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August 18th 2009
Published: August 18th 2009
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Outside the Royal Albert HallOutside the Royal Albert HallOutside the Royal Albert Hall

On the steps outside the Royal Albert Hall, arguably the most famous music venue in the world (though dont tell the Milanese that)
Woke up to a warm and sunny Monday morning with the sound of seagulls outside my window. The English seagull is much larger than the Australian variety and whilst the noise they make is quite different to the Australian bird, it is no less annoying.

First stop today was Canary Wharf in search of a coffee (as the hotel coffee isnt great) and whilst it is a short boat ride away, I weirdly chose to catch the C10 bus to Canada Water, followed by the tube to Canary Wharf. All up about a half hour journey.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I intend to take the ferry, which I think might only take six minutes.

For those of you who don’t know until the mid 1960's, Canary Wharf was a cargo warehouse at the centre of West India Docks at the heart of Docklands, these days there is an active working population of more than 60 000 people.
Anyway, enough of the documentary stuff, after failing in my attempt to find a decent coffee; I headed over to London Bridge and Borough (prior to my catch up with my brother Paul).

I popped into de gustibus for a café latte and
Pizza ExpressPizza ExpressPizza Express

My four seasons pizza at Pizza Express..yum!
croissant then picked up Paul and we headed over London Bridge and over to South Kensington to pay a visit to the Natural History Museum.

By the way if you are a lover of fresh bread, de gustibus is a great place to visit, though the man serving behind the counter is obviously having a few frustrations at work which would explain his crabbiness!

Sadly on arrival at the museum we were faced with the dreaded London queue that stretched for at least 200m and so we decided to wander around South Kensington, Knightsbridge and surrounds (with a visit to Harrods) followed by pizza for lunch at Pizza Express. (By the way there was some walking in between London Bridge and the museum but felt the details werent important!)

We then wandered back past Buckingham Palace, fighting our way through the mass of tourist humanity, through the lovely Green Park and eventually back to Borough.

I left Paul at his apartment and caught the C10 (again) back to my hotel for a late afternoon siesta and dinner in the hotel bar at night. Which brings us to now - early Tuesday morning. Paul and I will
Inside HarrodsInside HarrodsInside Harrods

Inside one of the many Harrods food halls
be heading off to Camden Town for a visit.

Blogging conditions in the hotel arent perfect, I have to perch the laptop on a window sill to pick up a decent wireless signal, but I shall carry on for you my loyal reader. The sun is now shining directly into my eyes; it’s a signal to end this blog.

Will report back on Camden Town and a review of dinner tonight.

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The bizzare side of HarrodsThe bizzare side of Harrods
The bizzare side of Harrods

Every sphinx inside has owner Mohammed Al Fayed's head on them!
More Harrods FoodMore Harrods Food
More Harrods Food

Luckily I had just eaten pizza otherwise I would have spent up big here! (oh and the fact that I dont have a mini-bar to store anything anyway!)
The Michelin BuildingThe Michelin Building
The Michelin Building

Michelin House, commissioned by the Michelin Tyre Company Ltd as their first permanent British headquarters in 1909, has been a favourite London landmark for many years. It is now home to Bibendum one of London's most famous restaurants

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