The Wee Man is Three!

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July 9th 2012
Published: July 24th 2012
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At the end of June, G cut three teeth in a week and Mummy nearly had a meltdown with the lack of sleep.

Like superheroes, Nanny and Grandad answered the call, immediately donned their anoraks (all superheroes wear anoraks in Scotland, apart from in the winter, when they prefer ski jackets) and flew to our aid! Hoorah! It also meant they were here for J's third birthday so they didn't take too much persuading!

So yes, the wee man is three. Does that mean he's no longer a toddler? Still my baby though!

The weather has been so unpredictable that at the last minute we booked a church hall and moved the party (including the bouncy castle) indoors. And of course that meant we had glorious sunshine outside!

The party was, of course, Thomas the Tank Engine-tastic. Apart from the bouncy castle. They don't make Thomas bouncy castles apparently. They should do. Thomas invites, Thomas cake, cupcakes and cakepops (a lot of cake went down), Thomas bubbles, pass the parcel, cups and serviettes. And then at the end of the day, a tired little boy opening up his presents crying hopefully 'more Thomas, more Thomas'!

We took advantage and cooled down at the beach after the party. Thomas stayed in the car. Trains don't like seawater.

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Huff & Puff!Huff & Puff!
Huff & Puff!

But which is which?
Foggy day at the beachFoggy day at the beach
Foggy day at the beach

Despite Mummy's confidence, it didn't burn off!
Clearly thrilled with the resultClearly thrilled with the result
Clearly thrilled with the result

He originally asked for a Thomas the Tank Engine. She couldn't do Thomas, he got a pirate.
One of those black spots is me, another is DaddyOne of those black spots is me, another is Daddy
One of those black spots is me, another is Daddy

Surfing! Woohoo! Thanks UncleRags, and UncleMurz for the birthday vouchers

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