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May 27th 2012
Published: May 29th 2012
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Ok part two of Sunday!

I had a very early morning... Saturday night I had a sudden change of heart - I decided to try and go to the BAFTAs (British TV awards). Now, I only know one show that's nominated for anything, and only a handful of actors, but I figured when else would I be in London for an award show? Or anywhere for an award show for that matter.

So, I headed down to Southbank Centre for 6h45... yawn. Wristbands for the red carpet were available as of 8am, but I knew there'd be a queue of course. It wasn't that bad though... maybe 30 people in front of me? Kind of a dumb system though because the bands weren't numbered, so like the first 50 people (or idk how many) got pink ones, so in theory they would be the first ones allowed in at 2pm... but the guards weren't overly checking so it was kind of a mad craze at 2pm, but I'll get there.

Anywho. Waiting from 6h45 to 8h wasn't bad - we sort of had entertainment. They were unloading all the trucks right in front of us, so it was fun to see that they literally bring in everything - you name it, they had it. Food, drinks, chairs, tables, uniforms, coats, decorative columns/vases, plants, centrepieces, what looked like barbed wire..? haha.

My fav was watching them unload the chairs and tables though. The chairs were stacked at least 15 high, and they'd just sling them over their backs... I'm sure they were tied together, but it was still an interesting balancing act. The tables they wre just rolling - one half escaped at one point, I had a good chuckle.

They also had bundles of tableclothes... but the girls behind me thought they were blankets. Best conversation ever between the two of them: "Why do they have blankets? In case the celebs want to cuddle?" "No! They must be shock blankets!" (Laughter all around, it's a Sherlock joke.) "... oh wait, they're just tableclothes... that's disappointing." Oh girls. They then proceeded to play the BBT element game; ah, good times. Group in front were fun to listen to as well - they were a bunch of autograph hounds that go around to all the events... they had some fun stories about who is nice with fans, and who isn't.

Once I got my wristband, I headed up to Windsor Castle since I had already bought train tickets for today. It's only about 40min away thankfully, so that's easy enough to do. (Sidenote: the trains FLY through the stations here... like... do not slow down at all if they aren't stopping. You feel your platform shake lol.)

Holy cow the planes fly low here... I guess we're closer to Heathrow than I realized. I got some nice shots of them flying over the old buildings. I didn't pay to go into Windsor Castle (too expensive for what you get; I'm picky.) It's lovely from the outside though, and I looped around so that I could see it from the back, at the "Long Walk" ... what a long walk that is indeed..!!

I also roamed down towards Eton, to see Eton College which is a fancy private school. The entire little town is quite charming, and everything's all decorated for the Jubilee (I'm so glad I'm not here for that haha, it's going to be a zoo!)

I came back to London Southbank for 1:15pm... good thing I did because they ended up letting us in early to the carpet area. (Sidenote: red carpet was actually red, blue and white... sections of the flag lol. Not my fav... but cool concept). I was half against the rails/half not... I like squeezed my way in haha. But it was a long wait, so I just read. Thankfully the lady beside me had an umbrella so I just sat down in her shadow lol. No added sunburn for me, thank you. I had fun chatting with the people around me too - we were like the international Sherlock section haha. Yeah there were a few Brits, but there was a Russian, 3 Italian girls, a group of American girls and myself. Woot Canada.

So that's pretty much that - at 5pm (I think it was? I already forget haha) people started to arrive, and that's where my previous entry takes off.


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