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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire April 13th 2019

Across the pond, the re-emergence of a Tiger was taking shape on the green carpets of Augusta. In a corner of Worcestershire, another group of Tigers were battling to continue their status in the National League South. The pitch wasn't quite the green carpet on the TV golf and although the wind was equally as troublesome, they were making a decent effort of taking the game to their higher ranked visitors. Gloucester City AFC are in exile. They have been in exile since 2007. The great floods that hit the West Country left their ground under 8 feet of water. In the 12 years since, they have camped up in Nailsea (at the home of Forest Green Rovers), Cirencester, Cheltenham and now find themselves across the border in Worcestershire.The much anticipated homecoming is nearly upon them. ... read more
Coughton Court
Coughton Court

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire » Worcester March 20th 2019

A little adventure to warm the bones after a winter in the UK We fly to Dubai tomorrow to stay on the recently refurbished Queen Elizabeth 2, now a hotel. She was the first ship we ever cruised on and so we have fond memories of her, in 2014 when we visited Dubai she was a rusting hulk nestled between two tankers. Then after 3 days we transfer to Queen Mary 2 for our cruise home via Oman, Jordan, Suez, Cyprus, Italy, Spain & Portugal. Back in time for Easter Eggs... read more
Queen Mary 2

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire » Worcester December 23rd 2018

"As soon as you have made a thought , laugh at it ". Lao Tzu How many times during a year do you make thoughts and either laugh at them or cry at them? . This year quite often I would think. We thought life would be normal for us during 2018. Whatever that was going to be . Holidays. Planned and arranged . Work - well I was going to be still there and then like a bolt out of the blue we found ourselves spending most of the first half of the year caring for Glenns mum. We had to laugh many times during her illness and we cried a lot at times when things got too much. Life rumbled on as did the year. Spring passed us by. Summer flew by in the ... read more
The pink giraffe
The cloisters
Absolutely stunning on one of the walls

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire » Harvington November 4th 2018

Woolly says – Dark grey clouds had settled overhead and having adjusted my burpday rosette I kept all of my paws crossed that the heavens wouldn’t send a deluge to ruin my celebrations. I hobbled towards the car and climbed in, with Jo at the wheel and Zoe on the musical entertainment the roads and streets flashed by until we met the country roads where tractors seemed to impede our progress. My small friend seemed to have injured himself and I wondered why he couldn’t walk properly, unless of course it was a precursor to being carried for the day! Woolly says – A sharp wind ruffled my fur as I jumped out of the vehicle and onto the grassy parking area, I gave a good hard stare at the clouds in the hope ... read more
Priest hole behind the oven
Heading towards the brewery
Not a place to linger

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire » Stourport-on-Severn September 16th 2018

Woolly says – I’d had a busy week or so making plans for Jo’s latest birthday, this had proved trickier than anticipated as Dave, our friend that we are currently staying with….poor bloke has to put up with the women as well!.... would be joining us for the day so I was tasked with finding an outing that would appeal to us all. Having hummed and hared, consulted the weather forecast, I came to the conclusion, that I couldn’t please all the people all the time so knowing that Dave and I had a mutual interest in golf I decided that was the way to go, keeping my paws crossed that the women wouldn’t notice our activity. The big day arrived and having assisted in the opening and consuming of some of the birthday girls presents, ... read more
The river at Stourport
The Flozzie in the flowerbed
One of the many passageways in the museum

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire August 11th 2018

Woolly says – Amazingly the sun continues to shine and having both of the girls on a day off I grabbed the opportunity with both paws and suggested an outing. As we drove along roads that we have travelled so many times in the past I was keeping an eagle on any changes in the landscape and buildings, except for trees having grown taller and bushes denser it was reassuringly the same. As Jo did her usual terrible attempt at parking I took in my view of Bewdley. The town is a small riverside parish in the Wyre Forest District of Worcestershire lying on the River Severn which is known to flood the streets on a regular basis and is famous for the Bewdley Bridge designed by Thomas Telford. With mallards, swans and geese swimming up ... read more
Lovely buildings
Views of the river

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire » Bromsgrove June 20th 2018

Woolly says – It seems like years have passed since we arrived in Dudley although Jo swears it has only been weeks, our backpacks lie stationary, empty and forlorn. Applying for work has become the norm, I have already been shortlisted as chief nut taster for one of the UK's leading suppliers and don't feel that it would be to challenging a role. I had however turned down the position of lion feeder at the zoo as having met with my would be charges it appeared they were more interested in eating me rather than their usual rations...... it was a scary moment and one best forgotten as quickly as possible. Boredom and tedium was setting in and I found large sighs escaping from my trunk at regular intervals. In the hope of stopping the sighs ... read more
Telephone time
The church
How to make a mammoth happy!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire » Malvern January 17th 2018

Only two more sleeps in my own bed at Home End Farm.I can hear the rain beating down outside, but I’m cosy under the duvet, and my wonderful electric blanket allows me to stretch out my toes to the far corners of the mattress. And it’s only 9pm! I’ve left myself a long list of things to do tomorrow, including packing. That’s the hardest thing. It’s so difficult to imagine that on Saturday evening I’ll be in Singapore, and I’ll have peeled off layers of clothing between Great Malvern station and Changi airport via Birmingham and Zurich. And this bed will be a distant memory. Lottie dog is downstairs curled up on her bed in front of the Logburner. Because I felt a bit guilty about leaving her for four weeks I’ve put an extra couple ... read more
New haircut ready for my hols
Lottie has a New Year haircut too

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire » Worcester November 28th 2017

Well after my last blog, we said we were looking for warmer climes The deal was Lin wanted to see the Northere Lights (ticked big time) and we would travel to the Caribbean for Jan/Feb. How disappointed were we, when we got back to our cabin last Tuesday (Phil day) to find the 50 night cruise on Oriana had been cancelled. Essential maintenance - propulsion we think - a bit key if your crossing the Atlantic!!! Our first full winter at home for a number of years Brr!!! Nothing in the diary Until spotted a couple of back to back cruises for July/August So back on board Arcadia to Scandinavia and Russia and then on to France, Spain and Italy. Highlights will be St Petersburg, a return to Helsinki (for me), to Copenhagen (for Lin) and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire » Bewdley September 12th 2017

Well, ... crumpets and scones... I awoke to what I believe is called sunshine...the day looks promising. Had a good simple breakfast of cereal and yogurt at the Swan Inn, just outside Nantwich. The full English breakfast is filling, but can get to be a challenge after a week or two. Then back to the room and sneak the bike out, and move quickly on (not wanting to waste a sunny situation). As the sun was out (still), I wad passing lots of hikers and walkers, out and enjoying the rain's absence. The countryside was a bit flatter today as notice by the occasional hop over the canal bridges and locks. I got onto a bit of an old rail line and then through a private estate (Apley), which went on for miles. As is routine, ... read more

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