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June 23rd 2012
Published: July 24th 2012
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During June, Mummy, in a reckless moment of self-interest, took a photography course, specifically focussing on taking photos of your children, capturing their childhood, so there were a lot of photos taken of the two wee monkeys over this month or so, a mere handful (ahem) of which are included in this blog post.

Jamie graduated from his 2-3 group, and there was a very cute pic on the play leader's phone of him in a mortar board and gown, but I've not been sent it, and he wouldn't recreate it for me so you'll just have to imagine!

We all celebrated the Queen's diamond jubilee. J & G had at least three jubilee parties that I can remember, but only one photo was taken. We also celebrated Daddy becoming a year older, but didn't get any photos of him, just the cake. Sorry. You'll always be a diamond in our eyes, my love ;-)

Additional photos below
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Self portraitSelf portrait
Self portrait

J has the remote trigger (which I've not seen since)!
Square eyesSquare eyes
Square eyes

Must be a good bit, note her little hand on his knee!
Father's dayFather's day
Father's day

This collage was for 'A day in the life' project. The father in question was sadly absent, but got back in time for bedtime stories.
Beach babeBeach babe
Beach babe

Spot Daddy & J in the background
Picnic in the parkPicnic in the park
Picnic in the park

Two peas in a pod, sometimes!

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