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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich April 2nd 2009

March 30th George insists on going as early as humanly possible to catch flights (which, I guess, is why we didn't miss one) so we were first in line at Etihad. Although first class wasn't an option (it doesn't hurt to ask!) we managed to score ourselves some emergency exit row seats! We were right behind the bathroom though, so people kept disturbing us by cutting through and there was a 3 year old next to George. Going to make a mental note about that to try to avoid it in the future. Once we landed in Heathrow and braved the non-EU lineup, we found Claire's smiling face waiting in the arrivals for us. She had headed out at two, and here she was, five hours later, to give us a warm welcome. We met her ... read more
Park in London
Enjoying the sunshine

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich March 18th 2009

After a very pressured day at work trying to get everything sorted out before I left and the usual rushing around to pick up the girls from after school club and tennis it was back home to spend a brief time with them and their big sister Poppy just back from university, before packing and re-packing my stuff for my big trip due south to Argentina and Chile. As I'll be camping and it could be pretty cold I had to stuff my bag full of warm gear as well as lighter stuff (the days are quite mild at this time of year). The lovely fleece sleeping bag liner that my friends lent me didn't fit in :-( After taking Poppy through the complex comings and goings of her sisters who she'll be looking after for ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich February 11th 2009

Well the day is almost here. Sitting here at Kev's parents in Norwich just packing the last few bits n' pieces,, and paying the BT Bills! Going to be getting the train in a couple of hours down to London & spending our last evening in the UK with a glass of wine in hand. First stop is Bangkok, and should arrive there about 9am on Friday (UK time). You've heard us talking about it for so long, we can't quite believe that now the day has come & we're off. Next Blog from the wilds of Bangkok!!!! ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich January 15th 2009

It was just a few hours until Emily and I set off on our four month escapade around a couple of continents and all I was worried about was whether I had packed enough formal shirts for the trip and also how I was going to get my boater hat out to Vietnam without A) looking like an idiot, and, B) it getting destroyed. Crunch time for the packing probably came when David (friend from Exeter) started wading through my neatly organised packing (in colour coordinated plastic bags) and started coming up with helpful comments like, "My God chap, you don't need all those boxers! When I was cycling to Iran I didn't wash for at least 2 weeks." As a result, I promptly unpacked everything, removed 3 formal shirts, the boater, a pair of smart ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich October 2nd 2008

So, my original flight out to Gold Coast, Australia was booked for 24th Novemeber. However, after seing ym brother leave i thought to myself what am i still doing here, why was i not on that flight. Ive just spoken to the companies and i should hopefully be in Surfers Paradise for the 29th October! Visa and innoculations, money etc are all sorted. Just need to get these flights secured and il be saying my goodbyes in 3 weeks! The plan is to head to Surfers Paradise on the Gold coast to meet up and stay with my brother Rob and 2 friends from school. Nick and Nathan. From here we'll just have fun for a couple of months before Elliot comes out to visit then Elliot, Rob and I will head to Sydney to meet ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich September 29th 2008

Welcome to UEA, the University of Excessive Acronyms. (seriously - everything is abbreviated) Just thought I would take you all on a personal tour of where I am living and studying for the next few months! ... read more
view from BIO
concrete spiral staircases
a convenient (non-concrete!) walkway from BIO to SWKP (Psychology)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich September 28th 2008

Wednesday night, UEA's International Students Society (ISS for short) hosted an enormous party at a club called "Indulge" in the heart of Norwich. At first, I was under the impression that this would be a small/maybe medium-sized gathering of study abroad students. No, sir. There were hundreds of students; it was crazy and so fun! We met in The Square on campus (see photo) and took numerous buses together to Norwich. When my friends and I got to The Square, I was like, "Okay...let's find the ISS group." Turns out that everyone in The Square was there for the ISS party. In the midst of the hundreds of people, I lost my orientation-group friends, but it turned out to be really cool because I met some really interesting people from around the world. We also played ... read more
the Union Pub
ISS at Indulge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich September 22nd 2008

What a weekend. I went into the center of Norwich for the first time for grocery purposes. There are a few small stores on and near campus, but Norwich city has basically everything a person could possibly need located in a large but compact shopping center, and it is only about a 20-minute bus ride. I have to say that lugging all those groceries back on the bus and then hauling them to my flat was not a very fun experience. You don't really know how spoiled you are until things aren't done for you anymore. Man. I came back to my flat, sweaty and slightly grumpy with no feeling in my hands due to the blood being cut off by the grocery bags, to find all of my flatmates standing together outside my door. Apparently, ... read more
Sydney and me on the tour
coming into Norwich
Roman Catholic Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 14th 2008

With a week until I leave to catch my flight to Bratislava, I'm now making the final preparations for my journey. I've booked the hotels, got all the rail tickets I need, and now find myself with no (British) money. I have maps of most places, and thankfully half of the hostels/hotels are central in the cities and won't take much finding, but when they do, I'll be ready with a whole folder full of maps! .. ok, so taking a folder might not be the wisest idea in the world, but it keeps things organised! The countdown until my flight begins here... ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 12th 2008

At the interview, they said they should be able to let me know by the end of the week. The next day I had the job! We decided that despite the icky forecast, we should embark on a little jaunt somewhere to take advantage of my soon-to-be-curtailed freedom. The aforementioned employment is with a company of 10 people that imports dairy products from Germany and Poland. I'll be in charge of keeping things moving, or to give me the full title, a Supply Chain Controller. The managers have vast experience in the industry, so it should be a good opportunity to learn heaps. I'm off to Glasgow next to pick up the ropes from the incumbent, and Mon will join me for the weekend, which we plan to spend in Edinburgh. However! I being you back ... read more
Powersuit Mon
Off to the interview
Norwich Cathedral

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