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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Bamburgh September 13th 2020

We didm't have a good sleep after our news of yesterday . Well you wouldn't would you? Your head would go round and round trying to work out what had happened . You would have been annoyed that the people buying your house waited so long to decide to come back for a second viewing . You would be angry with them for saying nothing and letting the solicitors start the process . Our night had been well and truly disturbed by our thoughts. Trying to work out what we did wrong . What was wrong with our home ? It did not matter how many times we talked it through we found it hard to understand . A very large red wine did help slightly . Red wine always makes the world seem better . ... read more
Bamburgh castle keep
The false hammer beamed roof
a very uncomfortable ride

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Alnwick September 10th 2020

So what can I say about Craster ? Well it is not a Mousehole nor is it a Porthleven . It was probably not quite what I expected despite the search on Google Earth and reading up about the place . I had expected a village similar to many I had seen in Cornwall over the years .Small but perfectly formed with shops . Interesting nooks and crannies . Craster did not have any of these features . It is billed as the home of the Lobster and the Crab . It boasts a harbour and a massive car park . It sounded too good to be true. Gabby travelled a good three quarter hour drive from her last nights stop to our destination today . Enough time to bring our lithium battery back up to ... read more
The Craster Crab and Lobster
The short cut to Craster - Gabby would have to breathe in

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Warkworth September 9th 2020

Gabby the motorhome was still parked up at the Old Farmhouse . We had had a relatively peaceful night . We never heard the pub goers coming nor going . We left Gabbys heating on low overnight . The nights are starting to get a nip to them. We woke to a cosy van . We were in no hurry to leave . The pub landlord was in no hurry to move us on . He even mentioned breakfast in the pub but sadly the chef was not available. The rain pitter pattered on the roof . Not that level of thumping you get that sounds like the demented drummer of a heavy metal band . More the sort of rain that makes you drift back into sleep . We ate slowly . The inverter came ... read more
That is where we are going
The Lion tower
The view along the river to the sea

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland August 18th 2020

Dear All Greetings again from London. In this blog entry, I plan to write about my second two full days in the north-east of England whilst based in Newcastle. After my first two days exploring the urban towns and cities of this far corner of England, I planned for my second two days to explore the more rural regions of the area. Firstly a day trip to the absolutely wonderful Holy Island, and secondly a day trip exploring the legendary Hadrian’s Wall. For a number of years I had wanted to visit such places, both to my mind holding a mystical hold on one’s imagination. And indeed as I explored England’s northernmost county, Northumberland, I found such lands really quite magical and mystical, rugged in beauty and welcoming in spirit. The area felt far-flung and remote, ... read more
Sycamore Gap
Lindisfarne Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Chollerford February 7th 2020

Gabby the motorhome is parked up on another car park close to the railway line. The trains are rushing past us and Gabby is rattling like a pea in a pod. We arrived in the dark and did not realise that we were so close to the line. It is a lovely pub warm inside and cosy . The wood burning stove is burning away and we are drinking two very large white wines . We ordered a cheese and pickle sandwich with crisps and coleslaw and added side fat chips. A further two large white wines completed our evening dining. Foolishly we had passed the £10 a night stop at a brewery on the way thinking we would stop for free at a viaduct car park high up in the mountains. Not a good idea. ... read more
Leather sole from a roman shoe
Housesteads fort
The wall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Hexham February 2nd 2020

Where in the world is Gabby the motorhome parked up? On the edge of the Roman Empire . On the furthest outpost that a Roman could find himself sent to. It was cold. It was windy and it was wet . It probably felt that the end of the world to our Roman friend when he stood there. Not hard to imagine what life must have looked like for a Roman on the edge of Britain. A desolate spot. Probably no different now to what it looked like when the Romans were here. A long way away from the sun. Perhaps in summer it may not have been half as bad . Thousands of miles away from olives, hot bathhouses , civilisation togas and wine . Thousands of miles away from his good wine and good ... read more
To the goddess of the water
A gravestone  in the museum
More altars

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Berwick-upon-Tweed September 10th 2019

Yahoo! Last day of the walk complete. About 7,500 steps or about 5.5km from the causeway to the hotel with a few extra steps drying our feet and a little diversion. BUT ... we never got lost!!!!! Total steps today 20,956 after we viewed the Abbey, lighthouse, castle and gardens. A very good day. Up early as we need to cross the ocean floor while the tide had receded. Terri was panicking for the last few days. It was a straight line filled with mud, hard packed sand, seaweed and green algae. It was a extreme change every dozen or so steps. Reaching the shore was a great feeling of success, a crossing of the finish line. We spent the rest of the day wondering through the Abbey, Castle, lawns and the town. We had a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Berwick-upon-Tweed September 9th 2019

38,800 steps, 28.5 km. We woke to a morning of hard rain and our thoughts quickly moved to being drenched for the day, wet and miserable. By the time we finished a bit of breakfast the hard rain had passed and our spirits were relieved and hopeful of a better day. We started off in a steady drizzle which over the next few hours became less and less. Through the morning we took off the extra three layers we started with and by mid day we’re were in short sleeves. Initially the path had some elevation gain and the whole day was filled with up hills only to descend shortly thereafter until we reached the North Sea. Through the day we had narrow paths through fern covered forest floors and through pastures of cows and sheep. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Wooler September 8th 2019

34,680 steps, 25.5 km. Another great day for weather. The signage needs a bit of improvement as we took detours twice so probably added 1.5 km extra. Also soaked the hiking shoes going over a stream. We passed over the English Scottish boarded today. We are now in Wooler England. The hike on Scotland side was hilly in the beginning with several peeks and valleys. There was a lot of sheep resulting in some very fine fields and scenery. The English side seemed a lot more rugged and scenery less kept. We did experience a lot of English bog throughout the higher elevation. Over all it was a grand day for a walk. Tonight we are dining in a fine Italian Resturant, Milan. Cheers ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Hexham September 7th 2019

I know, I know we are not in Hexham. But this place doesn’t have internet connection let alone a place name this blog site is close to Blakehopeburnhaugh and even closer to Cottonshopeburntfoot and I am not joking! I’m writing this today but it will be tomorrow or more likely tomorrow’s tomorrow before you read it as the internet is not existent here. They have electricity but not the internet. And we are here for 2 nights as they send us of for 25 km or so then they drive and get us and bring us back (sounds a bit like a prison breakout). The next day they return us to that pick up point and we walk the final 26 km to Kirk Yetholm. No internet but a welcome cup of tea on arrival ... read more
Up and out of Bellingham.
And for a change not over the hills (well these ones at least).
Got the green light to go.

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