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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Tiverton May 24th 2018

4 weeks to take off and I'm not the tiniest bit anxious. Why would I be? I'm 66, in the prime of old age and I have very little idea how this trip is going to pan out. The spare room bed bedecked with 'stuff'. The bike chain oiled. The saddle polished. American visa with my pasty image staring back at me firmly stuck into my passport. What can possibly go wrong? We'll all have a better idea of exactly what can go wrong when I pitch up in Deadhorse in June 25th. Fondest regards and much love, Cyclopath aka Dr Slow.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Tiverton May 13th 2018

Ever since leaving New Zealand almost five and a half years ago we've wanted to go back! Five weeks whetted the taste buds enough to know that returning for a much longer period had to be, and, perhaps later than hoped, here we are starting our journey back to the land of horizontal, life-balanced, rugby-loving, kiwi folk. As ever, a trip like this takes planning... especially when taking a motorhome to cold winter climes and packing up a house for rental in order to help fund the adventure. However, our motorhome - or 'moho' - is currently going through customs checks before being delivered to compliance to be stamped self-contained and gas/electric safe according to Kiwi rules. If all goes to plan and on time, we will be collecting 'Hermie' on Wednesday. So why take your ... read more
Hermie Leaving Southampton
All Packed Up
Max Helping!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Tiverton April 4th 2013

Shaun is in a grump as he's lost his flip flops.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Tiverton March 13th 2012

How lovely is an English spring? UK trip blog #1 3/13/12 We have been in England for one week and have been getting the Hobby motor home (MH) and Honda Motor scooter inspected, licensed, tuned up, shined up and regenerated for the trip ahead. We started Southwest today and have received complementary tickets for a Motor Home /Caravan show in Exeter this weekend and from there will be continuing South to Land’’s End. We are members of the National Trust Society and have started visiting NT sites. Hidcote Manor was our first NT site and we have planned to return there before we leave the UK in May to really enjoy their wondrous gardens. Spring is definitely in the air, but temperatures still are crisp. We’ve spent some time in the Cotswold area, where Guy lived ... read more
Tea House
foggy tree

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Tiverton February 14th 2011

So the long awaited Weekend of SARA (Sensational Amazing Ravishing Awesome) has arrived. This weekend was a perfectly planned secret weekend away for one of the most special ladies I know to celebrate her birthday. It was all about Sara this weekend. We started the weekend with an amazing (if I do say so myself) champagne breakfast at the at my SheBu pad then it was piling in the car & the adventure began. We gave Viktor our destination and then the real fun can begin. First stop, petrol station to pump my tires up. This stop was actually a good hour into the journey but we found one, paid our 20p & the race began!!!! We had only 1 min worth of air to pump 4 tires to 32 psi. It really was a team ... read more
warming up for the tyre pumping race against the clock
Photo 10
Photo 11

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Tiverton February 12th 2011

Also Known As: The Weekend of SARA Our bags were packed, our feet were suitably shoed and our heads were filled with excitement at the thought of another weekend of adventure! Our beautiful friend Sara turned another year older a few short days ago and for this monumentous occassion we decided to pack up Michelle's car and take a wee road trip to a secret location. But more on the location later... First I must tell of the amazing champagne, but not champagne, breakfast that was provided by Michelle. Early Saturday morning Michelle awoke to prepare for us a wonderful cooked breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes accompanied by some strong coffee to wake us all up. There was also the promise of champagne, and to her credit she did produce a bottle of it ... read more
Today's geography lesson is brought to you by Doritos.
Our lunch
Sara's birthday scone

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