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Published: August 10th 2007
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Sligo RiverSligo RiverSligo River

Dont know how I did this photo but you can see the swans neck in the water just as I took the photo if you look close.
Way up north now in Ireland and is fantastic. The scenery is great and of course the people and pus are still the same as before, just brilliant! Left Belfast a couple of days ago after spending 5 nights there properly to long in one place but such a fun city now compared to the recent history of Belfast and the whole Northern Ireland. Everywhere I went there is reminders of the troubles of the past that was only 10 years ago some off it but is real peaceful now. On the Easter Sunday over here they have a parade in Belfast and I thought oh great a Easter parade maybe I could get a egg or two but instead it was a remembrance day for the Easter uprising that happened in Dubin in 1916 and is a big date in the history of the area. There was thousands there with photos of loved ones that have dies for the cause on the Catholic side.

It was quite an adventure getting to Belfast first. The the previous town I was in, Sligo I got picked up 7 times on the way there even though it is only 1 1/2 hour
Easter ParadeEaster ParadeEaster Parade

Remembering people who have lost there lives on the on Easter Sunday. The famous Easter uprising..

Easter Parade
Remembering people who have lost there lives on the on Easter Sunday. The famous Easter! The people just wanted to pick me up and have a chat then go as far as they could take me and drop me off even though once it was only 10K up the road. Used the couchsurfing site in Belfast and once again Ben the guy I have bumped into in three other towns around Ireland where I was staying as well. So we went and did the tourist things around the place, the town hall, botanical gardens went and had a look at where the Titanic was built. Yeah that is Belfasts claim to fame the Titanic was built there but to not much success. We were lucky because they had the world Titanic expo on for a week so there was plenty to check out about it all.

The main things people come to Belfast is to learn about the Catholic-Prodiston history and there is scars all over the city that remind people of it. The murals all over the place are very interesting and we did a black cap taxi tour and they gave us information about
Belfast UniBelfast UniBelfast Uni

Very hard to go to school here!
each one and what it all means which was good. It was so bad at one stage
Belfast Uni
Very hard to go to school here!that they built a wall separating the two sides which is 3.5K long. Both sides have signed a treaty now but I have found out that there is still a deep hate (even though the tour guides say it is all very peaceful) from the locals. A guy who I got a lift with today has lived all through it all and hates with a passion the other side they never talk or anything. It is quite easy to see where the boarders are as well cause the gutters on the side of the roads are painted in there respective colors.

The next town I went to was Derry and that has had all the same happen to that place. This place is know for having the 'Bloody Sunday' and the tour guide was no ashamed in saying that the British police murdered incident civilians that day. That day really got the ball rolling all over Ireland though he said. The tour guide was a local who had been fought all his life in
Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandNorthern Ireland

What to expect when up here in Northern Ireland.
the wars in the area so gave a very good description of what happened. The only problem is that it was only one side of
Northern Ireland
What to expect when up here in Northern Ireland.the story and of course he made the 'Seeds of Derry' as he called them very bad.

Derry the city has a huge brick wall surrounding the entire city centre and is was great to walk around since it is the exact original wall as well. The museum there was brilliant and gave details way back to before settlers were here and explained how they lived up to the present day and all the wars that has happened.

I am now in a small seaside town called Portrush right up north of Ireland and going to stay here for a couple of days. The Giants Causeway is here but I will pit the photos of that place up next time but it was amazing! Actually all the north Ireland is beautiful with all he cliffs along the coast really nice places up here. I have booked a flight to Edinburgh on the 18th of this month about two extra weeks than I would thought I would have stayed here in Ireland but like the place way to much. Anyway that’s all for now..
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Sligo RiverSligo River
Sligo River

A nice little bridge
The gate between each sideThe gate between each side
The gate between each side

Always closed at night. Over the years there have been several gun fights here and people dying.
Derry MurielDerry Muriel
Derry Muriel

Very famous one. Might have seen this on tv of the Bloody Sunday events.
Derry WallDerry Wall
Derry Wall

Goes completly around the city center

If look close can see some of the muriels on the walls.

13th April 2007

sophisticated stallion
hey whats going on christopher.. killing it with the photos mate why have you been at the hardware store all these years? oh by the way correct me if i'm wrong but i think those large paintings are called murals mate not muriels.. think she might have been in a wedding or some shit. well hillwood tomorrow down by the river so the boys should have a good chance. a centre half back would be handy though. couldn't fly you back of a weekend do you reckon slugga? oh well better be off anyway hagrid no doubt you'll get the results off someone in the next couple days anyway. and you better check the u/19's best players in the examiner. B COX 3 VOTES, anyway have a good one. talk to ya later....

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