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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich January 6th 2018

6th January 2018 Moved to Norwich today. Drove via Wells at the Beach. It's a very cute seaside town. Went for a walk along the marina thing to the beach. Freezing! Nearly died of hypothermia. Walked back quicker than a Londoner lol. 7th January 2018 Went to Eaton Park for breakfast. Very nice walking around. I like the symmetry and clean lines. 20th January 2018 St Peter Mancroft Church Norwich castle - now a museum Norwich cathedral 28th January 2018 Went to Horesey Beach. Saw seals. Very cute. Lovely day. Went to Cromer. Ate fish and chips from place with massive line. Turns out the shop with no line was actually Michelin star restaurant. Wonder if it tastes better? 4th February 2018 Went to Lowestoft. Most easterly point in England. Was not impressive. Went to Gorleston. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich September 15th 2017

After breakfast and packing up we moved on from Cambridge. Grantchester (of the TV show on the ABC) was just a couple of kilometres away, so we stopped in at the village before getting on the highway to go just past Norwich to our destination for the next couple of nights at Crostwick. The village was not the village of the series, but the church was. We wandered around it for a little while. It was quiet and old, and the graveyard seemed to be very haphazard. Leaving Grantchester, we next aimed for Ely. We wanted to see the cathedral there. It is very old- Norman in its earliest parts - and is not such a decorated cathedral as the gothic ones. It has a wooden ceiling- which is beautifully painted- and at the centre an ... read more
The octagon with some of its paintings
Lots of lovely old stained glass windows
The painted wooden ceiling

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich August 2nd 2017

Tomorrow, the lovely Gill and I set off for our adventure - travelling to Bangkok and exploring Cambodia. I still need to pack, as I love a last minute job, but wanted to set up a way to stay in touch with friends and family. If you want to see what we are up to, we will try to blog at least every 2 days. Dawn x... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 14th 2017

Day 3 - Today felt a little bit like being in Nafpaktos and trying to make a connection between a number of unrelated facts. What is the connection between yellow and green canaries , the cook Delia Smith and Edith Cavell? The answer - Norwich . Norwich City Football club is called the Canaries and they play in yellow and Green. Delia is their chairman and Edith Cavell was born here. I came to Norwich in the mid 70's. We had the mad idea of going to watch Liverpool FC playing Norwich. We often went to both home and away matches in the late 1970's. The distance didnt matter . It could be Manchester or Birmingham or equally Norwich. Sadly though we only drove a mini which was notoriously slow and we didnt get to the ... read more
Norwich Castle
Norwich Castle
Romanesque doorway to Norwich castle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 14th 2017

We were in need of lunch - so where to eat ? The cathedral seems the obvious choice. Where was it? It seemed hidden . The castle was the most prominent landmark and there seemed little to see of the medieval cathedral. It was there somewhere. The folks of medieval Norwich would be used to being overlooked by the nobility in the castle and by the clergy in the church. So it has to be here somewhere. How can you hide such a big structure with a spire that points skywards? We wandered the streets looking for the 44 acres that the church sits in. Our first sight of it was its gateway. Well one of the two gates in which you can enter the close. The cathedral precinct or 'Close' is the largest to survive ... read more
The gateway to the cathedral close
Lincoln cathedral
Inside the cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 13th 2017

Where in the world is Suzy today? She is parked up on a racecourse and a dog track . We view the finishing line just outside her windows. We slept well last night and woke to the coo cooing of a pigeon . For a moment it reminded me of the Scops Owl with its radar like pinging call. Had it been a Scops I would be in Greece not waking up instead in West Runton caravan park. We had already made our mind to move. We tried initially to ask nay plead with the wardens to move. There were spaces across the road. Nothing behind us and only motorhomes to our right and left. The tents were being packed up . It is Sunday and the residents are on their way home ready for work ... read more
Just the sort of place we like
The bridge to the house
Inside the hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich May 12th 2016

I started preparation rather late for my holiday to Peru by walking up and down Gas Hill in Norwich three times. Living in East Anglia is hardly the best preparation for a trip involving lots of steep hills! I have wanted to visit Machu Picchu since I studied the civilisations of the Incas and Aztecs for my A-Level History. At that stage it wasn't so popular or well known. My son Martin and I are travelling with Llama Travel and doing two main things: canoeing in the Amazon and walking the Inca Trail to MC.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich December 2nd 2014

Having applied for a credit card nearly three weeks ago and having heard no response, I decided today to ring up and find out what is going on with it. Turns out it was declined because I don't have a job. When I sat in the office with BEN from Norwich Co-Op Bank the entire conversation was centred around the fact I am getting a credit card for the sakes of travelling and that I would not have a job. That's why I wanted a card. He said it wouldn't be an issue. BEN is such a liar. Can't say I am massively upset but I do now feel like the 50 minutes I spent looking at his plasticine, well-coiffured head was wasted.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich December 1st 2014

I have been talking about going travelling for too long. In many ways I have talked about it more than I have thought about it, which is not a measure of how little thinking has happened but how many times the topic has come up with others. That's unsurprising, of course, because it is something big that is happening. Not everyone goes on year-long journeys across continents and to be the one doing it will naturally evoke curiosity or interest from those that aren't. Talking about it has often entailed the same questions of where, when, and how. Again these are unsurprising. From the perspective of the person asking, whether out of courtesy or genuine interest, this is by and large fresh information for the sakes of discussion; from my perspective, however, it is the repetition ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich November 10th 2014

It has been a while. We haven't left yet but the first flights are not too far away now. I had the last day at my job on Friday, meaning it's unlikely I'll be working again until at least 2016. More than a year without work. It hasn't sunk in yet but the novelty of that surely will not wear off. Besides that we are making the last of preparations to leave the house, which will be this Thursday. I have jettisoned a lot of crap from what I possess and the remainder is being kept, with E's stuff, by her family. Come the end of this week I'll be living out of a backpack, crashing on people's sofas, spending my days doing things I want to do as opposed to things I am expected to ... read more

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