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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Whitehaven October 6th 2013

Today turned out to be the worst weather we have encountered on the BBA V2 as we drove south from Linlithgow in Scotland to Whitehaven,Cumbria,England. The day in Scotland actually dawned OK with scattered high cloud and some breaks of sun as we had another leisurely breakfast.Alan is conducting a service at an affiliate church of St Michaels so he was up early getting himself prepared and Alison joined us as he was about to leave. People were out and about in Linlithgow as we headed away after filling the petrol tank and getting ourselves lunch and a few much needed groceries at the local Morrison's store. We must say that we enjoy the shopping experience more at Morrison's as everything seems that just better presented and the shops tend to have wider aisles making getting ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Whitehaven July 15th 2012

1. Learn some basic language skills for the countries which I will be going in order to stay alive and not end up beaten and bruised by the local mafia or married to some Lady-boy in an exchange of I’ll give you two camels for the price of one type deal. 2. Map out some sort of route and research places to stay. 3. Make sure the injections are done on time 4. Mosquito net + spray – This is the one item I don’t yet have but everybody in the world I talk to goes on and on about bloody mosquito nets. I’m more scared of people then I am being bitten by some sort of vampire fly although thinking about it that would be awful waking up to find you have 24 ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Whitehaven July 15th 2012

For Christmas I asked for travel aids which would help me save a bit of cash for the rest of the trip rucksack, sleeping bag, pillow etc. All in all it went very well and could possibly be the only part of this whole thing that goes to plan. All the travel items I received were exactly what I wanted so Thank you to all who helped with this. The end of the day saw wine and beer being drunk and my dad even offering to break out his 40 year old bottles of whiskey which have sat in some dusty old corner for the last 40 years.... read more

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