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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Grantown-on-Spey September 2nd 2019

We’re off to Grantown on Spey in Moray with our first stop at Scone Palace (actually pronounce Scoon for reasons unknown) which is the home of the Earl of Mansfield and was the original location of the “stone of destiny”, on which numerous early Scottish Kings were crowned including Robert the Bruce. The Palace and grounds are beautifully maintained and contain many pieces of antique furniture from centuries ago. After a brief stop at Pitlochry to view the Salmon ladders at the power station, we rushed off to catch a sheep dog demonstration late in the afternoon. This was an amazing performance!! The trainer had 6 dogs each with their own set of commands and under full control of their master. Hearing what appeared to be the slightest of sounds, the dogs maneuvered the sheep with ... read more
Walkers Shortbread factory outlet
Elgin Cathedral
The Biblical Garden

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray August 5th 2012

5pm one Weds evening there was a knock on the door. There stood Uncle Kip and Aunty Lau!!! You could have knocked me down with a side of wet salmon (actually you could have done as that's what I'd been making for dinner)! 'Hello, we were just passing, thought we'd pop in!' Not often you hear that from people who live nearly 700miles away! But what a lovely surprise! :-) They stayed for a few days, just hanging out, going to the park (lots of parks in fact!) the beach, and coming strawberry picking, although in J's case 'strawberry eating' would have been a better description of the activity! We really should have weighed him before and after and paid the difference! Uncle Kip was particularly good at finding enormous berries and showing them proudly to ... read more
Strolling along the prom
At the park
Strawberry fields forever

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray July 9th 2012

At the end of June, G cut three teeth in a week and Mummy nearly had a meltdown with the lack of sleep. Like superheroes, Nanny and Grandad answered the call, immediately donned their anoraks (all superheroes wear anoraks in Scotland, apart from in the winter, when they prefer ski jackets) and flew to our aid! Hoorah! It also meant they were here for J's third birthday so they didn't take too much persuading! So yes, the wee man is three. Does that mean he's no longer a toddler? Still my baby though! The weather has been so unpredictable that at the last minute we booked a church hall and moved the party (including the bouncy castle) indoors. And of course that meant we had glorious sunshine outside! The party was, of course, Thomas the Tank ... read more
Gazing adoringly at the amazing Thomas cake
Yes, it's a pink butterfly castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray June 23rd 2012

During June, Mummy, in a reckless moment of self-interest, took a photography course, specifically focussing on taking photos of your children, capturing their childhood, so there were a lot of photos taken of the two wee monkeys over this month or so, a mere handful (ahem) of which are included in this blog post. Jamie graduated from his 2-3 group, and there was a very cute pic on the play leader's phone of him in a mortar board and gown, but I've not been sent it, and he wouldn't recreate it for me so you'll just have to imagine! We all celebrated the Queen's diamond jubilee. J & G had at least three jubilee parties that I can remember, but only one photo was taken. We also celebrated Daddy becoming a year older, but didn't get ... read more
Self portrait
Father's day card
Square eyes

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray May 19th 2012

Yes, that's me, hitting my forties, entering my fifth decade, and pretty happy about it all told. :-) Twenties was all about career. Thirties was all over the place! Had a lot of fun! Lived and worked in India; backpacked solo through Latin America; worked with indigenous kids in Ecuador and tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka; trekked 100miles through the remote Himalayas; met the man of my dreams and married him on an Alaskan glacier; had two wonderful children, one of them in the campervan; now living in a nice house in a lovely place, keeping chickens, growing our own veg, making our own bread. Who'd've thought! Life has slowed down, but I feel very blessed and very content to be right here, right now. Things are starting to get pretty interesting as Daddy's new enterprise ... read more
Our house
View across the town
One of our fave local haunts

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray May 14th 2012

The day after the party all the stragglers took all the leftovers to a nearby forest park for a grand picnic and smokescreen. I think it was meant to be a barbecue, but all that was cooked was leaves as I remember! We played hide and seek in the trees, collected pinecones, played on the swings, ate lots, drank lots and generally had a lot of fun! There were plenty of other people there besides UncleStiff, although it may not appear so from the few pics that were taken!... read more
UncleStiff & Family
UncleStiff, Nanny, Mummy & Grandad
UncleStiff with Mummy...

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin July 4th 2011

Well actually we're in Thomshill, just a few miles from Elgin............ So continuing from the last blog which seemes like a lifetime ago - we've now spent about 9 days in England (Lancashire) and 10 days in Scotland so far. Scotland has had much better weather than England, it has been hot and sunny almost every day. But I digress! I have done a little (!) shopping in England already, well with Debenhams advertising a huge 50% off it would have been criminal not to pop in and see what Wallis and Principals had to offer. And then of course there's M&S and the amazing Per Una collections to browse through........... It's been wonderful just looking at all the vibrant colourful clothing here and the immense choice, such a change from the last few years shopping ... read more
Spey Bay
An amazing collection of great pebbles
Major driftwood

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin March 4th 2009

Here is the link to my pictures from this past weekend...ENJOY! Cheers!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin March 3rd 2009

This past Saturday was a busy one for me, but I'm not complaining! I went with the International Society on a trip up north to visit Huntly Castle, Elgin Cathedral, Spynie Palace and Dallas Dhu Distillery. We left at about 8:30am and headed out. It was super nice because they rent a nice coach bus for our touring adventures. I lucked out and had no one sitting next to me:) Our first stop was Huntly Castle near Elgin, Scotland. The presidents of the International Society basically told us in between all our stops that all we had to do was to be back here in one hour. We got out and were allowed to wonder around all the ruins. I took so many pictures! The weather was absolutely wonderful so it was really a fine day. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin March 27th 2007

Yuletide (b)log! Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Elgin By Simon and HeatherMarch 27th 2007Simon and Heather Fraser Gday folks! Sorry about the randomness of a Christmas blog in March but we’re just getting ourselves organised after our move back down under. After our last blog in NZ we returned home to Scotland for 4 weeks of festive fun with family and friends (longest Christmas ever!) In between bouts of overindulgence we managed to drag ourselves out and about for a few walks and have photographic evidence to prove it! The Frasers braved the wind a... read more
Elgin Cathedral 2
Boxing day
Boxing day 2

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