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May 26th 2012
Published: May 26th 2012
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(Sidenote: 116 views in 24 hours for the Cardiff entry where I met Susan Boyle. Uhm. Who are these people and how did they find my blog? It wasn’t even in the title ahaha.)

Very slow paced day today, but that’s ok. London is the time to be busy, Cardiff is not.

I woke up much earlier than I planned... my roomies were... less than quiet. I lazed in bed for a good hour though, I honestly couldn’t be bothered to move haha.

Once I did get up, I packed all my stuff up and headed out to the City Centre again. I walked around Cardiff Castle and Bute Park, or at least around the parts that were free. After than I spent a good hour and a bit just sitting in Alexandria Gardens reading my book and writing stuff out in my travel journal... what a peaceful, lovely day.

I did some shopping after that – got some flats and a couple tops – and headed back to the hostel to pick up my bags to then head back to the train station. I won’t lie... I totally did not want to leave. Wales has honestly been the best place to travel through – easy transit, good mixture of city things to do vs. the great outdoors, amazing landscapes, fantastic people... just everything. But sigh, I must continue.

Next stop, Paddington Station, London... if my train ever shows up lol.

It was only 20min late (the earlier one was 35min late... so... I was lucky I suppose), so good thing I didn’t have to make a connection or anything. Once in London it was an easy Tube ride to my hostel. Sigh, again as it’s England, apparently there are no elevators/lifts so three and a half stories with my backpack... better than the 5 in Manchester.

Since I only got into my hostel around 6:30pm, I didn’t do much the rest of the evening. I went to Kensington Gardens though and just strolled around and people watched. I love how many people come out to the Royal Parks here – the place is just crawling with people, young and old. Biking, playing frizbee/rugby/football, biking, picnics, volleyball nets set up – you name it – they have it going on. I really... admire this? I don’t know if admire is the right word, but I think it’s a fantastic thing that Londoners have embraced their parks and make good use of them.

Back at the hostel, I had an interesting past 20 minutes... apparently one of the guys in my room had some money stolen from him this morning. Now... he came in at 2am after a night of drinking, so I’m not quite sure he still HAD that money with him, ahem, but I digress. Also, the two girls he went drinking with left this morning at 5am, so. Yeah. He went on to warn me (and this other girl) that we should watch all our stuff because he suspects this other girl (who I had just spent about 20min chatting with, lol) because “she was near my pants.” ... ... ... they share a bunkbed, it’s kind of hard NOT to be near your pants, bud.

So yep, for 20min he went on about how he has no proof, but that he knows it’s her... yada yada yada. Can you say awkwarrrrrrrrrrrrrrd. He honestly wouldn’t stop talking... and it’s like, ok, you made your point.

Whatevs. My netbook’s locked up for the night/day and I sleep with my purse beside me. No worries.


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