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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh April 22nd 2022

Edinburgh This was originally planned to be my first trip on my own as a treat for my birthday. At that time, I had been with my boyfriend for two months and I was unsure if I should ask him to come with me or if he could come due to work commitments. Luckily he said yes! So I changed the Airbnb I had booked and managed to get one in the city centre. We got the train from London's Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley station. The trip was around 5 hours long and the seats were not very comfortable and there was very limited leg room. I grabbed something to eat and drink while I was waiting for my boyfriend to arrive. We then went to a nearby store and bought some food and drinks ... read more
Steam Power

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland April 21st 2022

The Isle of Skye, named ‘cloud island’ in Old Norse, is the second-largest of Scotland’s islands but undoubtedly the most beautiful. A jumbled mess of mysterious moors, jagged mountain peaks, deep lochs, and towering sea cliffs that has drawn tourists in for centuries. The Old Man of Storr in a magnificent pinnacle of rock that stands proud and tall – visible for miles around. A combination of ancient lava flows and landslides, the Old Man of Storr is part of the Trotternish Ridge, which continues behind it. Local folklore claims that the Old Man of Storr gets its title because the rocky outline and the jutting pinnacle look like the face of an old man. Just on from the Old Man of Storr and still part of the same Trotternish Ridge here, we saw soaring cliffs, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh April 10th 2022

Maggie was actually in Scotland from March 23 - March 27, but we just got the photos so this post is a bit delayed. She loved Edinburgh, and claims Todd and I would as well. She puts it as one of her top 3 ports, including Lisbon, Portugal, and Croatia. She enjoyed walking around the Royal Mile and seeing the cafe where J.K. Rowling began the Harry Potter series. It was closed due to a recent fire inside so she couldn't go in, unfortunately. But she thoroughly enjoyed the city, the hostel and Edinburgh Castle. She also hiked Arthur's seat. But her favorite activity this port was high tea - she said it really made her feel like a princess! She's found a good traveling trio with Lesley, Meghan and herself. She's also commented that this ... read more
Edinburgh Architecture
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Mansion

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh February 11th 2022

I started planning this trip to find Linda and my Scottish ancestors in October 2019, but due to the Covid pandemic the trip had to be postponed from June 2020 to June 2021 to August 2021 to August 2022. Many changes were made to my original planning blog as I found out more about our Scottish ancestors. Consequently, I cancelled that planning blog and am now publishing what I hope is the final version. I've been in search of ancestors for quite some time. In May 1995, before returning to the States after living 18 years in Europe, we visited Norway to find my paternal Carlsen ancestors who came from the island of Notteroy on the Oslo fjord (see ). More recently I've resumed my search. In May 2019, I visited Devon, England to visit the ... read more
Scots in full regalia in Glen Coe
Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness
Firth of Forth Bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland January 23rd 2022

It’s Glasgow day!! Our first proper travel trip out of the city. We had brekkie at home but stopped on the way to the station for some coffee, and met Uncle Robbie at Waverley at 10am. It took about an hour to get to Glasgow, and once we stepped out into the sunshine (or lack thereof, really), the excitement really started to hit because you could tell we were definitely not in Edinburgh anymore. For one, the air smells like marijuana-…not that I know what marijuana smells like…- and the accent is definitely a lot stronger. Our first step was to get coffee somewhere, and Robbie, our fantastic tour guide, found a nice specialty coffee shop for us. And specialty it was. It was the first cafe we’ve found in Scotland that has Bonsoy (the only ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland January 23rd 2022

Despite ending up having a lovely cosy weekend, our Friday morning was full of stress as I tried to navigate the workforce and we all tried to navigate not being homeless. The working and living process are much more intertwined than I thought, so when there’s an issue with one, there’s an issue with both. Which is SO fun. The stress didn’t cease even after we left the house, as our bus had decided it would like to come early, so after hurtling ourselves out the door with mismatching socks and billowing scarfs we made it on the bus and continued filling out paperwork/signing documents/sending emails and fielding phone calls. But soon enough we did manage to get everything done that we possibly could have, and so sat back and watched the world go by as ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Mallaig January 21st 2022

Today was our first boat trip, the 10am Knoydart ferry to Inverie on Loch Nevis. The other passengers were locals who appeared to have come to the mainland to get their food shopping and the crew helped them with their bags. They all seem to know each other. According to the lady that sold us the trip, that although it is on the mainland, it is cut off from everywhere else via road. So I was a bit surprised that they had cars there, although not a lot was tarmacced. A very few houses were dotted on the hillside, with a gift shop, forge, the most remote pub in Britain (it’s in the Guinness book of records) and all were closed as expected. A map showed us the walking routes and those to avoid if you ... read more
Loch Nevis
Camp site at Inverie

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Small Isles January 21st 2022

Ever since I read a book, ‘500 places you must see on the British Coast before your die’, (as if there’s an option afterwards!) I’ve been wanting to visit Muck and Eigg, small Scottish islands off the west coast of Scotland. It wasn’t guaranteed during winter, so we were lucky to get a ferry to Eigg today. Once we were out of the port, Glyn received a text saying that the ferry maybe cancelled due to the weather. This was a concern in case the return ferry got cancelled and we would’ve been marooned. Eigg is about 5.5 miles long and 3 miles wide. With a population of 110, there’s no central hub, just houses scattered randomly over the hills and by the shore. A single lane road traverses from top to bottom with a few ... read more
Rùm as seen from Eigg

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Mallaig January 21st 2022

21st Jan 2022 Mallaig to Eigg to Gretna Today was supposed to be a travelling day as Googley Maps said it was 4 hours and 47 minutes to Gretna. We’re only staying in Gretna to break up the journey home and, with the problems with getting to any of the Small Islands, we decided to fill the day by taking the opportunity to get to Eigg. Muck will just have to wait! We had to be at the ferry port by 09:50 and get everything packed up and in the car beforehand too, so we had an early start. It was a bit misty as we left our super home for the last three nights, so we stopped on the way to Mallaig to take some moody loch shots. They’re quite a niche field of photography ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Mallaig January 20th 2022

I awoke to the sound of sheep baaing and the rain pattering lightly on the roof of our wooden pod. The blue, low light surrounding us was thick with mist and rain, and it was beautiful in a cold, dark way. We drove to Mallaig to find out what’s going on with ferries and boats. Not much hope with the ferries to any islands as even though one was sailing to Eigg, due to the weather, they couldn’t guarantee getting us back today or tomorrow even. I was disappointed because I really want to see the islands but I don’t fancy being marooned on them in the winter and I hadn’t brought my book. There’s no ferries tomorrow as there’s charter boats instead, the day after there might be a ferry to Eigg, no one knows ... read more

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