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October 16th 2020
Published: October 25th 2020
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100 not out . A century in cricket . The batsman counting up to 100 hoping he will survive the bowling and reach a ton. The bowler hoping to bowl the batsman out before he reaches that milestone . For some wierd reason my brain had calculated that we had reached 100 days since Boris locked down . As I walked this morning I thought about that 100 and it seemed wrong but I was not sure why. I thought cricket . I thought about all those reaching 100 recieving a telegram from the Queen . Does she still use telegrams ? No probably a card handwritten . Happy 100th from Madge . Her hand aching from signing all those cards . Madge as Dame Edna Everidge called her would be sending a lot of cards out these days . A programme the other night told us that in a few years time there will be more of the population of our tiny island over 60 than under 60. Blame the boomers for that . All those babies born after the Second World War and those born in the 50's. So many on the verge of being old compared to the rest of the population . Madge would be busy . Did she get Charles to sign a few of them ? Or even William these days ? 100 was playing on my mind . There was little of interest on the walk . The trees are slowly colouring . A hint of plum . A touch of crimson and too much yellow . The grass is saturated and soggy to walk on . If it hadnt rained last night then it surely will rain some time today . We rarely get a dry day . Perhaps rain is the perfect weather to accompany Covid ? It was not until the afternoon that I realised that we had passed 100 days way back in July. Today was more like 200 and still rising . I suppose thoughts of Dame Edna made me think of summer and gladioli . Mum loved those sword like flowers. Every year she planted the bulbs . Every year they came through the earth and every year she picked the blooms and displayed them in a large vase .

Its Tuesday and walk day. Wednesday and swim day. Work day . Before I know it yet another week has flown by and the weekend is looming large . Another week of more of the same . We are hearing more from Boris . He spouts out figures . He tells us deaths are rising , hospital admissions rising and we all heading for a bleak Christmas . I saw the first Christmas lights . Sparkling in the dark of an early morning on the DIY shop . Not sure what sort of Christmas we will get this year .

Sunday /Monday/ Tuesday - the days rumble on . The mornings look darker than ever . The rain tumbles down . The mood is sombre . We enter Tier 2 . That means we can travel but we cannot socialise . Will it bother us probably not . My Covid kit comes . I put it on the shelf and ponder on what it will tell me . So many false negatives . Some many false positives . I put off doing it . What I dont know wont hurt me and I dont think research into Covid will suffer too much if I dont do the test for Imperial College today . It is too late anyway . Perhaps tomorrow before 8am . Perhaps not .

Wednesday - swim , work another day of packing . Boxes undone and put back together again . We went through this two years ago . Tier 3 being discussed in Manchester . That means a lot more restrictions and Wales threatening a full lockdown again . Life looks on hold .

Thursday and Friday - more of the same . the trees are not colouring up much this year . Was it the changeable Spring that has affected them this year? Or the hot early summer ? We will never know but this year even the trees look affected by Covid . If there is Covid Blue perhaps there is a Covid Autumn too. The leaves with the exceptions of the maples which are glorious in their array of plum, damson, cherry red and crimson are just one shade of yellow . A buttery yellow . Pinpricks of butter amongst the green and brown . A disappointing Autumn colour so far .

My diary page was ripped out and I took time to read the words of Lao Tzu - a favourite amongst the calendar fraternity - I was told today that "we shape clay into a pot bit it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want ". Crimson leaves . long light nights , sunshine , Cadburys Giant Chocolate buttons .

The list is endless


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