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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Sutherland » Durness May 5th 2018

Ullapool, daar waar we ons vorig jaar rond deze tijd vol stopten met alles wat er maar te eten viel na 11 dagen gelopen te hebben vanaf Fort William. Een onwaarschijnlijk mooie, pittige en bijzondere trektocht. Na deze 220 km vanaf Fort William waren er nog 140 km over, waarover ik niet kon stoppen te dromen. En dromen zijn er om waar te maken, dus liepen Martine en ik op 25 april weer onze eerste vervolgstappen op de Cape Wrath Trail. Een makkelijk weggetje leidde ons omhoog een vallei ten noordoosten van Ullapool in. We passeerden enkele steengroeves en hadden al snel zicht op Loch Achall. Terug kijkend zagen we de prachtige bergen waar we vorig jaar onze laatste dag in stromende regen hadden gelopen. Nu waren er ook buien op komst. Echter voordat een bui ... read more
Richting Loch An Daimh
Schoolhouse Bothy
Boerderij Glen Oykel

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Sutherland » Durness August 1st 2009

I have developed a fairly fun rule for travel: always accept. Why not? I mean, within reason, but generally speaking, unlike in my home life, here if someone invites me to a pub or for dinner or on some kind of adventure, I say 'sure, why not?' And the result is that I've had wonderful times with all sorts of people that I'd normally have ruled out from the get-go. Take Durness, for example. I went on a tour of a sea cave and on this tour was a girl who seemed particularly eager to befriend me. Turned out that we were camping at the same campground. She invited me to hang out with her after the tour. Sure, why not? Leaving the boat, the somewhat odd man doing the tour, recognizing my new friend from ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Sutherland » Durness August 29th 2007

There is a hill walk just outside of Ullapool, probably only 800 feet or so of elevation gain. However, this "walk" had defeated me twice already. The first time was during my visit in November of '99 - within sight of the summit, I was forced to literally hug the mountain as 100-mph winds threatened to throw me off the side and dash me against the rocks on the way back to town. This was the same day in which a hailstorm left my face scraped and bleeding. Hill 1, Steve 0. The next attempt was in 2001, where we reached the trailhead only to discover the gate locked shut due to the foot and mouth disease outbreak. Hill 2, Steve 0. This time, I was determined for things to be different. I went for my ... read more
Sheep by the Road
The Hubris of the Beach
Lara at the Beach

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