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August 8th 2015
Published: August 8th 2015
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Putting London at the end of my trip was a good idea - end with my honorary home away from home. With the amount of time I've spent here, you'd think I'd have a hostel I'm loyal to but no... this is easily the 10th or 11th hostel I've stayed at. None have been good (and cheap!) enough to solidify the loyalty - let's see how this one does.

Saw a funny thing when I got off the Tube... Holy Trinity Church. Now. First stop was Cork - what was the first church I saw there? Holy Trin. And now that I'm in London, my last real stop? First church I see? Holy Trin again. I love it. (Even if it does remind me that September is fast approaching!)

Anyway! Brought stuff to my hostel and then went to pick up my London Pass. I never bother with these city cards because they very rarely give you your money's worth, but there are quite a few attractions I haven't done in London simply because I'm cheap ($42 to simply enter Westminster Abbey and not even be allowed to take pictures? No thank you.) So I figured if I get the pass and hit up all the places I haven't gone to, it'll be worth it. I'll calculate the savings at the end.

I went to Harrods for a brownie because... well no reason required, is there? I'm not really in London until I pop by Harrods for a goodie. Tried their sea salt caramel brownie which was to die for. I also got rose lemonade because it was the cheapest drink they had lol. It was actually quite nice.

I've decided every day I'm going to do a London fav while I'm here. Harrods was today's. Tomorrow will be my sourdough pizza place. Yum yum!

I settled right back into the London mindframe - i.e. I hate tourists in this city hahaha. If you are lost and need your map, gtfout of my way in the Tube Station. If you have 5 suitcases do not stop at the very bottom/end of the escalator. If you have bags, do not splay them over all the seats in the Tube and then roll your eyes when someone asks you to move them. If your card isn't working aftwr 3 tries, take a hint and seek assistance. Move to the right. STAND ON THE BLOODY RIGHT.

(... I like how all of these are related to the Tube, but for real though, if you need to do something move out of the way or risk being trampled and/or risk the wrath of locals.)

I went to my regular Tesco out in Hammersmith. (Idk why... I started going there ages ago and somehow always end up back at that one.) Much to my surprise they totally re-did it. Ah, change! All the change! That's ok though... it's well set up now and have the most expansive self-checkout i have ever seen. Wonderful.

Back to my hostel to do a proper check-in and shower. I haven't been hot since the day I left Ottawa and I haven't felt humidity in an even longer time. I got hit by both today. Ah, London humidity is not a pleasant experience... especially in the Tube... for you see they do not have AC on the trains. Hello underground ovens 😊

I found myself back along the Southbank after that... again out of habit more than anything else. I didn't bring my camera with me which was kind of oddly liberating and peaceful to look around and be like yeah huh I know this place well 😊

I then ended up at Trafalgar. I knew tomorrow there's a big South Korea event - didn't know tonight was Brazil! The place was packed - I didn't stay long because I had a play to get to. Pity I didn't know ahead of time I would have got my supper there! I was also devastated to see that the great big blue chicken/cock (as it is so affectionately known as...) is gone ahahahahaha. Replaced by a horse skeleton...? Very odd.

So yes, tonight starts my run of theatre shows for the week. First up: "Elephant Man" with Bradley Cooper as the lead. I totally forgot... it's the last performance tonight! I hadn't aimed for it - just the timing of me being in the city. There was quiet the queue hoping for returns... I assume there won't be that many lol.

I had such a laugh when I went to my seat. Idk if it's because it's Bradley Cooper and they've had a lot of... newcomers to the that really, shall we say, and add the fact I'm young and not British... but as I was shown my seat I got a long spiel about photography, about food, about every single theatre custom. *sigh* Yes. Thank you. I can only imagine how many signs and announcements and everything they'll have for Hamlet with Benedict later this week... geez.

I had no idea what the play was about beforehand - I was beyond pleasantly surprised. Bradley was simply amazing in his role. The play is about the Elephant Man (... I suppose that's a given) - his disorder and how being given the opportunity to socialize helps him reach his potential. It was surprisingly funny?? (Until the end.) There were a lot of good one liners, but there was also some good philosophical and social commentary throughout. I really enjoyed it and can see why it was such a big hit not just here in London, but back on Broadway too.

Also, I love that at the very end the three leads did a wave and kiss specifically for the balconies and legit looked emotional which was super sweet. So ends a long run.

So. That's that. Very lovely first day back.


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