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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hornchurch September 5th 2010

Off to New York tomorrow on a 10am flight from Gatwick. Arrive in New York at 19:30, or 12:30am Greenwich meantime. Then just an hour through border patrol and an hour to my hotel on Long Island. To add to my suffering, the airline apparently plays endless loops of episodes of Friends while you're crossing the Atlantic. Aaarrrggghhh!! I have a feeling in my stomach which is either ecstatic excitement or soul destroying terror. Can't figure out which. Probably a bit of both. Still, I'm all ready to go, everything's booked, packed etc so there ain't nothin' ta fear. After all, the alternative is to go to work on Monday, walk the same old street to the same old train and get the same old bus to the same old building to do the same old ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hornchurch August 12th 2010

Welcome to the travel blog for my death-defying journey across the globe, seeking archaeological treasures in the manner of Indiana Jones. Hopefully this will include a thick red line travelling across a map of the world from city to city. I'm actually still at home at the moment and won't be leaving until 6 September but I want to get this blog up and running so here we are. On 6 September I fly to New York for a week in the cosmopolitan metropolitan megalopolis. Should be fun!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hornchurch March 10th 2008

We have just under 2 weeks left until we leave England for, as it stands, 9 months of round the world travel! I cannot describe how excited I am, it feels like we have been talking about doing this trip for an age! So far, here is what we have done: Got jobs after leaving uni to save up and worked for 18 months; bought our round the world tickets; bought our bags (am slightly worried 55 litres isn't big enough - eek!); bought some odd bits of clothes and essential travelling items we'll need; and booked our first nights accommodation in San Jose - and that, my friends, is it! Doesn't seem much now it's written down, but seems like its taken a fair while to organise and cost us a few pennies! So for ... read more

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