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August 19th 2009
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Camden High StreetCamden High StreetCamden High Street

If you want to see the less attractive side of London I recommend you wander down Camden High Street! (with some apologies to some of the locals)
Tuesday was a warm London day and Paul and I visited Camden Town, the spiritual home of Coldplay, the famous Camden Town Markets and sadly the seedier side of London.

Yes the place is eclectic and no doubt you can buy things in the markets here that you probably won’t get anywhere else in London however stepping onto Camden High Street from the tube station was quite an experience.

I sensed a number of suspicious characters hanging around the tube station as we made our way up Camden High Street.

The market stalls on the High Street are dominated by cheap t-shirts and new music but as we made our way up the street it became apparent that although there may be some hidden gems in the stalls, the majority of stuff on sale is basically cheap and nasty crap.

We crossed the high street and wandered into the Stables Market - a colourful and diverse market, situated in the former Horse Hospital. The vibe in here was more pleasant than in the high street and after a few minutes of observing kaftan-wearing locals we headed up towards Primrose Hill. On way I spotted a ten pound note on the street which i quickly snaffled and placed in my wallet. Good karma no doubt.

Nestled between Camden Town and Regents Park, Primrose Hill is a suburban oasis, home to a number of famous types such as Sienna Miller, Jude Law, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, however there was no sign of any of them today. (Not that we were looking).

Many locals (and tourists) pay a visit to the Hill in the hope of celebrity spotting, however at this stage we was more interested in spotting some lunch.

There was a feeling of early afternoon serenity as we headed into The Queens pub on Regents Park Road. I ordered the salmon crème fraiche omelette with salad and Paul had the roast beef sandwich with accompanied with some mouthwatering hand cut chips. (Pictured)

Having slowly devoured our lunch we decided to head home (Paul to Borough and myself to the hotel).

Later in the evening I headed back to Borough. Paul, Mark and myself were joined by and M and P's friends James, Ben, Linds and we slowly made our way to The Founders Arms for a couple of beverages and then dinner at
The Stables MarketThe Stables MarketThe Stables Market

Lots of horse tributes here!
The Black and Blue Steakhouse at Borough Market - the food, drink and company was great.

The day ended very pleasantly after the grit and grime of Camden Town.

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The Horses HeadThe Horses Head
The Horses Head

This is one horse's head you wouldnt want to find in your bed!
Roast beef sandwichRoast beef sandwich
Roast beef sandwich

I was very envious of Paul's roast beef sandwich and especially the great chips!

20th August 2009

Looks Good
Not sure who has the better head :) If you need a hand with your tips you know who to call !
17th December 2011

Camden Market has a complete new look!
I remember Camden market back in the 80's. It was a mecca for anything slightly on the B side of life. Original, vintage, eclectic ... London Camden Market survives due to this reputation but The Camden market is no longer the same. Completely refurbished in a nice way but extremely commercial oriented, it is cleverly designed to host a lot more shops. Vintage clothing is making a come back but so are the mass, chain produced garnments sold from one stall to the next. It is still a must see in London! London vacation rentals

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