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Patience is a virtue. All good things come to him who waits. These proverbs are coming into my head on a regular basis. I can hear my mum, my dad and my gran saying them over and over again. I have patience but it gets in short supply when the weather is poor and I feel the need to head off for sunnier climes. Suzy still stands forlorn marooned on her island and unable to hit the road. The driver in our house has attacked with matock, pick axe, saws and hammer one of the three tree stumps in the way of her escape route. The weather has been too unkind to continue with the other two . It has been a roller coaster ride of dark and gloomy days, days where it felt as if ... read more
The town cross
The gate house
On the top of one of the buildings

Gday all Well the hotel is still having problems with their internet so this is a day late. Yesterday we picked up Jules' mum Barbara and Aunty Joyce and went for a drive. First stop was Withernsea where one of the attractions is the old pier. The pier started off at 1196 ft but with the rough seas it was a target for disabled boats in 1880 2 vessels hit the pier and and knocked off 200ft of it then after it was rebuilt using timber instead of steel and then storms washed away the repaired bit in 1882 not repaired then but still in use. In 1890 after another ship hit and knocked off half of what was remaining another ship then hit it in 1893 and all that was left was 50 ft after ... read more
Withernsea Pier
Withernsea Pier
Sign on wall

It,s a somewhat dismal day which started with rain and seems to want to continue so. Just right to sit in the local library and do a bit off blogging.Ten days ago i left Edinburgh and shortly after reached The Moorfoot Hills,which were over 400mtr. high but very easy to cycle because the climb was very graduel. The view from there was magnificent . Edinburgh could be clearly seen in the distance on that beautiful day . I continued to Melrose,taking a coffee and scone break in Innerleithen. On the 4th.August my stay in Scotland ended in Berwick upon Tweed where my Koga Bike was treated to a new chain.It has been a lovely time spent with my wife in the Highland where we had a little more than our fair share of rain(Isabel will agree). ... read more

Hello. Well today is finally the day we set off. After a few last minute jobs done, a "few" fairwell drinks and a tear or two (mine not scotts!) we will be setting off in a few hours. I am up at silly o'clock as I cant sleep and just keep looking at the clock. Hopefully I have set this up right so everyone can keep up with us....................prob not tho knowing me?!. Well thats it for now - I'm going to hide more stuff in the van before Scott chucks it out!. Take Care xxx... read more

Well here we are back at my dads house. We are still making final settings to Ducky - well Scott is I am meant to be sorting out paperwork?!. This time in two weeks we will be across the water and on our way. Hopefully all the other blogs after this will get a little more interesting. Just trying to see if it works?!?!.... read more

Sorry i havent updated everyone in a couple of days, but its been a nice slow and quiet week here for jordie and me. We dtarted off on monday going out to a small town called beverely, which is where my mum grew up, or was born, or something like that, so i saw where mum's room was for her first nursing job on Beverely rd, which is more in Hull than beverely, and we saw some really cool churches in beverely, 2 infact, one a Minstistry, the other a Parish, apparently there is a difference or something anyway the minstry or minestry, dont quite know which was really really cool, it is just amazing the artwork and craftmanship involved in a building like this, the stone so old, the stained glass windows so impressive and ... read more
i'm actually in a bnk holding my camera. not the flowers
rain trips are fun, we need cards!
this ben, is not milk!

This report was written by my good freind Mr Blister. I’ll put this one down largely to UKmase, who really wanted to do the walk, to test his stamina over long distance in preparation for his Cleveland Way trip. After lots of PM’s flying here and there, the walk was set for a very windy Saturday 1st March. Night before saw gales and sleeting rain, and so it was some relief that I saw the next morning that the rain had stopped. Sure the wind was still blowing, but the local weatherman assured me it was going to calm down my midday - ha! After an inauspicious start of meeting UKmase at the wrong church in Beverley - I was at one church, he was at another (“There is only one minster in Beverley, right”), we ... read more

My turn to kick off and bring you up to date (Nik). We left for John o Groats on the last entry which took us across the northern coast of Scotland. Highly recommended remote beaches where you can sit and watch the birds ... the feathered type as there are no people. We have become amateur twitches over the weeks and can now confidentally distinguish between big white birds, medium sized brown birds and little black ones. Having reached the furthest point north I can reflect on some observations made. The further north you go the more the english language gets distorted, by the time we got to the highlands Im convinced the local population could not even understand each other, the way they spit and gesticulate , which is not helped by the fact you ... read more
Robin Hood's Bay
The Fens

On way to London Lots of motorway driving Which equals naptime. Quiet evening last night. It was spent as predicted doing some laundry. I chatted with a few of my roomies. There was a woman from LA. She’s a school teacher and this is her second trip to Scotland. Then there was Maria from Australia. Maria as it turns out was on the seven day Full Monty from London last week and is returning on the same bus as me tomorrow morning. What a small world! She really wanted to go on a scary walking tour since someone she was talking to said they went on the walking tour and took this picture and when they went to review the photo there was this red face that appeared that was not there previously. Anyhoo, she wanted ... read more
In the streets of Beverley.
Dinner at the Rose Pub.

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