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April 14th 2007
Published: April 14th 2007
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Not long since I did my last blog but the last three days on the Causeway scenic road there is heaps to put on this page! All the photos of this are from one stretch of road that only takes one very full day to explore but at least two days are best since there are heaps to do. There are a couple of pages of photos (didn't even put near half up either) just a great place to visit!

First day when I arrived in Portrush and met up with Robin, we straight to the Giant's Causeway which is not to far from the town Portrush where I was staying. First as with everything over here in Ireland there is a story to go with everything so I'll reel it off... A bridge (Giant's Causeway) was built by a giant at lived over here in Ireland to go over to Scotland and defeat the giant over there. Anyway made it over there fine and went looking for the Scottish giant and when he found him he realized that he was huge so run all the way back to Ireland over the bridge he built. Anyway the Scottish giant had heard that he had come over to defeat him so then he went looking for the Irish giant. Went across the bridge looking for him but the Irish giant found out he was coming and quickly made a baby’s cot and put baby clothes on and jumped in. When the Scottish giant found the house that he lived in burst open the door but his wife said that he was hunting but could stay and wait for him to come back. So he waited for awhile then noticed the 'baby' in the corner and took one look at him and said 'if the baby is that big the father must be huge and ran back to Scotland destroying the brige along the way and the rocks are all that is left. Quite a interesting tale to be told that is.

Well about the Causeway the rock formations are quite weird with the six sided rock formations. Seems like they were made that way, perhaps by Giants who knows? But was very interesting nether less. Robin and I did the walk all around the area and had some great views along the way as well.

Next day would be my favorite though as I borrowed a bike from one of Robins mates and rode all along the coast road to Bushmills. The day was magnificent with hardly a cloud in the sky and the scenery was great. First stop was Dunlace Castle that is on the edge of a cliff and some has fallen over during the years, once back in the day they were having a ball there and half collapsed taking half the people with it. It was built in the early 16th century and of course had been repaired any times with the battles that happed there. I found a nice small secret passage actually underneath the castle that went all the way to the ocean. The guy the kicked me out said it was a secret passage to get ppl out if in danger.

Well I kept on peddling till I hit Bushmills, the place where the only Bushmillss made in the world. It also happens to be the oldest whiskey manufacture in the world and was allowed to distil in 1608 by the Queen. So of course I just had to do a tour of the factory, wasn't to exiting since all the workers are on holiday so nothing was operting but the tasting area was operating 😊 They also choose 2 guys and 2 girls to be special tasters and with a group of 20 the competition was fierce. Well for the guys anyway, when asked the girls who would like to do the tasting only 1 put there hand up but when the guys were asked there was a gush of wind from the hands going up so fast! You wouldn't believe it I got to be one off the special tasters so thrilled even though I don’t drink whiskey. Got asked the usual questions, are you old enough? 'yes' are you driving? peddling doesn't count I thought so 'no' and away we went. Had 5 different things to try plus another glass on the side as well. I took photo cause I had know idea what I was drinking but remember the bottom left was the best. Also another bonus was the girl next to me hated hers so got all of then all well! Got quite dizzy by the time I left!

Started to head back home then, stopped along the way on a cliff edge to have a bite to eat and take in the views and made it home after a really good day out. Took about 6 hours all up so was good to do something kinda physical again. When I finally got back Robin had a friend around and they decided to show me some off the country which was very nice considering we had know idea where to go. We would just keep driving until we got to an intersection and someone would have to say either left or right and that is the way we would go. An interesting was to see the country but a very good one since we went to a few places they hadn't been to either.

For the last day Robin took me to the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge which was nice. The bridge itself wasn't to exiting since it has been all done up to make it safe and everything but the sun was out and with little Islands all around made for some even more great viewing. Originally the bridge was built to get to the Island because the salmon always migrated past it and was easy to catch them from there but now
View from Mussenden TempleView from Mussenden TempleView from Mussenden Temple

Looking back at the old house
it is a tourist attraction and that’s it.

The whole Causeway scenic road takes good 2 hour to complete without stopping along the way at least 2 night would be needed to se it all. People mostly do the whole road in a day and miss heaps which is a shame and I was there for two nights and missed a fair bit!. Although I have been so lucky with the weather and even the locals are saying that it is strange at the moment.

Robin invited me to go and meet his family for the weekend in a small town named Ballynahinch and of course I jumped at the opportunity! They live on a dairy farm in a great farmhouse like the two story stone places. The whole family is fantastic and sooo nice and the food!! Oh my I have eaten so much but they always keep bringing it out and I can’t leave food on a plate. I went touring around this morning with Robin's father and was brilliant to spend some time with a guy who has lived in the country all his life and listen to what he has to say about the area. Really enjoying my time here expectally hanging around with Robin for the last few days. He has been fantastic and he is so funny and always looking to pull a gad on someone fun to be around, but heading to Dublin tomorrow to meet my long lost relatives.
Going to stay in the place where Mum's Dad's Mum grew up if that makes sense. Should be able to track things way back because the same family name as been in that town for over 600 years now.

Well better go have rambled on plenty enough this time..

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Near Portrush, went there for a hot choc one night
Causeway scenic rdCauseway scenic rd
Causeway scenic rd

Just some of the views alng the way..
Causeway scenic rdCauseway scenic rd
Causeway scenic rd

Just some of the views alng the way..

13th April 2011
Dunluce Castle

Good photo ;-)

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