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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Sudbury April 25th 2015

It was rather cold and rainy on Saturday, 4 April. We had lunch at Lark Rise. Then, John & Mary took us to Melford Hall. Situated in the heart of Long Melford village, Melford Hall is under the care of the National Trust. The authentic brick mansion has a wealth of history – from medieval monks to the Hyde Parker family that his home still stands. There were lots of cars parked on the grass parking area near the grazing field when we arrived. There were lots of families with children. Like many historic houses with gardens, the Easter trail was taking place for children. We showed our life membership cards to the receptionist. The receptionist gave us the National Trust stickers. We started exploring the house. There were several copies of information leaflets about portraits ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Eye April 5th 2015

Day 7 Oh it was great to sleep in before heading off to church with Christine in a country community church. With the music and song led by the youth, it was a fun service, especially as a giant Easter egg was on offer to the guests who had travelled the furthest. At over 16,000 kms from Sydney, we earned it hands down! People were so welcoming and it was great to meet some of Christine's friends. Then onto a scrumptious lunch at her daughter Jenny's, of slow cooked beef, veges and Rachel's first Yorkshire pudding. Jenny and husband David live in a 400 year old cottage that they have renovated. Its gorgeous with old exposed beams, new kitchen and bathrooms and very flat floors. David is a plumber and they did much of the work ... read more
View from Diss castle ruins
Dave and Jenny's cottage
Afternoon stroll with the cousins and Simba

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich January 19th 2015

Thursday 15/1/15 Excited and apprehensive now, all packed and on our way. Didn't quite manage to get the freezer and fridge emptied but did find a bag of sausage rolls in there that had a best before date in 2006! Forgotten my cap and sunnies but I expect they sell stuff like that in New Zealand. So will we ever actually get to NZ?? It seems Ian is a wanted man in NZ and they can't print a boarding pass for the Dubai to Auckland leg. After waiting at the desk for half an hour or more they decide it will be sorted by the time we get to Dubai so we are allowed to board.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Woodbridge January 11th 2015

The act of writing about myself and my experiences is a very new thing for me so bear with it, I can only get better! (not 100% if bear/bare..?) After months upon months of planning, the day has finally arrived where we pack up and jet off to Bangkok. The packing has gone awfully, as I am so indecisive about the necessary items, the everyday items and the items I want to take but really don't need. The act of packing has yet to be done, but my bed is covered in all the stuff I'm travelling with, having limped round the house all day locating these items. 20kg seemed more than enough for my weight limit, but now I am not so sure looking at the sheer amount of all the gear. The grandparents have ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 25th 2014

Monday August 25,2014 & Tuesday August 26,2014 I awoke to clouds rolling in and rain dancing and pouring down from the sky at Poplar Farm House in the morning. I made sure my room was cleaned up and neat! I had breakfast, helped Sally with a few things around the house. I told Sally and Sheri that I had invited everyone out to lunch that day before Sally and I headed to Heathrow Airport that afternoon. The positive part about lunch was company and the some of the meal but it was great to be with everyone on my last day before going back to the U.S. Jason had to work but had said "goodbye" to him, the day before. I checked everything and we loaded my luggage into the car and said goodbye to Sheri,Fleur,Millie ... read more
20140818_190143 copy.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 24th 2014

Sunday August 24,2014 I awoke on Sunday to a nice but cloudy day in Ipswich today! I helped Sally with things around the house and also asked Sheri if I could help with dinner but she was all set. I cleaned up the B&B folks breakfast and then did some laundry and I also started to clean up my room and pack a little. After lunch, I walked around the gardens and PFH taking pictures. Sally helped me to learn to do a felt project and it came out really nicely! Cool! A blue Felt cover for my cell phone with a drawstring! Then after 3 pm, Sally and I drove to town to pick up the new "WOOFER" named Clara and she was very nice to meet. Clara was going to be at PFH for ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 23rd 2014

Saturday August 23,2014 Awoke a little later today due to two groups of B&B folks having breakfast downstairs. It was fine and I was still a bit tired but good! Came down and had breakfast and then got dressed, helped clean up the kitchen and got myself ready to head out to see some more family. Around 12:30 pm, Sally and I drove off to see Aunt Penny and Uncle Paulie who now live in a nice village called "TATTINGSTONE." We arrived a few minutes early and it only took us about twenty minutes to get there. Penny greeted us and I gee her some yellow roses which she adores! Wonderful to see her,Paulie and their black lab dog:DEFA. Fabulous Bungalow and house which has several bedrooms and a lovely lawn for gardens to come . ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 20th 2014

Wednesday August 20,2014 I awoke early today at PFH, in order to get the 9:09 train from Ipswich to London. Sheri kindly dropped me off at the train station but the train was delayed by 15 minutes, hence getting late into London Liverpool Street Station. Managed to get to Waterloo Street Station early than expected, so I called Philippa and I arrived at Petersfield a half an hour earlier which turned out to be fine. Philippa and I drove to their house: Lower Chapters and I greeted my cousin Hermione and her two children Jake and Amelie. We had a lovely lunch and then afterwards headed to Portsmouth Harbor to do some errands. The kids are in a reading group that they have a list to check off, unique ways and places to read a book. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 19th 2014

Tuesday August 19,2014 Awoke to blue skies and birds chirping outside my window! I helped Sally with getting errands done around PFH today. An old friend from Jersey came down to have lunch with Sally,Eliska.Lee and myself. Alison and I have not seen each other since my british grandmother's funeral, so that was a long time ago. Great to catch up with her news! Afterwards just chilled a bit with writing the blog and trying to finish writing chapter 12 of the fan fiction mystery. I was in charge of making Vegetables and Shrimp Fajitas which were really messy but ended up being a nice meal. Goodnight!... read more
IMG_2603 - Version 2

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 18th 2014

Monday August 18,2014 Hello everybody! Today was a very low-key and relaxing day! Did errands and went into the town of Ipswich again, Laundry,taking walks,library and eating a "TOASTIE " for lunch. TOASTIE in England is similar to grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Dropped a video off at library and checked a few things. Just walked around town , looking into different cool stores for a few hours. I came back to PFH around 5:15 pm and it was still nice weather-wise. I finished with the laundry,played a little tennis with Millie and helped around the house. Around 7:45, came back inside to watch a bit of TV an then it was time time for dinner. Our "woofer" from South Korea made us dinner! She made vegetables,rice and poached egg! It was yummy! Also, we had ... read more

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