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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Worksop November 18th 2019

My mum used to say that all things came in threes. One good thing would surely be followed by another two. The first bad thing would quickly follow with two more. I am sure she was wrong as for us things seem to come in fours and fives. When something goes wrong it does it with a vengeance . Selling our house for example . We have three offers on the table . The first made before we left for Italy. The couple as lovely as they were had not even got their property on the market. They were convinced once they found our bungalow that they would sell theirs straightaway. Nope they did not . They had a flurry of activity and two people were interested but they had not sold their properties so nothing ... read more
portland tiara

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Worksop April 20th 2019

We had a nice lazy start to today and finished off the repacking. First stop was Asda in Worksop to buy some wine for our hosts tonight. We could not resist a visit to the other shops around Asda whilst there. As we had not really eaten anything substantial since yesterday lunchtime, we decided to pop into the pub alongside Asda called Roman´s Rest. They had a great meal deal offer which was more than enough for us two. Next stop onto Theresa´s sister Julie and her husband Mick. We last saw them when they were living in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, so it will be nice to see how they are settling back into the UK. It was a really great catch up finished off with a lovely BBQ cooked by Mick ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Worksop September 24th 2017

National Trust properties are thin on the ground in North Notts. Mr Straws House in Worksop is billed as a time capsule from 1932. There are others that might say not a lot else in town has changed elsewhere in the town since that date. Harsh! The Other Half has never really ventured to this part of the County, except as part of my avoid one of the traffic jams on the A1 or M1 missions. She was obviously excited. I threw in the National Trust property and casually mentioned the 4th oldest football club in the world and we were off. The Robin Hood Line links the big city to Worksop. I have never had any reason to travel on this train line, so this was a good excuse. The princely sum of £8.70 changed ... read more
Old Worksop Council Offices
Worksop Town FC 3 Kirby Muxloe 0
Worksop Priory Gatehouse

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Worksop May 18th 2016

We have been home now nearly a fortnight . Where does time go to? Suzy still needs a well earned wash and spruce up inside and out. Her throws have been given a wash and need to be returned. Her cupboards are bare. She is now waiting for her next trip out. Counting down we have only 15 weeks to our next big trip of the year. Knowing how quickly time flies it will soon be here but first we need to exchange our Tesco Club Card points for Eurotunnel tickets. By now anyone who reads my blogs will know that I waffle on sometimes quoting this saying or that . Today I picked out one that I have chopped about a bit. They say "Journeys bring power................. If you cannot go somewhere move in the ... read more
Welcome to Mr Straws house
The sitting room
The sitting room

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Worksop August 2nd 2011

It's absolutely bleeding, red, flaming hot! I've got a bit of a dab on and I'm grumpy! Not even left the country yet, my attempts at acclimatising slowly throughout the summer dissapeared funnily enough with our summer.... it's been pissing it down for the last month but summer is now back with avengence along with the immenent hosepipe ban, we live on a frigging island for christ sake theres loads of water surely! Anyway, yes, hot weather makes me tired, grumpy and generally pissed off, it makes me frown so much I had my first lot of botox last week in the vain hope it might get rid of my frown, did it f*ck! I must be immune. So here in tropical Worksop I'm getting a taste of what the weather is going to be like ... read more

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