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May 2nd 2020
Published: May 2nd 2020
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Goedemorgen to you all . We would have probably woken up in Belgium this morning having dined on waffles or frites last night . I am sure that the sun would be shining as we rose . The sun has arrived here so the chances are Belgium would have been just as lovely . We would have hit the road and I would be saying goodbye to Belgium and goedemorgen to Holland . A few days would be spent taking in the delight of this flat land known as Gwlad Isel in Welsh . Aptly described as literally the Low Land . We had pencilled in windmills , Amsterdam , a museum or two , Delft factory to look at the blue and white china. A castle along the way . Instead of course I am sitting here pondering on the day and what to do with it .

I went for a swim this morning . I had forgotten how lovely swimming was . The water taking the weight of my body . Breast stroke up the 25 metre pool , Backstroke on the return . 64 lengths . A mile swam easier than walking a mile . . Then the children came in . The lifeguard was blowing his whistle . Only it was not his whistle . It sounded wrong . It sounded more like an alarm clock going off . I woke and realised my swimming was a dream and it was indeed the alarm clock reminding me it was time to get up.

I could not make my mind where to walk . I felt devoid of ideas when Glenn came up with the plan. "How about you walk all the way down to the main road " Ok I thought but I had done that many times over the past 45 days . Is it 45 days since lockdown ? I had no idea . I don't suppose days matter any more do they ? Each day even today Saturday feels the same as yesterday and the day before . "where to next ?" I asked . "You can go right up to the big laybye and there is a path across the fields towards Tupton " "You have never done that bit before ." It sounded OK to me . A little of the same but some of the walk on a path I had never been on before .

I don't really know what I can say about the walk other than there was an ulterior motive for the choice of walk. I had not guessed it but Glenn wanted me to take a photo of the sign of the farm which offered top soil for sale . I set off with my mission set . Downhill - a runner in front of me disappeared quickly out of sight . As I walked my thoughts as always were all over the place . The five tests - Boris needed the UK to pass the five tests before he would consider lockdown could be ever so slightly lifted. . I tried to remember them . I failed miserably having remembered the R rate must fall below 1. The R word the reproduction rate of the virus . That had already happened . The hospitals not to be overwhelmed . Number two of the five tests . I lost the will to remember 3, 4 and 5 even though at Boris o'clock we are reminded of them constantly. I reached the sign. It was not there . It was there the last
Post boxes Post boxes Post boxes

I found a George VI and now a very new one
time I walked this way . Had it fallen into the hedgerow ? Had the farmer taken it down ? Probably the latter rather than the former . Having failed in my mission to secure the phone number I carried on walking. All the way to the path across the field . It was not the most inspiring of paths . Even the last part of the walk was uninteresting .

I passed the open shop which was whilst not doing a roaring trade seemed to have ample shoppers going in and out . I passed the school with a sign warning that anyone throwing stones would be fined . A throwback to a distant past . I failed to take a picture as the fencing to protect the children obscured my view . As I walked I pondered on thoughts about random acts of kindness . My chiropodist have pushed an envelope through the door last night . It contained a keep safe until I see you again message and two sachets of mint foot balm . Very welcome this morning .

So what about Day 45 ? It is nothing special . If you add an E in front of it then it might just become interesting . Those of a certain age who remember Terry nappies might remember E45. Liberally rubbed all over our childrens bottoms to prevent nappy rash . It also came into its own in the elderly softening and caring for legs. Preventing cellulitis . It was and still is a useful cream.

But there is something else about the name E45. Much more interesting and up my street . Travel across Europe and you will come across it often. You will travel along its length. You might criss cross it. The E45 is the road that starts in Norway and travels through Finland, Sweden . Germany , Denmark and Austria before it ends at the bottom of Italy in Gela in Sicily . With a length of about 5,190 kilometres (3,225 mi), it is the longest north-south European route . We have driven on the Munich section . over the Brennar pass into Bolzano and on to Trento . Through Verona towards Modena , Bologna , Perugia down to Naples . Finally we have the covered the last stretch on Italys mainland down to Villa San Giovanni where the ferry crosses over to Sicily and the road picks up again . One day I hope we will travel the northern sections of the road and down to Sicily . The road does sound a lot more interesting than the cream .


2nd May 2020

I am also fascinated by long roads...
especially the first ones built across the U.S., not the interstates. We have tried to drive these, such as US1 down the east coast and US101 down the west coast, and US50 from the Atlantic to the Pacific. US66 is probably the most famous, which goes from Chicago to Los Angeles, so not all the way across.
3rd May 2020

We travelled small bits of the Route 66 when we drove around Chicago and St Louis . Wish we had done more of it . Not quite sure the length of the M1 or going round and round the M25 here has quite the same charm . Just been reading about the length of A5 from London to Holyhead . Now that could be an interesting route for future travel . I have been reading an article on the Celtic path in Cornwall . Sounds an interesting long distance walk taking in Celtic crosses and ancient churches . I belive that lockdown looks to be lifted for many of the states this week . I have a cousin in Steelvllle Missouri and she is saying that things will change this week but she is very worried about what will happen when the lockdown is lifted . I dont think anything will change for us this week . I firmly believe we will get another three weeks of lockdown with a review again around the 28th May. Given that is a long Bank Holiday weekend I doubt the lockdown will be lifted that week but I could be wrong . Who knows what is on Boris' mind ?
2nd May 2020

Now there's an idea!! A good one!! If only it was possible!! The uk people stuck in Spain have finally been allowed out to exercise - 1hr a day and only 1km from their house! That after being in lockdown since 14th March!! We only had a week of it and it was tough! Loads of Police on the street arresting anyone who didn't have a valid excuse to be there. You were only allowed to shop at your nearest shop and you had to produce a receipt of over 30.00 Euros!!
3rd May 2020

Morning , it is nice to see your messages when I get back from my walk . It has been a cool one this morning . Your friends in Spain must be relieved to get out even if it is only for an hour . Fresh air and exercise are really important and they must have been suffering. The fines are hefty . I know here in England they can go up to quite a high figure . I believe Wales (we still watch Welsh TV - I cannot stomach Yorkshire TV) have not imposed such high fines . I have to have my dose of Derek Brockway giving me my welsh weather forecast even though we dont live there any more :( We also watch a lot of the welsh dramas which have not been shown up here like Hinterland and Hidden . Thank Goodness for a satelitte dish to enable us to continue watching what we enjoy . I love swimming . I learnt late in life - in my 30's and have really taken to it . I usually do 64 lengths 3 times a week and do one day in the gym just to break it up. My carrots and beetroot have started to show at last . Our soil is very claggy - thick clay . They must have to battle their way through . The peas are growing nicely and Glenn has to get the wigwams up for the beans . He is wall building at the moment . Keeps him busy . I wonder when you will get back to Spain . I was just reading Our Tour - we started reading blogs before we bought our first motorhome and I still find myself hunting them out even after all this time . They have just written a good piece on what they think might happen and it sums it all up quite well . I guess this week nothing much is going to change . I have relatives and friends in the US and it looks like they will be coming out of lockdown this week . Europe is still looking very cautious . I think I will leave our trip booked for September with Eurotunnel until middle of August. If we are still on lockdown I will rebook for Christmas and see what happens by then Eurotunnel have agreed finally that if we cannot use our ticket within the year they will issue a credit note . So good news there . Sun coming up finally - not sure what to do next . Have you tried the on -line jigsaws ? They are not brilliant but at least they are something to do . xx
3rd May 2020

I cant swim!! lol! Well I suppose I would swim if I was being chased by a shark but I really hate the water!! The sea feels like a fishes toilet and the swimming baths - well I dont really like the smell....or noise...or the small children come to that!! It may have started ie my phobia of water, when we were forced to go swimming at school.jump off the side and go underwater.( felt like I was drowning!!) and then go back to school and have communal showers!! How undignified!! I would keep you autumn trip for now - see how life pans out! We have nothing booked at the mo so we'ill just play things by ear! We havent got the campervan anymore - not sure whether it was a good or bad shout that we sold it? In one way its not sat around, on our drive, doing nothing and frustrating me looking at it and wanting to go places! On the other hand it would be handy to have a safe place to go travelling in when lockdown is lifted. Not sure i'm ready for hotels yet! I think for the time being I shall content myself walking down to the allotment every day. through the footpaths, playing fields and woods. Chris has ordered a greenhouse and we have planted loads of tomato seeds the greenhouse when (if!!) it arrives!! We are busy building the base at the moment!! On rainy days I shall do my jigsaws or read a book or both!! I havent tried the online jigsaws yet! I tend to try and stay off the computer for most of the day - I save computer mostly for the evening whilst watching TV!! We tend to still watch english TV as we find the Welsh TV doesnt have Location, location or other programmes we enjoy watching!! Saying that we do tend to watch the local news more for Wales. Bristol news is not relevant anymore!! Anyway, enjoy your walks - I do!! And stay safe!!

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