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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dunbartonshire » Loch Lomond April 26th 2010

Can't be positive, but we think we had a bagpiper ghost in our bathroom because we heard bagpipes all night. We asked everyone else but nobody else heard it. At breakfast Colleen made us all try black pudding (blood pudding) and haggis. Haggis is made from sheep organs mixed with onion, oatmeal, suet and salt. Neeps and tatties mixed with stock and simmered in the animals stomach for 3 hours..GROSS!! Today we followed the River Clyde down to Loch Ness where we spotted Nessy! We even got a picture of him. Then we saw more water, water, water, lochs, firths ... it got a little confusing for everyone. We saw our first castle at Uraquat. Beautiful. We just arrived at Charlie Chaplin's summer hotel in Nairn Scotland to spend the night. Very swanky! We just had ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dunbartonshire » Loch Lomond April 21st 2010

we started the our journey on the thursday leaving east kilbride where we travelled to my lodge which is not far from ardlui, thursday we just chilled out n got things organised then friday we set sail on our boat me and my 2 friends mick and dickson out on the boat in loch lomond took a wee pit stop on island i vow n found a old ruined house with some interesting features ... read more
island i vow

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dunbartonshire » Loch Lomond April 14th 2010

Dag 3, amai, we zullen het geweten hemme ... serieus wa kilometers in de bene (alleh, bande) en tegelijk natuurlijk veel afgezien. Onder schitterende zonnestralen! For starters : Loch ness (alleen het Loch, dieje Nessie da s maar bedrog peizen we), Glen Afric; een heeeeeeeeeeeeeel schoon (volgens de greutva toch) reservaat van natuur. Onder de zonnestralen. Schoon kleurkes van grauwe bomen (in alle tonaties), begroeid mos, her en der de gaspeldoorn in den bloei, veel (en koud) water-van-de-highlands, nen hoop gebeeste etc etc. Next; kasteel Urquhart (of zoiet), maar dan wel vanop nen afstand. We waren immers de vallei van Glen Afric in gegaan, die we helemaal terug moesten en ni tegen 120 per uur zene, in die kronkelwegeskes en links rijjen. Nog altijd gin Nessie gezien. Richting Eilan Donan-castle dan maar. Ook een vallei in, ... read more
Photo 11
Photo 13
Photo 33

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dunbartonshire » Loch Lomond December 5th 2009

Saturday 5.12.2009 Day 52 Loch Lomond It was sad to leave Barony Castle our home for the last 3days at a cost of 167 Aus for 3 day. We drove to Glasgow and had a look around and then we drove on to Loch Lomond where we stayed in a hotel right on the loch we had fish and chips for dinner. ... read more

Found this in paper - ideal outing with parents. Coach trip to see the Falkirk Wheel, ride on The Waverley paddle steamer on the Clyde, the Jacobite Lord of the Isles steam engine pulling the train between Fort William - Mallaig and the Sir Walter Scott steam boat on Loch Katrine. Perfect viewing weather. Fawlty Towers base at Arrachar Hotel on Loch Long (sadly in amongst RAF mountain rescue clearing debris from that awful jet tragedy). Food was fine though. DJ on Wednesday night never got past the 1950s. Several ail biting coach rides along loch roads. V interesting and hilarious blue badge guide on coach (convinced she was related to my friend Sandra Johnston). Driver was entertaining too. Met some real characters in coach party. Nice four days on the west coast and only four ... read more
Union canal side of link.
Not at all what we imagined
View from hotel

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dunbartonshire » Loch Lomond March 10th 2009

Castle This past weekend I went with an IFSA-Butler sponsored trip to Loch Lomond. They always do good things, though this was the first trip of the semester, which means TONS of people. It was quite a festive bunch, though slightly exhausting. To deal with the large amount of people Butler hired out an entire hostel, the Loch Lomond Youth Hostel to be specific. The Loch Lomond youth hostel is not your normal backpacking hostel though. It's a castle. An honest to god Castle out in the middle of nowhere. Converted in 1945 using relief funds contributed by American Trade Unions, it has preserved the grand feeling in all of the main rooms, conference rooms, dining rooms etc, while the rooms all became your basic hostel rooms. My favorite part architecturally was the beautiful stained glass ... read more
Me in Cave
Cave 1 exit

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dunbartonshire » Loch Lomond December 27th 2008

Day dawned bright and clear, so we decided to head off to Loch Lomond to be tourists for the day. We headed straight up the lochside to the village of Tarbert, and I had my first chance at taking views of the loch looking downwards. It was freezing. but then I suppose unless it is summer it is always going to be freezing! The area was really peaceful, and hardly another soul to be seen. No doubt all the visitors staying in the area were still celebrating or recovering from the excesses of Christmas. ... read more
Loch Lomond from Lomond Shores

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dunbartonshire » Loch Lomond November 12th 2008

Meaning: There was a great Cèilidh at the university , a good whisky (alias water of life) and a nice loch (alias lake) in Loch Lomond :) Jaja, meine Gälisch Kenntnisse machen große Fortschritte. Es ist ein großer Schritt für mich und ein sehr geringer für die Menschheit ;-) Aaaalso, um mal im Urschleim anzufangen. Ich bin Mitgleid im Partykommittee der international society, die aus drei teams besteht: trip team 1, trip team 2 und social team (in unseren Kreisen einfach nur party team ;-)). So, wir veranstlten sämtliche trips rund um schottland und natürlich, ganz wichtig, alle möglichen Partys. Am Donnerstag beispielsweise, war ein Cèilidh. Total toll! Meine Waden waren zwar am Montag noch ganz verkrampft (ich hatte solche Schmerzen, dass ich geschrien habe, als Alex sie massiert hat), aber es hat sich gelohnt. Ich ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dunbartonshire » Loch Lomond October 12th 2008

just a quick update as im on borrowed energy time on the mac im in scotland now and have been for two weeks. time flies when your pretending to be in your 70's haha im staying with the grandparents which is nice cause i havent seen them in almost twelve years we have a nice little routine i sleep until whenever i want then when i wake up i get tea and cookies only to be followed by more tea and fresher cookies and a hearty dinner of beef or fish and chips with more cookies and tea. that ten pounds i lost is definitely trying to come back but ive been running so all is good my skinny jeans are loose and thats all that matters so far ive been spending a lot of time ... read more

These are pictures of my first holidays. My parents, my grandma and I had gone to Scotland and visited lots of beautiful places...... read more
Driving to Scotland 2
Driving to Scotland 3
Driving to Scotland 4

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