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August 7th 2015
Published: August 7th 2015
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(We can tell I'm getting towards the end of my trip/I'm getting close to London times as I start only doing these every two days.)

Yesterday I took the train from Liverpool to York which isn't all that long. It was oddly busy for the middle of the week... I had a reserved seat though, so it didn't matter for me, but still.

I was so happy to get to York - I've heard a lot of great things, it's nice to finally come. Also nice to get out of Liverpool - I think I'm just holding a grudge from when I lost my phone last time haha, but anyway. I spent a good chunk of the day at the Museum Gardens, roaming around the park, soaking up the sun (YES SUNLIGHT!) and walking along the ruins of St Mary's Abbey. The sunlight was a nice touch, as were the clouds which made for some unique backgrounds in my shots. There were also a lot of geese, oddly enough... and not Canadian Geese... like proper geese. A highlight was watching a goose steal from someone's picnic. Hehe. Oh, and I saw the end of a wedding..? It's the second one I've seen in like a week. (There was one in Laxey too) Aw.

There was also a "bird of prey" show which I decided to stick around for. They had three owls and a falcon and it all went so hilariously wrong it was a thing of beauty. First up was the barn owl (they're so pretty!) who was going about his business without any problems as they talked about their habitat, other info, etc. until the end of his "bit" he was supposed to fly between two volunteers (with meat bait in their gloves, of course)... Well, this barn owl was tired of the show I suppose and just would not go. Another trainer came in ("He knows my whistle better") and still no go. In fact, not only did he not fly where he was supposed to, but he went up into a try instead and stayed there the entire rest of the show... and was still there 30 min later when I left the garden. Oh dear.

Then there was the great horned owl which was the biggest goof to ever goof. He didn't fly... he waddle-ran. I have never seen an owl do that in all my life. Apparently it's common because it conserves energy... but boy did he look funny. So yes, he waddle-ran through the garden without a care in the world. Then it was time for the big finale of him low-flying over a line of 20 kids laying down. He took a page out of the barn owl's book and did not cooperate in the least. I kinda felt bad for the trainers lol - like it's a conservation/rescue group that comes into the city during the summer for awareness and such - so it's a good cause - but their buddies were not feeling it that day.

(They also had what I think was a pigmy owl but he didn't fly for the show. Eeeee, so cute though.)

I also went to the Shambles, which is basically a very old street (the oldest in the city in fact) that has large timbre-framed overhangs. Really sharp - great architecture to look at. It reminds me of something you'd see in Harry Potter.

Another thing I like about York (and a lot of towns in the UK, really) is that even with all the new stores in the city centre, it still feels very old. They don't put in new modern buildings, so the Starbucks is housed in a lovely old building that still has that timbre overhang and you'd walk right past a McD's never the wiser if not for the Golden M flag. I love it.

Today I pretty much spent all my time at the York Minster and the City Walls. The Minster is a grand, grand building... I spent an insane amount of time just walking around the outside looking at different angles, different details and zooming in with my camera to try and see every little last thing. Most of the gargoyles seemed in a pretty good state which surprised me. I quite liked the Constantine the Great statue outside as well - his face and body language screamed "I give zero fucks". I also like that they have a sign that says no busking during school hours... lol. I guess it would be hard to keep the kids' attention if there was a magician outside their window.

Of course you had to pay to visit (sigh)... I went in to the "lobby" I guess you could call it, so I did have a peak inside. Sure, it looked quite nice, but it is my one great pet peeve to force me to pay. Anyway - Chester's cathedral was still fresh in my mind (so lovely) and I have a London Pass so I will go into Westminster next week at some point.

Rest of the day was quite lazy, along the park again, took some time to read. I also walked along the city walls - not a particularly great view, but interesting nonetheless. And now I'm preparing for LONDONNNNNN. Yes, my annual visit is around the corner. Finally.

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