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October 26th 2020
Published: November 2nd 2020
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Hello there - it is usually the navigator who writes these blogs . She waffles on about where we have been to, what she thought about it and where we were going to next . What about me ? Have you forgotten me? Gabby . Yes Gabby the motorhome . Last time she let me loose on a blog I was new . I told you all about my weight , my height , my new toys and everything I could think of . Since then well I am probably a bit heavier . Still underweight . The driver and the navigator take me regularly to the weighbridge where I place my front boots on the scales , my middle bit and my back boots . With all my extra nice new fancy toys I am still legal and underweight .

So has the last three years been kind to me? Yes it is that long since I told you about myself . Where I described my goldy colour . I am still goldy and very attractive even if I say it myself . I have all sorts of new extras . Things added to me to make me more like home . But have I used them this year ? No , apart from a trip in the Spring to Hadrians Wall and another few days in Northumberland . No sitting round the table , watching the TV. No we have been stuck at home because of Covid. The driver and the navigator have looked out of the window to make sure I am Ok . They have even come inside and checked the display that shows how well the new lithium battery is performing . Have I told you about all my new toys ? I had one solar panel fitted before they picked me up. I had a tracker fitted . That worked well until it decided I was not on my way home from Croatia but in the sea off the coast of Guinea in Africa . I know I am clever but even I cannot swim . The driver and navigator got me fitted out with an extra solar panel , a MiFi unit so they could talk to the internet when on the move and fitted a nice Avtek TV. Bolted to my wall on a swinging arm system manufactured guess where ...................yes Germany .

They fitted air suspension . Well not them but a company up the road . Now that is good as I dont swing about when lorries or buses overtake me . They say I am more stable on my boots . They like my captains chairs . The navigator swings round on it . They fitted a top of the range sat nag which gets on my nerves as it demands I make U turns when safe to do so. They like my storage spaces . Loads of secret cubby holes and a boot big enough to get lost in . They seem to be happy with the little steps that act as small cupboards and bought me a new mat for the cab area and one for the kitchen . Jen doesnt really like the low fridge . She gets on the floor to look in me and says it is impractical . Still that is only one complaint . Most of the time she likes the toilet and shower and loves the fact that my beds come made up every day. None of that moving bedding around . And the table . The table is practical . All in all I think they prefer me to Suzy the wobble box on wheels . But why are they not using me .

They started to come into me the other week and took out my carpets . For hoovering I thought. Ready for a trip. They removed all the emergency rations from the cupboard and emptied the fridge. All the bedding came out and then they emptied the boot . This was not making much sense . I cannot go away without food or bedding .

Then on the morning of the Friday the driver got in . The navigator was nowhere to be seen. The silly sat nag was given instructions to go to Newark and off we went . Through my parking mirror I could see the lights of Ziggy Stardust following us . So slowly but surely I began to realise where I was being taken . It is service day. Habitation Day and my first Ministry of transport test . My MOT was due . That means they will leave me all on my own all day . Oh well at least they were taking me somewhere . It has been a long time .

We pulled up in the car park of the motorhome dealer an hour later . The sun was up and Ziggy pulled up behind me . Glenn got out . He put his mask on and headed for the reception . Signs everywhere . Wash your hands . Keep your distance . Hands , face and space . The mantra of Boris and his motley crew of experts . Glenn was inside a while . Things had changed . A big perspex screen had been put up on the new desks. The receptionists wore masks . The waiting area was blocked off . The toilets locked . No coffee - the machine switched off. The receptionist walked around me with his clipboard in his hand . Service today . That will be oil and oil filter . MOT - if there is any problem we will ring you and let you know . We should be able to do the habitation check at the same time as the service . What are you doing today? Normally they would go out for the day but not today . They were going home in Ziggy and leaving me . In fact they said they would leave me overnight . How could they? Glenn threw my keys into a plastic tray and off they went .

The garage man put me a nice plastic sheet over my front seat . He drove me down to the garage for my MOT. Guess what I passed without a problem . All my lights were working OK, my brakes were fine , tyres OK but then they would be the driver and navigator had taken me to have them checked a few weeks ago and all was well. Water in my washers and new windscreen wipers fitted a few days ago . Yep I passed with flying colours . The service went well too . No problems . I was prodded and poked . My cab checked for damp . My floors lifted and my gas checked to see that it was working OK . In fact why was I worried ? I was perfect in every way. I had to wait though until Saturday morning for the driver to arrive to pick me up. I can tell you I was not amused .

This Covid - what's a german girl going to think about it all . Definately not happy .


2nd November 2020

Dear Gabby...
you forgot to post a picture, or two, of yourself. Such a beautiful girl needs some recognition!
3rd November 2020

its me Gabby
Hello there - yep I am rather good looking . I will have to get my own travel blog page . Jen never does me justice . She lets me down badly .
2nd November 2020

Interesting to write from the Campervans point of view!! We often wonder whether we were right to sell out Campervan = would it have just been sat in the drive or would we have just gone out local in it? who knows?! Hope your house sale is still progressing? In the absence of going to Spain. we have booked a cottage on the Llyn Peninsula!! We are only allowed to travel in Wales!! Take Care! x
3rd November 2020

Hi I wondered where you were . I know a couple from their travel blog who have hotfooted it to Nerja and now are locked down there . Gabby sits there and it looks as if we might take her out for a quick ride on Friday . My car needs its first service and Glenn will have to follow me in her and bring me home . Thats if its not cancelled between now and then. House exchange should happen on the 13th and move pencilled in for the 20th but of course now Boris has locked us down from Thursday . Following what Wales doing . Will be glad to get there if I am honest . The River Dee has flooded at Bangor on Dee where we are moving to so there is a flood warning on at the moment . It is going down today but very slowly . Sorry to hear that you wont be getting to Spain anytime soon . The world is in a mess . I have to ring the Tunnel in the next few weeks to cancel yet again the Europe trip . Hoped we woudl get there third time lucky but not looking promising . The Lleyn Peninsula is very nice . Used to go to Abersoch for wild weekend parties in a tent when I was younger LOL . Happy memories of the lack of campsites and Sunday pub closing . Keep safe xx

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