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September 5th 2010
Published: September 5th 2010
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Off to New York tomorrow on a 10am flight from Gatwick. Arrive in New York at 19:30, or 12:30am Greenwich meantime. Then just an hour through border patrol and an hour to my hotel on Long Island. To add to my suffering, the airline apparently plays endless loops of episodes of Friends while you're crossing the Atlantic. Aaarrrggghhh!!

I have a feeling in my stomach which is either ecstatic excitement or soul destroying terror. Can't figure out which. Probably a bit of both. Still, I'm all ready to go, everything's booked, packed etc so there ain't nothin' ta fear. After all, the alternative is to go to work on Monday, walk the same old street to the same old train and get the same old bus to the same old building to do the same old job with the same old... er, I'll stop there before I upset everyone! 😊

Fear is good, it means something different is going to happen!


5th September 2010

No need to fear, you'll be fine. I'll be the one at work Monday wishing I was going with you too! You know you're doing the right thing and are really gonna have the time of your life! I'm looking forward to the reports from each place, and the updates each day, that make me wish I was there with you. Enjoy your once in a lifetime opportunity huni, you've earned it. Luv ya! xxx
5th September 2010

Re: One Day to the Off
Hiya Wooster - Just checking in to wish you farewell, Bon Voyage and all that! I'll be watching and reading with interest...... Up the.........YANKS!

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