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Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York April 4th 2023

Last night I got the best night of sleep! BUT I woke up with a terrible headache. Fortunately I come prepare so after pills for the headache and a good breakfast, we were off to explore. Just a tidbit for you. To get strips of bacon it’s called streaky bacon. Otherwise your bacon looks more like what we call ham. Also a full English breakfast includes some type of cooked tomatoes or baked beans….right out of the can….no extra seasoning!! York is a historic city founded in 71 AD by the Romans. Because of flooding from it two rivers, the Oure and Foss, the Romans left the city. It was then settled by the Angles in the 5th century. It was conquered by the Vikings in 866 and became the capital of the Viking territory and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York September 19th 2022

MON, 19 SEP 2022 - Day 12: Continue to York - We travel to the medieval market town of Alnwick this morning, where we'll see the impressive castle home to the Duke of Northumberland and the Tenantry Column, upon which the Percy Lion sits and surveys the town. Journey through Northumberland to the cathedral city of York. We'll embark an orientation walk past its cobblestone Shambles and see the inspiring Minster with its 'heart of Yorkshire' before joining our newfound friends for a Farewell Dinner.... read more
On the Drive to York, England
Walking Tour of York, England
Walking Tour of York, England

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York July 4th 2022

Made it to our next to last city in England on 2 July. York has an extensive and varied history. First settled by the Romans who, of course, erected walls and other durable structures, followed by Saxons, Vikings, Normans then evolving into the English we know today. Quite a lot of history, but the Minster (think cathedral) is the most impressive sight. Construction began in 1230 and required a full 250 years for completion. It's the largest we have seen on this trip. The Middle Ages stained glass is breathtaking. There is more in this one cathedral than exists in the entire remainder of England. The reason it exists here is during the English Civil War York was pro-royal, but the commander of the Parliamentary forces who subdued the town was from York, and he precluded ... read more
York Minster from Wall
Roman and Medieval Walls
Saint Mary's Abbey

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York May 28th 2022

Original York - Piprey on wheels York is a walled city to the North of England surrounded by the rivers, Fosse and Ouse. Originally inhabited by the Celts, Vikings and Normans (William the conquerer had raided this city very badly), it attracted even the Arabs for lucrative trade. York Minister is an important cathedral with paid entry. I took advantage of Great British rail sale, booked a return from London to York for 61 GBP which might have costed me around 85 GBP otherwise. It was a long train journey of 3-4 hours. I looked for McDonalds at King's Cross train station. Finding none, I hopped over to the high street for a filling breakfast muffin and a coffee latte :) Comfortably seated, the train raced through Stevenage, Doncaster and Peterborough. I observed that most of ... read more
Victorian street recreated
Recorded exhibition of an office clerk of old and admin assistant of today
Barley House

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York October 14th 2021

A short and only slightly delayed train ride found us in York by lunchtime. The purpose of this visit was to have afternoon tea at Bettys, which is a Yorkshire institution and somewhere I have wanted to visit for years, but haven't got round to it on previous trips to York, and I haven't been to any of the places that have Bettys either. The original Bettys was opened in 1919 in Harrogate and no one knows why it was named Bettys. The story behind this successful small chain is quite interesting. A Swiss orphan, Fritz Bützer, travelled Europe learning his craft and in 1907 arrived in England. He took the wrong train and ended up in Bradford instead of the south coast, his original destination. He found work for a Swiss confectioner and by 1915 ... read more
York Minister

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York August 30th 2019

The day was spent walking around York, the old city. We walked the Roman wall, seen Clifford’s Tower, York Ministry,The Shambles and Jorvik Viking Centre. As well we did a river cruise picturing in our minds the Viking ships coming down the Ouse River. The evening hours spent in interesting conversations and a beautiful dinner with Jacqui and Tony. Another beautiful interesting day. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York July 31st 2019

Leaving Sileby we had a great run up north; luckily there were no traffic problems. Our first stop was North Cowton which is 140 miles from Sileby and where we went to meet up with our cousin Valerie and her husband Keith. The last time Kev and I saw them was when they stayed with us for a few days in Sydney so there was plenty to talk about. Val and Keith were not that long back from a visit to see one of their sons who now lives in Brisbane. Norfth Cowton, where Val and Keith live, is a lovely Yorkshire village which, like Rearsby, is mentioned in the Doomsday Book. It was where, in August 1138, the English armies defeated the Scottish at nearby Cowton Moor so it's definitely somewhere you could spent time ... read more
Michelle, Keith & Charlotte
The girls in the garden

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York June 21st 2019

Back on the coach we bid a fond adieu to Scotland and cross over into England at Northumberland. There was an amazing view of the North Sea as we crossed back into England. The sun was shining and the warmth of the day was upon us. Quite the welcome back. We are heading today to York, our last stop before returning to London. Our first stop the town of Alnwick. It means town on the clear river. We examined the outside of the castle from the 11th century. It is an outstanding example of a Norman castle. It was updated by Queen Victoria and the outside was used in the movie as a back drop in Harry Potter and in the TV show, Downton Abbey. A quick photo stop, and on to the center of town ... read more
Alan snoozing on the bus
Remains of Hadrian's Wall
York Minster

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York October 4th 2018

I have an observation from a comment from yesterday that I thought some more of you might be interested in: “I suspect we will see several Cathedrals in London and I am looking forward to it. So far, they have all been spectacular in their own ways. York Minster is different from any of the others we have seen because of the stone it is built in. I think our bus guide said it was Yorkshire stone but wouldn’t swear to that. At any rate, the color of the stones is a light, creamy color—not stained at all which, to me, makes it look like that huge edifice could almost float up into the air. It really is an amazing building.” Goathland train station, where Harry Potter was filmed, was our first stop today. We rode ... read more
Swalford Sheep
Info on Goathland Station
Goathland Station

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York October 1st 2018

Oh, my, the things that we have SEEN! I’m going to have to be diligent about posting, just to keep up with the flow of photos. Our first night on the road was in York, where we managed to score a garret room (no lift) at a pretty, central hotel, in the midst of York’s Air Balloon Fest (a surprise to us). Unfortunately, the event made the traffic “bedlam” - it took an HOUR to travel 800 feet! I parked on “double yellow lines” overnight, so had to rise before dawn to move the car to a legal spot - but I was going out anyway, to watch the balloon launch. Upon our arrival, we took a twilight stroll into the old city and explored The Shambles (preserved medieval streets). We were astonished at the size ... read more
Garden at the Crown Inn
Pub lunch
Wheatlands Lodge, York

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