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Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York December 13th 2014

Visited the city of York for a day-trip yesterday. The semester is done-and-dusted so this is the first of a handful of trips I plan to take before heading home. York is quite a historic city particularly because of its rich medieval heritage. While the city is quite large part of it is enclosed by a couple-story medieval stone wall. People can take stairs up to the wall at multiple points around the city and walk around while seeing some great views of the city and beyond. Among a few places we caught was Clifford's Tower, a round-shaped stone fortification built atop a large mound. While part of York Castle, the tower was supposedly constructed as long ago as the 1060s by William the Conqueror after his conquest of Britain in 1066. Virtually everything in the ... read more
River Ouse
Clifford's Tower
The Shambles

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York July 17th 2014

I woke up early this morning in time to eat breakfast with my roomies. It was a basic breakfast of toast and cereal. After breakfast, I was able to take a shower and get ready for the day. I was going to check out a free walking tour with White Rose since JY and Philipi recommended it. I ended up going with Francis and Ana, a girl from Italy. It started at 11 and ended around 2. Today was the hottest day of the year in good Ole Great Britain. We walked all over the city and I learned a lot about the York Minster, the castle walls, and a lot of roman things throughout the city. I learned a lot about so many people getting beheaded in York and how it was almost made the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York July 16th 2014

I woke up in time to eat breakfast with my roomie/ new Irish friend Kieran. It was pretty much a continental breakfast of toast and apple juice. After breakfast I packed up my stuff and headed downstairs to check out. Kieran was heading to go explore the city while I was leaving, so he carried my luggage downstairs for me. I gave back my room key to the hostel owner, said goodbye to Kieran, and headed to the train station. I had one connection this time on my way to York. It was about a 3 hour train ride but split into two trains. It is always funny getting on the train because everyone is looking out the window trying to avoid you because they don’t want you to sit with them. I have become an ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York March 30th 2014

Friday For Christmas, Glyn had bought me a weekend away in York as it’s somewhere I’ve been meaning to visit for sometime. We drove up on Friday after I’d finished work and arrived at our Travelodge at around 7.45. The Travelodge was an old converted coach house so had more character than some chains. We drove into the main part of town and went to a Southern Indian restaurant called Viva Goa. The only table left was at the back by the loos, but it had a really good atmosphere and seemed vibrant. The music was very jolly and we trying to work out what it was – it sounded European but apparently was from Goa. The food was totally awesome and the service very friendly, I highly recommend it! Saturday On Saturday morning we started ... read more
The Golden Fleece
Cat Statue at the Golden Fleece
The Shambles

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York March 6th 2014

This morning I pulled my suitcase to the train station and paid £5 (a stiff fee) to store it. Then I walked back to the Minster to spend the morning – except it was almost 11:00! The entry fee was £5.50. A tourled by a volunteer was just about to start. As a retired teacher, the guide was excellent. She was so enamoured with her “job” that she took the training before she retired so she could start without delay after retiring. First we sat in the nave and learned about the Roman HQ and the Norman church, for which the foundations are still under the Minster, although the original warden and stone churches are not... read more
Tree of Jesse window
 Holy Trinity altar
Conference View B&B

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York February 26th 2014

After a delicious breakfast of kippers, tomatoes and mushrooms, I headed off to a free city tour by the Association of Volunteer Guides (in part because of the excellent free Mayor’s Tour in Bath we took in 2008). This tour was excellent also, scheduled for 2 hours and lasting 2 ½ hours! Our guide, who failed to introduce himself, was an actor/producer of historic plays, an engineer, and an amateur historian of the Norman and medieval times. For the first 90 minutes, we walked around a very few blocks, talking about the significant Roman army headquarters in York. Our guide showed us how to tell the differences among the Roman and medieval walls and the Victorian-embellished restoration. Plus we viewed in detail the url= read more
Kings Manor
Entrance to Kings Manor

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York February 20th 2014

From the Ramsgate station I took the 11:05 train to St Pancras station, where I went to the loo and bought a ham sandwich and juice. The walk to King’s Crossstation was not as remembered, because there is a huge construction site where, according to the hoarding, they are building a new plaza and restoring the original façade of the station. I followed the flow of foot traffic and found the departure information boards. In the hope of getting a reasonable seat on this crowded train with the ultimate destination of Glasgow, I walked right to the front car. This didn’t help much and I sat in a seat with no view that was later claimed by a nice young woman with a reservation. I moved over and continued writing travel notes. In url=http:/... read more
Beckett Guest House
York Minister

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York November 24th 2013

Have been a bit quiet over the past few days as we have been busy travelling around England and catching up with family and Friends. Our phones or rather our sim cards have given up the ghost and we are not happy with the Woolworths responses to our requests for help...they keep asking us to call them but when your phone is not working at is very difficult to call them. Harrow.. We had a great time with Aunty Gaynor (my mum's baby sister) at the retirement village, got to see most of my old haunts and to catch up with my cousins and their wives at a lovely little Italian restaurant called Sambuccas. Gaynor spoiled us thoroughly and it was really good to catch up. Got in some shopping in Watford, we went by ... read more
Bath Abbey
The Circus

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York September 21st 2013

Today was another early morning but for a much better reason, a day of shopping in the small town of York, England. This town is still centered around the narrow cobble stone paths and buildings stacked right next to each other. York still had the old town British feeling after all the years it has survived. We started down a road and began to enter all the little shops! Danika and Kristina knew many of the Boutiques that we were entering. It first began as a fun game to guess the prices but soon we became discourage by the high prices. We eventually found many other boutiques that were a lot closer to our price range. The streets were buzzing with people rushing to experience the York Food Festival or entertainers on the street. There was ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York September 18th 2013

After a few days in East Anglia, I took the train back up north. Changing trains in Peterborough I came across a group of men on the platform holding cans of beer and laughing loudly. Their accents were very familiar; I first noticed them when one, a heavyset, red-faced man wearing a beret, said something that phonetically transcribes as /ɑjɑlɹiʔman/ ('aw y'alreet man'). In the English spoken by the rest of the world, this roughly translates to 'you're welcome' or 'no thank you.' And I realized how much I had missed Geordies. On first impression, they looked like they would happily shove you onto the tracks if you crossed them, but they were genuinely friendly and polite, moving to let people go by and holding open a door for a woman with a stroller. Which just ... read more

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