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October 12th 2008
Published: October 12th 2008
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just a quick update as im on borrowed energy time on the mac

im in scotland now and have been for two weeks.
time flies
when your pretending to be in your 70's haha
im staying with the grandparents which is nice cause i havent seen them in almost twelve years
we have a nice little routine
i sleep until whenever i want then when i wake up i get tea and cookies only to be followed by more tea and fresher cookies and a hearty dinner of beef or fish and chips with more cookies and tea.
that ten pounds i lost is definitely trying to come back
but ive been running so all is good
my skinny jeans are loose and thats all that matters
so far ive been spending a lot of time in glasgow central
which i have loving betrothed glasvegas
its great, u can but boots there for like 20pds and i did haha
plus its where all the fabulous ppl hang out but i have to mention one thing...
as much as u all told me that scotland is ahead of the times in fashion
they are not.
in fact they are two years behind in fashions
like leggings and uggs are the cool thing to wear
thanks for making me leave my uggs at home....mother.
and my leggings.....cassandra.
anywho it doesnt matter because im addicted to these cute little leather bomber jackets

im sure u were all interested in that

in glasvegas i rocked out at the art gallery and modern gallery as well where i was approached by yet another older man. whom im sure was married. because thats the cool thing to do here. be married and hit on younger girls.
or rub on there knee on a bus where they have no route to escape
today we went to the baras which is a huge outdoor market where they yell a lot and sell cheap ciggies and books. i enjoy books.

i also spent a day on the west coast along loch lomond and invenary at the oldest jail in scotland which was absolutely scary to no end as u know how i feel when ppl turn down the heat.
ex roomies....

we wondered into the oldest court as well which was typically set up with wax figurines. god, ok heres a note on traveling.
all towns have some form of wax figure in them or another
it could be religiously themed or politically themed, but its there.
really, trust me. ive seen them all
Lourdes being my favorite...read back to the lightening jesus room

annnd i went to law village and saw the old hospital where my mom and dad met and ran away to canada together...immigrants.
and then the old house i could have grown up in
not too shabby

this week is mostly filled with trips to edinburgh and more time in glasgow as im headed in for an apointment with the dean of admissions at glasgow u....
miss u lots
love and kisses


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