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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Totnes July 20th 2017

Tag 302 – Alternative Markettown Totnes Am Donnerstag waren wir wieder alleine zuhause, und Richard schickte mir eine lange Liste mit Aufgaben. Ich räumte die Küche auf und machte den Backofen sowie den Kühlschrank sauber. Danach war Gartenarbeit angesagt: Die Rasenkanten per Hand schneiden, im Vorgarten Unkraut jäten sowie die Erde auflockern. May saugte und kümmerte sich dann noch ein bisschen um die Website. Bevor wir aßen, spielte ich noch eine Weile Klavier. Schließlich brachte Richard Emily und die Kindern nach Hause und nahm uns mit nach Paignton, wo wir den Bus nach Totnes nahmen. Gegen drei waren wir da. Totnes war eine etwas alternative Stadt mit einer Menge individueller Läden, und Emily hatte mir davon vorgeschwärmt. Es gab wohl sogar eine eigene Währung, den Totnes Pound, mit dem man in manchen Läden alternativ zum Pound ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Totnes July 12th 2016

We took a day trip to Totnes, a town located at the other end of the River Dart. In actual fact everyone calls it a River, but it is a ria. When we were on the river cruise it went as far as Totnes as it runs out of navigable water. The guide on the river boat showed us a place where there was a break in a stone wall allowing the water to cut a channel. It appears that it is meandering through the wetlands and will eventually join the main waterway again. The fear is when this happens the waterway will silt in more than it already does and eventually the river cruises will cease to run. As it is now they must watch the tides to be sure that there is enough water ... read more
Off Grid Festival - sounds interesting
Enjoy Seeing the Flowers Around the Town
Trimmed Trees for the Bus to Fit??

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Totnes December 15th 2012

So while we were in Totnes planning the first part of our trip, packing up our house and converting our van(see pictures!) I was thinking about films and books that have inspired me to travel. So in no particular order my top films: The Motor Cycle Diaries (South America), Lost in Translation (Tokyo - Japan), Hideous Kinky (Morocco), Before Sunrise (Vienna – Austria) and Stealing Beauty (Tuscany- Italy). And my books are: My Family and Other Animals (Corfu), A Room With a View (Florence – Italy), Eat, Pray, Love (Italy, India & Bali), The Beach (Thailand) and Round Ireland with a Fridge (Ireland). What films and books make you want to visit somewhere else?... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Totnes April 13th 2011

Dartington Hall We walked to Dartington Hall by way of the riverside footpath. The grounds were very interesting with friendly robins and sculptures. We went to have a look at the retail opportunity, but mainly high class stuff with very little local input beyond the obligatory arts. Totnes Went back to Totnes town in the rain to finish off where we got to at closing time the day before. Totnes certainly outstrips Malvern in interest and weirdness, but not in charity shops. Session (English unaccompanied) The Albert was very close to the campsite and we did't even have to cross the river. The pub brews its own beer and had interecting characters. One was a German with a motorbike he worked on his room. He had recently discovered his landlady was a witch. We do live ... read more
Rescued dartmoor pnies
Violet in the rock
Red earth of Devon

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Totnes April 26th 2010

It's two years since I've been to an English Coastal town, so I got pretty excited at going to Totnes. Totnes is cute but much to my disappointment - I found it's not by the sea and it hasn't got a beach and I thought I knew Devon and Cornwall. But it did have endless quaint shops, houses going up hills and around corners, tea houses, cake shops, organic places, pubs and a plant market where I bought a Chinese Bamboo for the performance. And, I really enjoyed just being in an old English seasideish quaint town - though of course let's not forget it - it's not by the sea. And, EDge's first performance in our UK leg of the tour went really well. I was very proud. To see a small clip of Jamila ... read more
typical corners
tea shops galore
i forgot i wanted a camper

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Totnes November 29th 2009

What does one do on a cold and very wet Sunday morning in South Devon? A walk on Dartmoor or along the coastal footpath is out of the question in this weather. In South Devon and not too far from Totnes there is a garden which is spiritually uplifting in any weather. It is a delight to walk through and the scenery changes through out the seasons. This is a garden that is open to the public but is not widely publicised. It is not in my interest to reveal this ''secret'' but if you decide to visit Totnes you should not have too many problems discovery its identity. There is a clue. There is a Henry Moore in the garden. As an added bonus there is a pub very close by where our walk was ... read more
The Secret Garden

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Totnes November 14th 2009

Arrived back in Totnes in the early hours of 14th after setting off from Lima on 12th. Iberian flight from Lima to Madrid has ben marked as below average. No small screen on back of seats in front so stuck with the 2 set films. Food pretty dreadful. Lets hope the BA merger sorts this airline out. Then Madrid to London on Iberian with a delay in departure but no explanation or apology offered. Drinks and food charged at silly prices. After Heathrow it was the Rail Air coach to Reading and then the train to Totnes which collected a few young Friday night revellers along the way. Carriage was like a rowdy youth club at times. Arrived in Totnes just after midnight to be met by Lynne who insisted on snapping me on the platform. ... read more
Totnes Station

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Totnes October 20th 2009

Nearly packed and ready to go. Trying to find space for all the various gadgets such as laptop, leads, camera, ipod and all the bits and pieces that go with them. Never had this problem years ago. Need to find a safe place for the 3 boxes of malaria tablets that cost £100. Have to start taking them tomorrow and then right through until 7 days after my return. The book I ordered from Amazon has arrived and so just started reading ''The Conquest of the Incas''. George has lent me ''The Motorcycle Diaries'' which is all about Che Guevara's trip though South America. He went through Peru and so will be interested to read that chapter. Catching the train from Totnes from Totnes at 11-00 tomorrowand fly out from Heathrow to Lima via Madrid arriving ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Totnes October 13th 2009

Ordered ''The Conquest of the Incas'' by John Hemming on Amazon as I understand it provides an excellent history of the Spanish Conquest of Peru. Must get to grips on the history of Peru so as to really appreciate the country and its people. Just hope the book arrives before I depart. Done a few mundane things such as buying a decent torch, which will probably be needed in the jungle part of the trip, and getting an electrical adaptor.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Totnes October 12th 2009

Just joined up as I am off to Peru on 21 October. Thought this would be a useful tool in not only keeping a log but will enable me to let friends and family know how I am getting on. Really looking forward to the trip and seeing a part of the world I have never been to before... read more

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