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August 28th 2020
Published: August 28th 2020
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Have you noticed with Covid and the new normal that all the days seem to run into one ? It is hard to distinguish a Saturday from a Sunday. Saturday quiet . Sunday quiet apart from the church bells . Depending on the wind that may be our local church or one further away. Saturday no swim. Sunday swim. The days drift into each other . Saturday cleaning . Sunday more cleaning . The weather seems the only topic of different conversation . Apart from will we ever find a house . Disappointed at the response of the estate agents on Friday we find ourselves scouring the pages of Right Move just in case we have missed something that might just be "our " house . Or something new has come on for sale . Most of the time nothing new is there or we have to go back over old ground, We find two possibles . One in a offshoot of Mold . Bryn y Baal . Sion likes the sound of that one . It looks Ok on Google Earth and the house pictures look interesting but we all know that pictures lie . We book in for 11.00 on Monday followed closely by another in Wrexham . That one looks less attractive and has a busy road just behind it . But going over will mean that we do something different if going back and to to Wales is different . Saturday was new normal Covid Day 154 and Sunday 155.

We start the week with 237 days of the years gone . Facebook is full of comments about Christmas just being round the corner . All I want for Christmas is an end to Covid and a return to travelling . As I write I sit and wonder.

Monday Day 156 . After swimming we set off for yet another trip to Wales. Two houses to view . Will any be the right ones for us . Before we leave a phone call has to be made . To Eurotunnel to cancel the September trip. It is a disappointing phone call . Made at 8 just when they open . Through quickly no waiting . When do you want to book for now ? Let's go for December . And hope for the best . We get the trip time out with a surcharge of £11. We fail to get the one back and have to go earlier . Not a problem I feel grateful to have moved it . How many months have we been going and then cancelling . Too many. Let's hope third time lucky . Another 3 months to lift the restrictions and find a vaccine . If not well we can move again or take a credit note . " A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving " so wrote Lao Tze. Our fixed plans this year have taken a nose dive . And there is little sign of arriving . Am I good traveller ? I wondered .

Gabby the motor home was left behind today and we drove down in Ziggy. A short stop as always at Chester Services . They used to sell LPG but lately Shell have fallen out with Calor and no longer stock our method of cooking and heating the van . Inside we encountered a one way in , one way out policy and a one way system inside . Everyone seemed to adhere to wearing masks unless eating . It all felt safe .

Our first stop was a small bungalow which looked lovely on line . Small front garden , small back garden , rendered front . Empty but with long drive just right for Gabby Inside it was artexed ceilings and old fashioned walls wallpapered. Quite a bit of work required with the need for new bathroom and new kitchen . The neighbour was nice and we felt it might be "our" house again . We immediately put in an offer. A case of the heart ruling the head . The head took over on our way out of the estate when we decided that it was like a rabbit warren with cars everywhere . It would be difficult getting Gabby in the drive and we did not like the estate . Still we had a second to look at and we could withdraw the offer or the vendor would refuse it .

The second house had large drive . Gabby would fit perfectly with room to spare . Inside large , rambling and in need of some TLC. A massive back garden but sloped with seriously steep steps . Then there was the road over the fence . Four lanes of traffic running all hours of the day and night . Even without hearing aids the noise was easily heard . Not for us we thought . In the end over lunch at our favourite pub - we got the message . We could have the first house . The vendor was entirely happy with our offer but sadly after much thought we backed out and it was back to the drawing board .

The pub lunch worked out well . Plenty of space as not all the tables were being used . Plenty of social distancing . Booking in was required but given it was a Monday and not busy we got a table for two . Service was slower than normal and the menu very limited . Chicken for the driver smothered in cheese . His usual fayre . Mine Haddock and Chips with Garden Peas . My usual fayre . Tasty, filling and far too much . Half price too - an added bonus as we were taking advantage of the Chancellors offer of Eat out to Help out which runs out at the end of the month . I wonder if he will extend it as he has for the scheme to help home renters who cannot afford to pay their rent . I hope so as it might make a holiday in this country more acceptable .

Tuesday Day 157 - Still smarting from cancelling the holiday . Looking at Northumbria and on to Berwick . Will it be hard to find somewhere to stay . Probably . We need to try though otherwise we will end up like those demented chickens with no purpose other than going round and round in circles . Scotland - September kids back in school . The campsites might have spaces . Culzean Castle booked up to the end of September/early October . Not going well this holiday planning. Whoever thought going away would be so difficult .


28th August 2020

Now you are getting into my country...
with Scotland on your radar! Perhaps you will be taking the trip that I had envisioned. I hope Scottish weather is good in September for your sake. There are tons of castles besides Calzean...just go to Google maps and search for Scottish castles.
29th August 2020

scotlands castle s
We had hoped to park up at Culzean as it has a campsite however it is full until October !!!! A lot of the castles are not open due to Covid. Spent last night looking at places to stop in Northumbria on the way up . Everything full and nearly everywhere closed . Lindisfarne closed . It is a nightmare !!!!! And the prices are through the roof . Some double to what you would expect to pay . It truly is a mess .

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