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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield July 3rd 2020

Have you noticed how it is that one thing leads to another ? It is Day 102 - days behind but things have overtaken me and writing to my blog/diary have gone by the by. Day 102 was a funny old day. A busy day. A bad news day. A day of Covid Blue thoughts some though were happy thoughts . Who would have thought the day would go the way it did ? Not me . Today started off as just another day. The same as yesterday . No doubt the same as tomorrow . As I lay in bed I was not expecting the day to be any different to any other . We wouldn't be going anywhere . We were still stuck at home . I had a walk planned depending on the ... read more
Seemed like Blue everywhere today
Another shade of Covid Blue ?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield July 1st 2020

Day 101 - Room 101 - as I woke this morning I was facing Day 101. The temperatures had dropped. My walk was shouting to me . 100 walks . 300 miles or maybe more . I really do need that Fitbit . I grabbed that cup of tea , cleaned my teeth and headed out . Up the hill . For some strange reason there was no-one about. Tuesday there should be people walking. It was not raining so where were they? . 101 days not a special number of days . Just one more than yesterday I thought about what to throw into Room 101. Covid 19 for sure . That would be the first thing I would relegate to that room . Step after step I headed down the lane with a plan ... read more
Wingerworth celebrates the Jubilee
the dogs appreciate this gesture
Gone but not forgotten - a business gone bust

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield June 29th 2020

100 days who would have thought it ? Not me for sure . 100 days - almost one third of the year gone . 100 days drifted away in a mist of uncertainty, anxiety and frustration . Wind back to the middle of March and I didnt see it coming . Or perhaps I did but I did not expect my life to be put on hold . Nor did I think I would always use the word normal in inverted commas. What is normal? I dont know any more . I locked my desk , I put my cup in my locker , I said bye to colleagues and with a cheery "Have a good weekend - see you next week " I left the building . I have not been back . I was ... read more
Sweet Peas climbing the wall - a bit like me
When will I go swimming again
The 100 took a bit of finding

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield June 28th 2020

Day 99 - a turning point . Tomorrow is a big day . The start of Week 15 and the last few days of June . Sunday morning . Another breakfast . Another walk and another view out of the same old window . Sunday is always a good walking day . I set off out . The rain had been falling lightly overnight . This morning it had stopped but the wind had picked up. The leaves on the trees were blowing . Not gently as you would expect in June. The sky was cloudy with the hint of more rain to come . As I walked down the hill and around the Lido I realised that there was no-one out . Was it because it was Sunday? Was it the inclement weather ? Where ... read more
The flag fluttering in the breeze
The odd grave marker
Cob nut and ladybird

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield June 27th 2020

"It all depends on you . You can go on sleeping forever or you can wake up right this moment ". - Osho I suppose every morning you have that choice . Look out of the window - check the weather out - check the view out . At that point depending how you feel you make your mind up. Stay in bed a bit longer and hope for better weather - a better view or get up and face the day . Todays view out of the bedroom window was the same old view . The same view I have woken up to for the last 98 days . 98 days of self isolating , keeping in , keeping safe . The same old view I have had for 6 and a half years . ... read more
When will this all end ?
Whats watching me ?  Some poor child will be upset at losing a much loved friend

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield June 25th 2020

Day 95 and I have covered more than 282 miles under lockdown . I am amazed at how many miles I have walked and got nowhere . Start off from home and end up at home. As I walked I wondered how many miles it was around the Earth (At home checked t'interweb the oracle and it told me 24, 901 - so only another 24,619 more miles to walk and I can say I have circumnavigated the globe by foot ). Not far then. I wondered how far I had reached by now . To what distant place had my feet taken me if I had not just kept returning home. From home to the tunnel, across the La Manche and then on the way through France . I have not got far through France ... read more
There are planes in the sky

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield June 24th 2020

Dear Covid 19 daily diary. I did not write in you yesterday . I don't know why. Perhaps it was because my walk was.............well the same old walk . Or perhaps it was because it was so hot . I sat out in the sun with a glass of Aperol Spritz without the Prosecco . Reminder to self - shopping need to buy wine . I closed my eyes as i drank it and thought of the Italian Lakes and less than fizzy Aperol in my glass . Not quite the same experience . It was a lovely day and the sun rose early . It was too hot to stay in bed . Too hot to walk but walk I did . I saw no-one for a while . Perhaps they felt like me . ... read more
This way to Stubbin Pond
Although a footpath not sure the farmer wanted me walking down this way

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield June 22nd 2020

As I walked my mind was all over the place . Bored with the walking . Frustrated to be stuck at home . Fed up with the walks . I need something challenging. Something different . Something interesting and something entertaining. Week 14 - still stuck at home with nowhere to go and a cracked windscreen on Gabby . It will be fixed today or so we hope. I wondered if walks were like books . A new book that you have never read . You can never guess from the cover or from the short synopsis on the back page whether or not you will enjoy the book. You don't know if you will even finish it. When you get a few pages in you usually have made your mind up about it . It ... read more
Over the stone wall
We all need a bit of luck in our lives

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield June 21st 2020

Day 92 - Sunday . Overnight an a knife attack has occured in Reading . Three dead . A Lybyan national has been arrested . It sounds like a terrorist attack and mental health issues have been bandied about . The knifeman has recently been released from prison following a minor offence . Only just released it sounds as if he went amok in the park last night . Can the world get any worse ? The rain fell relentlessly overnight . It did save us from watering the vegetable plot . It took care of itself . The water butt had filled by this morning . The sun had broken through by 8 am . It was time to venture forth and see what Sunday was going to bring to me . Fathers Day . ... read more
Mock Orange
Another view of a delicate flower
Perhaps if you stretch your imagination these could be a henge where you can watch the sun rise

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield June 20th 2020

Covid 19 diary - Saturday - another week has gone by. Rain most days but sunny this morning for a while . Will today be much different to yesterday? I guess it will . Saturday used to be shopping day . Long since moved to Wednesday it has now become cleaning day. The sun was streaming through the window. The windscreen man could have come today but I guess he has Saturday off. Let's hope the clear weather holds until Tuesday for him to sort Gabby out. As I lay there in bed waiting to force myself out for my walk I found myself tangling with the idea of "if" and "what if?" If you had told me in January I would not be going on holiday in May I would have laughed at you. We ... read more
a bank of Ox Eye Daisies
and whose watching me over the wall ?
Day 91 and counting

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