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May 27th 2012
Published: May 28th 2012
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Broke this into two entries – one the main part of the day, and one just the red carpet because it’s long. This is the red carpet one, the other one I’ll post tomorrow I think:

I’ll explain how I got to the BAFTA red carpet in my next entry – I just wanted to type this up while I remembered everything. (BAFTAs by the way are the British TV awards). And warning, there is some fangirling ahead... ahem.

The red carpet is an odd experience – I don't know maybe it’s just me, but constantly screaming people’s first names to get them to come over seems rude..? Like I understand if you don’t yell out, they won’t come, but some people were screaming the same name over and over and over. They heard you – they’re just busy speaking with the media.

Amanda Abbington was the first one I saw – most people weren’t really calling her, but I waved her over 😊. She is honestly the biggest sweetheart ever – I love that she calls everyone sweetie/darling/or some other moniker lol. She went on about the stunning weather too, telling us to enjoy ourselves and the sun.

Andrew Scott was down at the far end doing interviews – you could hear the first real screams from the fans announcing his arrival haha. God he is the most adorable person ever. ADORABLE. I just want to take him home. He was up for Best Supporting Actor (WHICH HE WON!) and so was in high demand with the press. But was fantastic with the fans – like really truly fantastic. Every time he got pulled away, he made sure to come back and pick up where he left off, or to back-track afterwards. And he’d just keep going “sorry, sorry, I’ll be back!” in his cute, timid, unassuming little voice, as he’d lower his head. And he kept giving the peace sign to the fans which was you guessed it, adorable. SO MUCH ADORABLE.

He did make it to our section of course (I’m not kidding... he did every section). Poor guy was sweating bullets – do not envy guys in suits today, it was sweltering. He was really patient with everyone, saying “hi, thanks for coming” and all that jazz with everyone. He joked about the weather too – at least he was a good sport about it haha. People were wishing him good luck and he just kind of went “aw-shucks-head-down-I-won’t-win-mode”. So happy he won.

Mark Gatiss and Steve Moffat were also around, but from what I saw they just did the media stuff and went inside – I didn’t see them do autographs, but I was a little busy trying to follow Andrew’s path lol. I was so busy doing that in fact that I missed Rupert Graves (he kind of hopped over my area – totally bummed – but I got a good photo at least.)

There was then a spell of tons of people I had no sweet clue who they were haha. Everyone was calling them over, so they were famous whoever they were. Most of them were guys in their 50s or women in their 20s... but there were a few younger guys that were quite cute. They seemed good humoured enough too.

There were a bunch of people I recognized, but forget their names – the lady that plays Narcissa Malfoy (she was really nice, taking her time signing), a comedian guy, the father in Downton Abbey (he didn’t do many autographs – he was near the end and just did press really).

Ricky Gervais did the section right beside ours then got called away to the press. He said he’d be right back... but never did lol. Lara Pulver (another Sherlock-er) didn’t really do signatures either. She waved though, said she’d come back... and yeah. Bruno (Dancing with the Stars judge) also didn’t sign many autographs – he was too busy complaining about the heat. I had to try pretty hard not to laugh – like dude, you film in California. This is basically California weather in April. Tsk.

Jeremy Piven was kind of a douche... from what I saw he ignored every single person who called him over. Not even a glance. At least most of the others gave a smile/wave or something if they didn’t come over.

Throughout a bunch of these happenings, Benedict Cumberbatch arrived. Ok, short run-down – he is my honey bunch, ok? It’s decided. Not only is he a fantastically brilliant actor, he is the most down to Earth, witty and intelligent guy. He is my celeb crush x100 haha. He is also becoming a big name now – I mean he’s already super famous in the UK, but between War Horse, Tinker Tailor, the upcoming Star Trek and The Hobbit... you will remember the name Cumberbatch.

Ok, enough of an intro. He’s been in the US for months filming, and this was his first event back home and he was nominated for lead actor... so the media totally hogged him. And I mean hogged him. Sigh. He basically went from the first hub to the end, then came back right near the end to sign a few autographs (not near me, unfortunately). He then had to do the normal press line – every time he looked back towards the fans the place erupted haha. He did smile and wave over at us quite a bit, but the handlers had him along the press-line the entire time.

He was the last celebrity still on the carpet, and at 6:50pm they pulled him inside. I can understand that – I mean obv it was a little disappointing, but I knew it was going to be long-shot to get his autograph. I was happy though – the final big media scrum was right across the carpet from me, so I got lots of photos of him... including his Cumberbum ahaha. I am mature.

When they did drag him inside, he turned to the fans, smiled apologetically, waved and pointed to the door saying “I’m sorry but I have to go inside now - they’re literally dragging me in... I’m sorry!!” He genuinely was sorry – he has a rep for being fantastic with fans.

And as he turned to go you know what a huge part of the fans started to do? THEY BOO’D!! UGH I WAS SO MAD!! I was embarrassed and mad. You don’t BOO him for having to go into the theatre 5min before the awards start. He actually stopped in his tracks, turned back around and scrunched up his nose sighing, “oh come onnnnnn” before continuing on his way. Honestly, I’m still mad typing about it a day later because it’s not like he completely snubbed the fans... whatever. I could write an essay about this but I won’t bore you all with it haha.

Anyway, I left after that, I was too tired. I’m not sure if the actors come back out the same way at the end of the ceremony... but I honestly was too tired and hot to care haha. I would imagine they’d all head straight out to their afterparties anyway. Plus, I was 5 ft away from Benedict Cumberbatch and I spoke with Andrew Scott. Day was complete.

(Although knowing Benedict he probably would stick around for 3 hours afterwards since he’d feel so bad haha.)

I watched the BAFTAs online at the hostel – they’re delayed an hour which is dumb since everything was already tweeted out live... silly BBC. So happy that Andrew won for Supporting Actor... like I said, the most adorable person EVER. All shy and bashful and his accent and just... excuse my gushing haha. Totally bummed Benedict didn’t win for best actor – I didn’t see the other performance so I guess I can’t totally complain, but still.

And that’s that. Tomorrow I’m having a theatre day! National Archives in the morning to watch an archived play I’m interested in, then off to Tower of London, and finally going to see a live play in the evening. Busy busy day!


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