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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Berwick-upon-Tweed September 10th 2019

Yahoo! Last day of the walk complete. About 7,500 steps or about 5.5km from the causeway to the hotel with a few extra steps drying our feet and a little diversion. BUT ... we never got lost!!!!! Total steps today 20,956 after we viewed the Abbey, lighthouse, castle and gardens. A very good day. Up early as we need to cross the ocean floor while the tide had receded. Terri was panicking for the last few days. It was a straight line filled with mud, hard packed sand, seaweed and green algae. It was a extreme change every dozen or so steps. Reaching the shore was a great feeling of success, a crossing of the finish line. We spent the rest of the day wondering through the Abbey, Castle, lawns and the town. We had a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Berwick-upon-Tweed September 9th 2019

38,800 steps, 28.5 km. We woke to a morning of hard rain and our thoughts quickly moved to being drenched for the day, wet and miserable. By the time we finished a bit of breakfast the hard rain had passed and our spirits were relieved and hopeful of a better day. We started off in a steady drizzle which over the next few hours became less and less. Through the morning we took off the extra three layers we started with and by mid day we’re were in short sleeves. Initially the path had some elevation gain and the whole day was filled with up hills only to descend shortly thereafter until we reached the North Sea. Through the day we had narrow paths through fern covered forest floors and through pastures of cows and sheep. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Wooler September 8th 2019

34,680 steps, 25.5 km. Another great day for weather. The signage needs a bit of improvement as we took detours twice so probably added 1.5 km extra. Also soaked the hiking shoes going over a stream. We passed over the English Scottish boarded today. We are now in Wooler England. The hike on Scotland side was hilly in the beginning with several peeks and valleys. There was a lot of sheep resulting in some very fine fields and scenery. The English side seemed a lot more rugged and scenery less kept. We did experience a lot of English bog throughout the higher elevation. Over all it was a grand day for a walk. Tonight we are dining in a fine Italian Resturant, Milan. Cheers ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Hexham September 7th 2019

I know, I know we are not in Hexham. But this place doesn’t have internet connection let alone a place name this blog site is close to Blakehopeburnhaugh and even closer to Cottonshopeburntfoot and I am not joking! I’m writing this today but it will be tomorrow or more likely tomorrow’s tomorrow before you read it as the internet is not existent here. They have electricity but not the internet. And we are here for 2 nights as they send us of for 25 km or so then they drive and get us and bring us back (sounds a bit like a prison breakout). The next day they return us to that pick up point and we walk the final 26 km to Kirk Yetholm. No internet but a welcome cup of tea on arrival ... read more
Up and out of Bellingham.
And for a change not over the hills (well these ones at least).
Got the green light to go.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Hexham September 4th 2019

In Hexham we are not. We’re in Bellingham pronounced as Bellingham. Spelt ham and said jam. And to get to Bellingham. It’s almost 28 km and the first 4 or 5 are on the iconic Hadrian’s Wall path and have us going past the Sycamore Tree. Everyone, including us, takes pictures and adds to to its fame and further reinforces its reputation. It’s surprising for a wall that’s almost 2000 years old and oozes history, for a region that has a plethora of sights and excavations that are really significant that it’s a tree that is primarily famous because it was featured in a Kevin Cosner film of Robin Hood! But it is lovely. It’s beautifully symmetrically situated between 2 steep sided hills and it does look great. The Pennine Way and Hadrian’s Wall Path share ... read more
Looking west to Steel Rigg on Hadrian’s Wall.
Loki g east on Hadrian’s Wall.
Along Hadrian’s Wall to Crag Lough.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Hexham September 3rd 2019

Still near Hexham as we‘ve been still most of the day. This is our rest day so walked up to Vindolanda and around the Roman excavations. Past the pub (we haven’t been able to say that for a while) and up to Vindolanda. There are a couple of novel shots from outside the pub which simply reinforces the positive image of the place I already have. It’s not far to Vindolanda but in the mist, mizzle, wind it’s a boring walk. The excavations and the museum attached to the excavations are pretty good. If you want some museum shots have a look at Julie’s Facebook page as it contains heaps. The only one I took inside is the penis shot! Guides were not available as it’s now the off season which was unfortunate as they have ... read more
They have their own forecasting station.
A well equipment transportation system.
And helpful finger signposts.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Hexham September 2nd 2019

What Twice Brewed is not on the blog site map! Believe me we are at Twice Brewed. Great name and one of my favourite places. Story has it that the Roman Army was camped here and part of their payment was paid in provisions (beer) but the beer was not strong enough and they refused to go on until it was brewed again, that is twice brewed. Today there’s a brew house immediately adjacent to the pub and obviously associated with it that brews brews and a sign here says brews have been brewed at this location since the early 1400’s. Who wouldn’t/couldn’t like the place. Then to top it off it even has one of those weather stones that tells you the weather. I’ll get a shot of it rather than attempt an explanation. We ... read more
Roman Army Museum.
No I’m not asleep. The presentation was good.
It’s OK we are not walking to Rome.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Greenhead September 1st 2019

Yes I referred to Slaggyford as Slaggydale. Sorry. Slaggydale is Slaggydale and not nearly as bad as it sounds. In fact it is quite interesting. From Slaggyford we had the decision of walking up and over the wet fields and boggy moors or along the picturesque South Tyne Trail. Well after 2 seconds thinking time we took the Trail. It’s sort of like walking up Burke Street or Collins Street to Spencer Street. The paths run parallel and of very similar distance and although to some purists it is unthinkable it was an easy decision for us. The path took us to the Lambley Viaduct which was quite a sight and one the Pennine Way would miss. It’s strange but the Pennine Way almost goes out of its way to miss some sights that most would ... read more
On the STT even the grass stays dry(ish).
Looking back towards Alston.
Who doesn’t like sheep?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Haltwhistle August 19th 2019

19 August 2019, Monday A hike along the Hadrian's wall trail, from Steel Rigg to Walltown Quarry - 7 miles 670 feet elevation gain. Let me start by saying that when one walks one has time to think. today I came to the realization that Hadrian started building this wall in AD122 and the Hadrian's Wall country bus number is 'AD122'; Coincidence I think not. Here at the Vallum Lodge breakfast consisted of a choice of several items. I chose salmon and scrambled eggs, served with coffee, yogurt, fruit and different cheeses. Samantha, proprietes and owner, is adept at providing each person with their choice ordered the night before as they came in to the dining room for their breakfast. She has six ensuite rooms each sleeping two people and does all the work herself. Fortified ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Haltwhistle August 18th 2019

18 August 2019, SundayToday I experience the AD122 Hadrian's wall country bus. Visit the newly opened Sill visitors center and gateway to Northumberland National Park. And Vindolanda old Roman fort and archeological site.Having gotten about seven and a half hours sleep, but still suffering a bit of jet lag, I was awake about 4:30 so had about three and a half hours before breakfast. The Burncrest B&B had a wonderful full English breakfast with lime and kiwi yogurt, a banana and then the full breakfast with French press coffee and toast. See photo.Les who is Margaret Ellery's husband was the cook for the breakfast. He spent some time telling me about his experiences as a nuclear chemist for the British government and all of the bomb testing that he was involved with around the world. The ... read more

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