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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge December 26th 2016

We slept-in today, really need to catch up on some sleep. The day was primarily devoted to shopping and possibility Westminster Abbey, but the hours are very restrictive, closes at 3:30 and we hadn’t even finished a late lunch by that time. Today is Boxing Day, a holiday throughout the UK and most of the common wealth. Here it is also likely the busiest shopping day of the year. The holiday has little to do with shopping, the tour guide the other day gave us two explanations for the holiday, but no one really seems to know what it is and where it really came from. One version is, that in centuries past, boxing day was the day the churches open the boxes in the church that were set there for donations to the poor. They ... read more
Three Tea Sandwiches

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge June 18th 2016

Food, glorious food What is there more handsome? Gulped, swallowed or chewed, Still worth a King’s Ransom! What is it we dream about? What brings on a sigh? Piled peaches and cream about- Six feet high! Food, Glorious Food, from the musical Oliver, lyrics by Lionel Bart I thought I had seen the most beautiful and perfectly laid out food when I wandered through Borough Market. And then I went to Harrods. You may remember the name from the time of Princess Diana’s death. When she died in 1997, she was dating Dodi Fayed, the son of Mohamed Al-Fayed, who was then the owner of Harrods. Mr. Al-Fayed has since sold the store to the Qatar Investment Authority, but the memorial he put up to his son and Princess Diana is still on display in the ... read more
ceiling in one of the Food Halls -there are four
pastries and meat pies

Easy morning as Steph has gone to Liverpool. After a load of washing we headed on foot down to Knightsbridge. We had seen this suburb from the bus and the fancy car dealers took our eye so we thought there may be different things to see. Without a plan we walked past the Maclaren and Ferrari dealerships to discover Harrords was also there. Now Harrods was not on my radar as I thought it was just a famous department store and a bigger version of Myer or David Jones. Turns out to be a bit more than that, so we spend the next three hours discovering all that it has to offer. If visiting London, this store should be on your list. In my quest to fit in, we had English breakfast tea and scones for ... read more
Tea at Harrods
Ferrari for sale

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge October 15th 2013

Today is one day we do need dry weather as we are making a return to the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and there would be nothing worse than waiting in the rain for an hour or so for the ceremony to start. So as we pull back the curtains it was a relief to see that although the usual heavy cloud was in the sky there was no rain falling. We were up earlier this morning knowing that we will need to be at the Palace early to get a better place for viewing the ceremony than we did 4 years ago, The plan is to be there by 10am for the ceremony which starts at 11.15am with the arrival of the band marching in with the guard changing starting a quarter of ... read more
Here comes the band
Horse Guards trotted by and dissappeared
More marching up and down

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge July 29th 2012

Seeing Madonna in concert for the first and most likely, the only time in my life, in Hyde Park, in Central London was "like a dream" - there was no end and no beginning to her performance... Well, at least I can't remember them. I was starstruck; absolutely in shock that the Queen of Pop was standing no more than 100 feet away from me! The concert was unlike any other I had seen before. Thousands upon thousands of Londoners gathered under a stormy forecast in the midst of Hyde Park to hear their favorite pop singer, actress, and idol belt what exactly it feels like to be a girl in this world. Her performance consisted of a mix of sex, ultra violence, religion, and politics to a bizarre, yet entertaining degree. Monks, suggestive dancers, cloaked ... read more
Our view
Opening Act..
Grade A Badass

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge July 22nd 2011

We crashed rather early last night (around 9pm) and all fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows! Woke up this morning to a pigeon making rather unusual noises outside our window! We started the day off with a full English Breakfast at the hotel we are staying at - Baked beans, bacon, egg, sausage and toast with juice and coffee. Caught the Underground to Hyde Park today and wandered to Harrods (we got there at 9.30 and NO shops were open yet!). After wandering around for a while we headed back for Harrods... It is HUGE!!!!! It is like a million stores in one! But in saying that I did not like it hugely... after eventually finding the 'non-designer' clothes the price of a plain black singlet top was 57.95euro!!!!! The best part ... read more
Photo 9
Photo 2
Photo 3

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge March 4th 2011

Hands up all those who've circumnavigated that London racetrack known as Hyde Park Corner... Come on, you can do better than that – I was hoping for some audience participation! So, once again: Hands up all those who've circumnavigated that London racetrack known as Hyde Park Corner... That’s better – quite a good show of hands this time. Now, hands up those who spotted the large white arch that's planted in the middle of the racetrack (Clue: It has a huge statue of four horses and a chariot on top). And now, how about the big, cream-coloured house with an Acropolis-like portico that stands grandly on the opposite side of the road - just before the chicane that takes you into Park Lane and down the long straight to that other arch, the Marble one, where ... read more
Monument & Apsley House
149 Piccadilly
Wellington monument

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge November 24th 2010

I wrote a thing and it got deleted, but long story short, i'm here, got picked up, went tolondon, then Westcliffe on Sea, then back to London, made a bit of a fool of myself when i couldnt recognize a pound in a handful of canadian change, and then saw touristy things. Tower of london, London Bridge, Tower bridge, Buckingham palace, hyde Park, Harrods (the shop where those guys bought that lion), a posh market thingie where cally got serenaded by a guy with a fiddle. There are castles littered all over the countryside, and i got to see the Sea. Another neat thing is that the light switches are funny here and so are the streets. They're small and so are the houses and cars but it all looks relative, the cars may even look ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge January 2nd 2010

Taking a page from the Amazing Race today we would be racing across the country dragging our suitcases behind us as we switched modes of transport time and time again. To fuel or frenzy we started with yet another marvelous full English breakfast. No need to detail our orders as we pretty much decided on the same stuff every day. While we waited for Cassie to pack-up and perform her morning ablutions, Tyler, Grandma and I walked a short way up our street to take a look at the local parish church. Just as we walked up the custodian showed-up and let us inside. It was a beautifully decorated little church; more ornate than many cathedrals that we'd seen on the Continent. The church janitor noted our interest and started to tell us something that I'm ... read more
An Absolutely Perfect B&B
The Usual for Dougie
I Just Discovered a New Setting on My Camera

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