plural works really.....
first things first, excuse the terrible grammar and spelling im dyslexic and im using a computer that thinks in norwegian åøæøææø <--- see
i guess i should list the places ive been in the order ive been to them to make any sense, so...
i was born in aylesbury england which i dont remember, i just remember some short wall with little red spiders on it... then we moved to peterborough where ive spent most of my life, its an ok place to live i guess..... has its good and bad bits, i lived in the bad bit (orton). Im gonna get my sister to join this site, shes been much more travelling than me.... when i turned 18 i moved into my own flat which was like a minute from where i worked, but i shared it with a heroin and a speed addict, and for a short while an alcoholic in denail, but thats a different kettle of fish..
then i moved to enfield in north london to live with my girlfriend of the time, i had just been fired from my job because i told my boss i was going to university when i finished my apprenticeship...
london is good to visit but horrible to live in, its overpopulated and 90 per cent of the kids carry knives around because they think they are tough or something.... the good thing about london is that no matter what time it is you can always find an open shop. while i was living there we went on holiday to cyprus which was great although i would have liked to have seen more, maybe i will go back one day..
when i was living in london is when i found out about my EDS (Ethlers-Danlos Syndrome). i had a headache for about a week and one of my pupils wouldnt change size, much drama with hospitals later, i was taken to the royal london hospital and treated for a corotid arterial dissection, they put me on blood thinners for ages......
after a while i moved to (sunny) south wales, i put it like that, because when you visit its sunny, but when you live here its not. i started off living in a flat, then i split up with my girlfriend, then i moved to a house which was damp with bugs and stuff and a dick of a landlord (Ariff Hermani). after a massive drama with him and those housemates, i moved to the amazing house i live in now with my fiance (she is norwegian hence my norway trips and language stuff). its a beatiful hill top house in a great area, overlooking the whole of the city.
that will do for my days blogii blogs blog bloging blogging... whatever it is..


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